Sparky the canadian sparkplug real steel bot by mg1fanart-d76hew6
Vital statistics
Title The Canadian Sparkplug
Generation 3
Bot Type Electro
Status Online
Announcer's Quote:"From Canada,The Canadian Sparkplug with an Electrocution Punch,it's all about Sparky!!!"

Special Move: ElectroRun

Power: 100/100

Special: 89/100

Armor: 87/100

Speed: 53/100 or 87/100 When Charged up


Sparky's Logo

Strength: 92/100

Intelligence: 84/100

Durability: 83/100

Made in: Canada

Moves: Leech Strike,Shock Absorber,Recharger

Weight: 1001 lbs

Status: Online

Intro Music:Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger Around the World MASHUP(

Outro Music:Deadmau5's Professional Griefers(Instrumental)


Building Sparky

Since Atom Fought Zeus A Canadian Rookie Electrician Flynn McHuldier Was Inspired To Build A Robot That Can Fight High Rank Robots From The Underworld.But He Can't Afford Robot Parts As His Total Funds Were 319 Canadian Dollars In Us Dollars That Is 195.00 Dollars.So He Went To A Junkyard And Found Robotic Legs And Feet,Left Arm And A Missile He Needed More Parts To Build Until He Trips On Something,A Head,This Head Is Equipped With Infrared Lenses on it's left eyes but he is missing a torso and a left arm

The next day his boss,CEO of ElectroStock(Don't Worry it's fictional) introduced the absorber glove he said that it can absorb energy,electricity,kinetic energy and solar energy.One night he manage to replicate the Absorber Glove and attached to the unbuilt robot but the robot is missing tons of parts so he closed his garage and went to work building it.

Two days later,his robot was build and ready to fight,Inspired By Atom's Shadow Mode He managed to acquire a rare chip for Shadow Mode and A Electro Absorption which allow the robot to absorb and store it so when it hits at an opponent the energy is left 3%

The First Fight

The First Fight is With Glacier(Another Canadian Bot Which i made up) The Hockey Bot His Handler and Owner is son of legendary former hockey player Blitz Huilder,Jimmy Huilder Built it Out of Robot Parts That he found and Hockey Parts like Shoulder Protection and stuff.So They fought at Howlers Ice Rink which gave Glacier an upper advantage.His advantage to the arena is that he has built in ice skates his skates allow him to slide along the arena at ease and so the battle begun.

Glacier hits the robot with a brutal uppercut and another brutal jab and a Strong Hook Which Lead The Robot's Armor to Be Badly Damage but he activate the Absorber Glove and with a cross He Drained Glacier's Energy and beat him with an uppercut,A Jab and he uses his Special,The ElectroRun,This Move Is Where the robot ignites a spark of electricity than run which he hits with an electrical charge that overloads the energy core and it took Glacier 20 second to cool down after glacier cool down the robot manage to to a cross rip off which ripped Glacier's Head off.

Since that fight Jimmy Congratulate Flynn And Said that that robot was powerful and said that he must name his bot so since he saw the special move and a bit of spark on Glacier so he Called it Sparky and the try to nickname his robot.This Fight Was Quickly noticed and the gave the nickname The Canadian SparkPlug and which Sparky Was Born

Battling Quake

Since the fight with Glacier,Flynn decided to fight a Canadian underworld champion Quake,this robot was otherwise known as the robot killer,so they went to Ace's Roller Derby were they fought Quake.

The Bell Rang and the two bot brawled,and Quake Used A Powerful blow,but this disrupts the absorption glove unit which made Sparky invulnerable to every punch that he throw at him,as hope ran out Flynn used one of Sparky's move,Shock Absorber which made Sparky's mainframe absorbs the blow that Quake throws and turn it into energy,after multiple blows Sparky activated Leech strike which managed to drain Quake's energy core and beat him up until his armor is badly damaged so with that opportunity Sparky ripped his head of and won 40.000 C$(Canadian Dollars)

Arrival to the US

With Enough Money Flynn flew to USA which the tickets cost 1200C$ and took Sparky with him it was a 5 hour flight to Maine where he arrived at Starch Pop Factory to fight Patriot and Ruckus,Flynn with Sparky needed a teammate to fight against the two bots so they called Trusher So The Battle Begins,Sparky Decided to take down Patriot but,Patriot hit Sparky on his left flank rendering his arms,feet useless,Patriot Brutally damaged Sparky, so they tagged in Trusher,He decided to out smart Patriot but it failed really bad,Patriot is about to finish him but the bell rang which means a break.

