Real Steel Wiki

Name: Spectre

Title: Defender of the Chained

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Originally from the game Ultimate Robot Fighting (aka "URF"), a game also developed by Reliance Games, in which his name was Uhuru ("Freedom" in Swahili, therefore his nickname), Spectre is a Real Steel Underworld 2 tier robot added on december, 2018. Despite being a new robot, for some reason he has the exact same moves as Diablo, except for his special moves, probably because he also has arm blades. In URF he was created and mass-produced by a corrupt petroleum extracting company to keep african slaves in place, he was then hacked and turned against his creators and given the name of Uhuru. However, in the RS WRB game there isn't much information about him for he's a very new robot. His parts were first added to the RS Champions game as an event reward.

☀He Also comes back in WRB 2 in several variants Medo Zombie and Pele

Announcer's Quote: None yet



Armor: 90/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 100/100


Health: 4900

Attack: 384

Special: 2520

UW-II: 146


Spectre 003.PNG

Origin: Swahili

Ability: Corrosive Fists - Intelligence

Weight: 1440 LBS

Height: 8'3"

Feature: Arm Blades

Special Moves:

1.- Swahili Swing (Excavator)

2.- Super Swahili Swing (Diablo 2)

3.- Ultra Swahili Swing (Diablo 1)


Spectre 005.PNG

Spectre's assembly resembles a baboon with dreadlocks. He has long and thin arms and legs with a semi-robust torso. He has what appear to be hardline holographic blades on the outer part of his arms. He is painted in dark/ gun metal gray with red trimmings and red and blue lights. He has a 619 on both of his shoulder pads (curiously enough, the number remains the same even being upside down), which is probably his serial number (remember he originally was a mass produced robot). He has very squarey hands and very tiny feet, which makes it quite unbelievable that he is capable of doing what he does. He has blue glowing eyes and rather sharp and pointy designs on the front of his torso. He isn't fightable in the game, but his pieces could be obtained in a limited-time RS Champions event, so if you didn't play the event you most likely won't be able to get his pieces anytime soon, but he's a buyable robot in the UW-II tier in RS WRB, costing 90 Real Gold coins. He was later added to the RS HD (iOS) game, recovering his original name "Uhuru" and branding different colors, being painted in blue and gold with red trimmings.


  • In the robot dealer section, he has Abandon's exact same show off.
  • He hasn't an intro or win quote.
  • His intro, rip off and win moves are Diablo's exact same moves.
  • He comes from another game developed by Reliance Games called Ultimate Robot Fighting (URF).
  • His original name was "Uhuru" which means "Freedom" in swahili.
  • His name from URF is the reason why his nickname is "Defender of the Chained".
  • He isn't the first URF bot to be added in the RS franchise, and it's unlikely he'll be the last.
  • His special moves are quite strong for an UW-II bot, almost like if he was a superbot.
  • He comes back in WRB 2 in several variants Medo Zombie and Pele