This is RustedWild

Welcome to SparringCenter!

Sparring Center is where you can use your bots in a sparring match with the bot RustedWild

Rusty has three modes




Practice is when he literally does nothing but stand and take a beating.

Rookie is where he‘ll dish it out, but not too much.

Pro is when he’ll be fighting regularly

Backround on RustedWild:

He used to be a sparring bot for Twin Cities, but was bought by me, Ronan Xavier, also owner of Anaconda.

I used em as a sparring bot for a while, but decided to do this instead.

If you request a fight or practice, post when you want to, and for how long, and what mode you want.

Happy Sparring!

Note:You may spar other robots here besides RustedWild, such as


More to come soon.

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