Once Sparky and Trusher were fixed the went back and fight,Round two,Flynn decided to use Leech Strike which disables all of Patriot's system,so Sparky beat Patriot until he was scrap metal,so Sparky Ripped his head off and tagged in Ruckus,this bot only use uppercuts which means Sparky disables him and tagged Trusher in,He did a Megaton of damage and knock him out .

Sparky and Trusher both won the match between Patriot and Ruckus and divided that 60.000$ to 30.000$ to Flynn and Trushers Handler,Mark Buller 30.000$ and they became Best Buds Flynn and Mark.

Arrival on Japanese soil(he just arrived in Japan)

After Arriving to Tokyo Flynn meet Hiroto Hashimakai (not being racist) The Owner/Handler of Steel,The Metallic Shredder to create a match between Mirai Bushi (Or in English,Future Samurai) and Kamikaze(The bomber bot) so they fought Saburai Raion (Lion Samurai) A boxing club that has been shut since 2012 and has been a Boxing ring for the high rank class(Similar to WRB) so Sparky and Flynn rest in a hotel for the night.

Round 1

Battling TechnoVirus,a Heavy Super Futuristic Bot Designing to scan for weak spot (Similar to Patriot and Overkill) but he releases a deadly virus that disrupts the entire system and rendering useless to fight against,So Sparky took the ring and the bell rang,so sparky fought so hard and gave Technovirus a big cross which did nothing to him but TechnoVirus gave a virus punch which disables all of Sparky's System and TechnoVirus beats Sparky up and Heavily Destroying his armor and his left arm,Flynn with no choice decided to activate the new move that he and Sparky trained which is Overload,this move overloads the opponents energy core that overloads the system,annihilate the insides and destroy's the head,and to do so Sparky did that move and TechnoVirus Got dismantled and his head explodes when Sparky lend his a blow,and so Sparky won 20.000 Yen

Round 2

Since Battling TechnoVirus,Sparky Got Repaired,but Flynn,Eager and focused upgrade the armor section by 20% and Power by 10%(Sparky's Stats are Modified,see above),so they rest,But They have to fight Swordblade aka,Samurai Holder bot,So the Upgraded Sparky gave it a go,Sparky Battled against Swordblade but it defended itself with a Shield,Unable to break the shield,Flynn saw that Swordblades shield/fist are connected to the arm Servos So Sparky decided to use overload,when Swordblade's head exploded and scattered his parts around the arena which mean Sparky has won another battle.

Final Round(Sparky and Steel vs Mirai Bushi and Kamikaze)

So the Final Battle(not really) is a Tag team Match,So it's Steel vs kamikaze and Sparky vs Mirai Bushi,The bell rang and Steel Did an Enourmous Amount of Damage and Destroyed Kamikaze in 40 seconds(Using Jabs,Uppercut and a Special move)So it's Sparky's Turn,Sparky did a Cross That did nothing To Mirai Bushi So Mirai Bushi Did a GINORMOUS amount of damaged so Sparky decided to Disable Mirai Bushi's System by using EMP burst, so Steel Attacked Mirai Bushi from behind and ripped his head off for good,Flynn,Feeling sad for losing his best bot but Hiroto Owns a factory that Rebuilds dead bots so they got to Work.

New Champion(Overkill)'s Arrival

Flynn eager to get his WRB magazine and on the cover he saw it was saying "Zeus,the King of the Robots Defeated,new champion Overkill take the world by Store" Flynn Feeling Disappointed that he wanted to battle Zeus so bad but Overkill Took the spot as WRB champ so Flynn must battle and Be friend with every handler and owners of other bots including Charlie and Max Kenton to Lance Reynolds (owner of Shredder,Krios and Primal and thanks to Noisy Bystander for correcting every image that i post on this wiki) but Shawn Shucks(Owner of Overkill)Saw an article about Sparky saying"Canadian Spark Plug Won The RaionZord trophy" Shawn Wondered about Sparky and his owner Flynn so he read the second page and he discovered the names of the bot and owner and search for Sparky's so Shawn watched a Fight between Sparky and Patriot and saw his freakishly big hand so he declared it as a weak spot and so the rivalry goes on.

Taking down Titanic

Flynn Arrived at Shipwreck Bomber a boxing pirate themed arena where he fought Titanic,But he was old rusty and in mere seconds Sparky Brutally Damaged Titanic and so Titanic was defeated(Because he was weak) The Handler,RoboPatch Ivan was satisfied and gained trust to both Flynn and Sparky.

Arriving at Crash Palace

Flynn Saw a Big building known as Crash Palace,Finn saw Flynn and His bot,Finn Laughs at Sparky,Flynn Challenged Midas to a fight,Winner takes it all.So Flynn eager to fight Midas was ready but Artie Baker prepared Midas and they were ready to fight.The bell rang and the crowd shouted Midas,Beating up Sparky super hard,Midas was ready to rip Sparky,final seconds tic-ing and tok-ing Flynn used Leech Strike and absorbed Midas' Energy and Hit him hard that it overload Midas' core and Sparky Ripped him to Shreds and Midas was defeated,They earn 500,000 Dollars and Left

Arrival in Russia

After he Arrived in Russia,Sochi Flynn Arrived at X Arena(it's the name of the arena) and Challenged Soviet Olympic to Battle Sparky,Flynn Said"Friday 10 PM X Arena" And so They rest in a nearby hotel and slept for the night

Battling Soviet Olympic

The Fight Began Flynn Used Sparky and dealt a lot of damage but Soviet Olympic Crush Sparky's left arm and Crippling his left foot,Flynn used Leech Strike but it failed,that's because Soviet Olympic has an Electric Isolator allowing him to Absorb Sparky's Strike and using it against him so with no choice Flynn Damaged Soviet Olympic and Found his weak point his Left arm,with that he disabled his system and knocking him out,and with that Sparky won.

Battling Overkill

Arriving at WRB Flynn saw Overkill,The Guy said'Your fight is tomorrow",Flynn saw Overkill battling Danger Zone and Overkill Scanned Danger Zone and Annihilating his Cockpit(Weak Spot btw Overkill4Thewin) and ripping his head off instantly,Flynn Scared,decided to train Sparky for the big fight at nightfall

"Tonight The Canadian Spark Plug is Battling The Robot Executioner"Flynn Training Sparky while Shawn is training Overkill,And the bell rang.

Sparky Decided to do a light jab on Overkill damaging him a tiny bit,then a Brutal Uppercut that stunned Overkill,Shawn decided to get Overkill to work,and Sparky Absorbed has Energy and Hitting him,therefor,electrocute Overkill,Overkill Scanned Sparky's weak point(Absorption Glove)and crippling it and Overkill decided to finish Sparky off but he was saved by the bell

Round 2 :The bots are back and Overkill Ripped Sparky's Energy Containment System or ECS for short and the two Battle it out,Sparky Ginormous-ly Damaged Decided to Drained his Energy but failed so he ripped his remote System operator causing Flynn to Lose control of Sparky.


Flynn has A trick up his sleeves which is SHADOW MODE,Shawn was Surprised that he had a shadow mode the entire time and Beat the fudge out of Overkill,Flynn using his Father,a Legendary boxer,Samuel Mcblerou,moves and style,Shawn Furious decided to Beat sparky until he was scrap,Flynn Blocked the entire time until his power was almost depleted Flynn Finishes him with an Uppercut and the battle was decided by the Judges

The Judges said that it was a Draw between Sparky and Overkill,These are the words that the judges said

"Never in my life,the entire WRB,saw this legendary battle between these two bots,our minds are made and it's a draw"

This Legendary battle was caught on by tons of people all over the world,the WRB magazine said"the most badass fight in WRB history"even Charlie Kenton read it on a News paper and so this battle was epic in all of WRB


Since that epic fight,More Bots want to fight Sparky,Flynn Bought an abandon Gym that he called"Spars Gold" that is were he will train Sparky and many bots he will own.

On eBot he was searching for a bot,a knock on the gym door and opened revealing his old Norwegian buddy Svenz Olkensen,He and Flynn meet during the WRB tour in Norway,so Svenz asked Flynn about the battle between Overkill,so Svenz ask Flynn"I Need a Bot" Flynn Replied"Why?" Svenz Said that he wanted to be a Champion just like Flynn and his bot,Flynn told him that you can buy his bot on Ebot,Svenz decided to look for a bot and Found one,The next morning Flynn heard movement,Flynn saw Svenz Training his new bot,Svenz told Flynn he named it Thor,God of thunder,because of his Deadly electric Punches,he described it as Thunder punches,So Svenz asked Flynn which arena was the best,Flynn declared"Crash Palace".Svenz never heard of Crash Palace,Flynn said"It is an underworld arena where the champion is Midas"Svenz said"okay" and so they went to Crash Palace.

Svenz Arrival at Crash Palace

Flynn arrived with out Sparky,But Svenz With Thor,Finn Saw Flynn and Said"Well, Look who it is Flynn Mchuldier,Man Where is your Bot Man? And Who is He?"Flynn Replied"He is in my Gym,Plus My Buddy Svenz want to challenge A Random bot"Finn Said"okay" Svenz Choose Carefully And Svenz Chose Midas,Finn Said"Your bot is scraped"

Battling Midas

Svenz Was Ready to Fight but Midas stepped in and Damaging Thor real Bad and Svenz used Lightning Swipe,a move that involved charged electricity and Giving a lot of electricity Midas overloaded and his parts Burst,Svenz happy and Eager said"Take that Midas"Svenz got 30.000$ and said to Flynn that he will fight in other countries.

Arrival at GRBL

Flynn Arrived at Global Robot Boxing League,A high rank arena,higher than WRB,There were tons of bots waiting to battle their opponents.

Flynn roamed around this place until he met Svenz again,Flynn asked why is Svenz Here,Svenz told him that the Owner of GRBL has 2 bots,the owner revealed to be Hiroto,The Owner of steel and Stellar,Hiroto told Flynn that he created GRBL to unite other bots all over the world to challenge new opponents,Flynn said yes to that Decision and is now part of the GRBL

Arrival of His Nephews

Flynn in his Log Cabin in the forest,in his garage,polishing up Sparky to look it's best,until he heard a knock on the door,Flynn answered the door,he opened and it was his niece and nephews,his nephew Jack a teen,loves WRB with Timmy and Jim also a big fan of robot boxing and Savanah,loves robot boxing as well,These 4 children did not seen Sparky vs Overkill last night,because these kids are on a summer vacation,they decided to visit their uncle,Flynn asked them"So are you guys hungry?" they said"no" Flynn asked"you can explore around the house okay,but do not go in the garage" so Flynn left to get so polish,meanwhile the kids are up to something,Timmy and Jim decided to check the garage,Savanah said"you guys get back here uncle Flynn said don't go to the garage" Jack said"yeah".

Timmy and Jim said"oh really why did uncle Flynn said to stay out of his garage huh? "Yeah there is nothing" Jack and Savanah entered the garage until Savanah stumbles upon a sheet and she took the sheet out and saw a robot,the 4 Children are in shock,they did not know that their uncle owned a bot,Flynn arrived home and saw them in the garage and said"what are you doing inside the garage!" Jack said "Uncle that is a Rad bot,did you built it?" the 3 kids said"yeah did you built it?",Flynn replied"yes,i did".

The kids wondered the name of this bot and Flynn replied"this is Sparky my robot boxer" Jack,hearing the name Sparky said"wait WHAT! I've one of my friends said about a battle between your bot and Overkill they said it was an epic fight" so Flynn answered yes and the kid wanted to get their own bot,Flynn told the kids"EBot"

Master Robot Boxing

Flynn was Reading a News Paper until he stumbled upon an article saying MRB Leaderboard,it said that:

Division 1:

  1. Ravagor (1100)
  2. Stryder (1001)
  3. The Sarge (998)
  4. Bunker Buster (572)
  5. Oneway (535)
  6. Ambush 2.0 (509)
  7. Shredder (255)
  8. Denster (219)
  9. Bandit (171)
  10. Overkill (166)

Divison 2 :

  1. Ravage (93)
  2. Trojan (Centurion renamed) (80)
  3. Omegas V2 (77)
  4. Atom 2.0 (61)
  5. Reaper (55)
  6. Shining Armor (53)
  7. Aftershock (51)
  8. Sting Rhino (47)
  9. Golem (46)
  10. Sparky (40)

Low Divison

  1. Norman (37)
  2. Buildings (28)
  3. Predator (25)
  4. Stound (19)
  5. Hellhound (15)
  6. Ares (11)
  7. Poseidon (10)
  8. Soviet Olympic (8)
  9. Swashbuckler (7)
  10. Rick O Shay (5)

Flynn Said that Sparky was in Division 2 but why,so he went to the GRBL and asked Ajax,why is his bot higher than him,Ajax said"Luck".

Arrival of a New bot

Things just got worse,a new bot stepped in the ring and it is Denster,Flynn read that he is in a 22 win streak with 22 wins,1 draw and 1 lost,so he has to get Sparky charged up,until a phone call From Jimmy Huilder saying that Glacier is damaged,Flynn said"what happened"Jimmy said"Denster" so they need to repair Glacier and upgrade Glacier.

A Mysterious Group

A Mysterious Letter @rrived @t the MAiL AnD It SaId:

"YoUr BoT AgAiNsT CaRD1n@L Ch@0s L0C@tI0n:WrB


Come or Not"

Flynn went to the WRB and fought Cardinal Chaos,Fail To React,Cardinal Chaos' head was ripped in under 80 seconds and won 20.000$.

Relaxin And Chillin

As Flynn relaxed and read the newspaper and said"

The King,The Wild Predator Takes the world by storm, challenged by other bots." So Flynn challenged the king,fight was still on hold.

Flynn went to Blake Herman and he asked for Parts in his Den Roboshop for his bot and Jimmy's bot,Blake said"Pick any item you want"Flynn saw the Glowing LED core,Blake's bot Denster's Old Titanium Plate and an Unknown Bot know as Reaper(i know who he is but my character doesn't)old Shoulder pad.

Blake told Flynn it will be Delivered tomorrow near his front door,so Flynn took Glacier out of his truck and put him in his garage and worked all night repairing Glacier.

Buying a bot

Flynn's Nephews searched and couldn't find a robot boxer cool,Hiroto called Flynn and told him to come at the GRBL Headquarters(Rollars Gym),all 5 went to see Hiroto.

Soon they arrived to see what's going on,Hiroto told them"Flynn there is a crate with a new robot,what are these kids doing here?"Flynn said"Don't worry they are my Nephews,so what's inside that crate."Flynn opened the crate revealing a new bot.

This bot goes by the name Emergency,Flynn asked"who are you giving this to?" Hiroto doesn't know who to give it away.The nephews wanted to keep it but Flynn said no because it a robot,but he can build a bot for them,so Flynn told him that this robot must be kept in the crate until Hiroto decided to give away this bot to Danny Delton.

A New Bot in Town

The Son of gazillionaire and CEO of MAX Automobiles Wester Gil,Johnathan Gil Built a gold robot called Platinum,this bot has more than 300 wins,0 draw-0 lose,but Flynn wanted to battle platinum,the first bot to beat Platinum wins$(they are loaded with 39000.$ for each car sales a year) so Flynn used Sparky and try to beat Platinum but in round 1 and 2 he didn't scratch Platinum,but instead Platinum Damaged Sparky's Glove which set it on fire,plus with the electric spark the fires temperature of 1,064 Celsius(USA) which with one punch melt Platinum's Armor thus Sparky ripped his head of and won$,and this was the first time Platinum was defeated.

The CBL(Custom Bot Leaderboard)

Flynn woke up at 3:00 AM to check the best fights available,but there isn't,but he saw a leaderboard for the other bots and he saw Sparky in 7th Place in Division 1 right below Overkill.

Flynn went to his huge backyard(he lives in the woods btw) and trained Sparky a bit,Savanah woke up and heard a robotic gear moving and saw it was Sparky and Uncle Flynn Training,so she woke up and went to the backyard,Flynn saw her and said"it's 3 AM go to bed" but Savanah decline"No,i want to see you and Sparky train".

It was 7:20 AM,Flynn went to Meet Hiroto in Oklahoma about the Leaderboard,and Hiroto said that Steel was not in this Leaderboard.

Flynn Saw Ajax and Jimmy training their bots to battle Ambush 2.0 and Shredder,and Flynn asked them"What's going on?"

Ajax said"I challenge John Maxwell's Bot Ambush 2.0 to a fight,because he thinks Trojan here is a bucket of scrap" and asked the same thing to Jimmy"yeah,i built him,it took 7 hours to build him"

Flynn said Good Luck to them.

Upgrading Time!

Flynn Upgraded Sparky With a Glowing LED Core,which looks cool on Sparky,Plus he added,Reaper old Shoulder Pads and Denster's old Titanium Chestplate on Glacier.

Bringing the Sub Woofers!

Flynn arrived at a Party where he Challenged Iron Barz(Dj) and his robot SoulSlash

Soulshash is built to Party and his moves are powered by Electronic Music(Dubstep,Electro,House,Glitch Hop,EDM and Trap) his Special is (Hyperstep) a move that Pumps his fists into the bot's chest that do a Planet sized damage,one thing is any Electronic music make him faster,agile,and better.

The Fight Begins,DJ Iron Barz played Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger,which boost his armor,improve his attack,boost his speed and hit harder which damaged Sparky and one hit he Did a FREKIN HUGE ton of damage to Sparky and played Bangarang which activates his Special and did a megaton of damage and knock Sparky out and which Soulshash won.

So Flynn went back with 30$ and a damaged Sparky,and with that Iron Barz played Clarity which Soulshash dance to as his victory song.

Arriving in the UK

Flynn arrived in the UK and sightseeing in these landmarks:

-Trafalgar Square

-Big Ben

-Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum etc.

And Went to a local robot shop were he bought Union Jack and Twister,cause he did not bring Sparky with him to the UK.

His Nephews whom are watching Sparky decided to play in the woods with a bot,Meanwhile in the UK,Flynn Bought Another Bot Built in Scotland called Spéirbhuailteor (SkyStriker in Gaelic).

Flynn called Danny to get Sparky and Ship him to the UK  and so he did,4 Days later Sparky had just arrived and ready to challenge Camelot but it was for another match so he brought up Union Jack.They were in Hyde Park ready to fight even the Queen was there.So the bell rang and Union Jack dealt a heavy blow to Camelot and a Heavy Jab with a side of Heavy Cross,his special move is of course Union Jack,he hits camelot with a light jab,a heavy uppercut and jump punch with a slam which knocked out Camelot and won 20.000 pounds (UK currency)

Since then Flynn is still in London until he Bought a bot called Regen,until his phone rang,a Man called Raf Kent Challenge him to his bot Cyclone and Earth,so he called Svenz to help him in the fight,and Raf told him 2 Weeks to fight Cyclone and Earth,so Flynn took a Flight,London to Kingston so he arrived at Kingston and Relaxed in a Luxury Hotel and enjoy the sunshine in the beach and 4 Days later he arrived in the Us ready to Fight Earth and Cyclone.

Battling Earth and Cyclone

After Walking to Fawk Hedhon's Memorial Park Flynn and Svenz took Their bots for a bit of training and saw Raf,both of them are Battle Ready and their bots entered the Ring,Cyclone Used Ozone Buster that hit Thor,Earth try to Roundhouse Sparky but Absorbed it and did an Uppercut on Earth gets up Thor Threw Cyclone at him and so the ref counted until 9 which the two bots got up and one of the did an Uppercut on Sparky,but all of a Sudden Cyclone Pummelled Thor and Got Nukefisted By Earth which busted Thor up Real good,Sparky managed to get up and Ripped Cyclone's Arm which then Cyclone was Offline but both Sparky and Earth Decapitated Each Other with a punch,with that both of them are offline,Flynn Congratulated Raf and gave Regen to Raf,once the fight was over Flynn and Svenz took Thor and Sparky on the back of Flynn's Pickup Truck and jogged around the park with Svenz Dog,Mjolnir(Name of Thor's Hammer).

Steamin Fight

Flynn is in The Convention Sphere were there people are hosting an the 18th annual Steampunk Show and Throw Down were the inventors battle their invention to see who has the highest score,so Flynn saw Dan and her sister,Felicia Yale training Steamer-Style,Dan saw a Familiar Face,so they meet and greet each other,it was a long time since they saw each other,Dan is Flynn's Bud since 7th Grade,and move to another school since 9th Grade,Flynn asked Dan what is going on,Dan Replied that he is fighting Infernus Created by his High school Rival,John FlitzMaq,so they were Preparing Steamer-Style and with that Flynn went to the Next Booth and bought a Steampunk googles for 10.00$ and saw the fight Between Infernus and Steamer-Style and Steamer-Style Destroyed Infernus and Won 30.000$.

Martial Fighters

Flynn Arrived in Japan for the Second time in the city Kyoto,there he ate Sushi,Buy a Robo Dog,and a New Bot called Exos,a Karate Bot.

Flynn Battled Tirousa Heichi a Professional Martial Artist with his bot Judo,but Exos did a Hard Punch which Judo Fell Down but he got up so Exos ripped his head out and won 20.000.000 Yen.

Christmas Spirit

Flynn Spent his Christmas in Singapore where he Bought toys for his nephews in Canada and some Parts From Sparky and after that he went to an arena to see the other bots Boxing and watched a bit of Christmas Carol(Movie) and went to sleep,once he woke up the took a plane to the North Pole where Mech-A-Claus was still Repairing and Fought E.L.F(Electric Light Fighter) which Sparky ripped the Head of and with that he Got a Geo 9X Piston(for breaching armor) and left on a Plane to Canada to enjoy Christmas.

Merry Christmas From Mg1Pro Exo and his Bots !

Blending In

Flynn Arrived at C.A.M.O. where the CEO's Son Challenges Sparky,and with that the fight Began,Sparky Tried to Uppercut Camo but he Disappear and Strikes Sparky but Flynn Decided to Drain Camo's Energy Thus Sparky Ripped his Head of and Won 20.000$ and a Chip Called Chameleon Blender Which he Will save it for Later

Invitation to The AOBC

Flynn Received a Letter From the Annual Overworld Boxing Championship which Said:

" Mr McHuldier Your Bot Sparky is Participating in The AOBC(The Annual Over World Boxing Championship) if you said yes or other thing your bot will Participate in a Knockout Event which will decided by voting and if you decline your bot will be Disqualified the prize is 30.000.000$ and a Ticket to Spain,Brazil India Even Indonesia

Are You In?"

Flynn Replied"Yes" and sent to AOBC

Flynn was battling Hiroto

The Outback Knock back

Flynn and Sparky Arrived in Australia Where,Flynn visits his girlfriend Robin where she is taking a medical course,Flynn decided to cover up Sparky with a sheet,but then the wind came and blew the sheet revealing Sparky,Robin was Amazed she got to see the Legendary Sparky(because he battled Overkill),so she asked Flynn if it is a Real bot,Flynn replied yes,because one morning she saw Overkill vs Sparky,so Robin and Flynn went to Griffith University and many people amazed when they saw Sparky,once they enter campus Flynn asked Robin about an Aussie Underworld,Robin Replied,Yes,and said"There is a Champion called Outback,where he uses Boomerangs in Battle,even his Special Move is Called Boomerang Knock back"after hearing this Flynn decided to face of against Outback which Robin came along to acompany them thus ready to battle where is is held in an old Aussie factory in which Sparky will crush Outback,his handler is Tim Slyvoy where they shook hands and then Battled.

The bell rang and Outback,Jabbed Sparky where Sparky decide to use Electric punch where he drained half of the Energy but Outback decide to do his move Boomerang Smash where he Hit Sparky causing tons of damage,and with that Flynn used overload which Destroyed Outback, Tim gave money to Flynn 20.000$ which he said" that was a pretty god fight i might say,thanks mate",Flynn repiled" your welcome" and with that Flynn said good bye to Robin and went back to Canada

AOBC Knockout Tournament

Flynn Fought Steel,and Guess What?He and Sparky beat Hiroto and Steel,and it was a Good Fight and Moving on to the Quarter Finals

Vive la France

Flynn was in France,he can Speak French with Ease so he went to the Eiffel Tower and Took Photos of him on top of the Tower,once he was down he saw a man and asked"Pardon Monseur" where the restaurant is and he pointed left and he made it just in time so Flynn ate and Went to bed,and there were no Fights at all so he went sight seeing around france.

The Richer Scale

Sparky and Flynn arrived at a geological site where they battle Seismic,a deadly force.Tim Lynce said that nobody had ever beaten seismic,but Flynn Disagrees so Sparky is Ready to beat Seismic.


The Bell rang and Seismic lands a powerfull almighty blow that damaged Sparky's face, but Flynn activated Leech strike and drained his energy thus depleting him and KO'd him.But during round 2,Seismic land a Earthquake Ground Pound which KO'd Sparky in an Instant.When round 3 starts Flynn noticed Seismic's weak point so he is aiming at that weak spot after may punches and blow Sparky managed to hit his weak point,thus Stunning him which resulted a rip off.

Time Paradox

As Flynn was scavenging for old bits he found a mysterious watch.Flynn is very curious about that watch so he did the unthinkable where he moved on of the hands of the watch and weird stuff happened.

When Flynn woke up he was in an alternate world where robot boxing has not been invented but he saw everyone was different so he time travelled back to the present and said to himself"better keep this watch in safe place so that nobody gets it!" and he stored his watch in a secret compartment

Upgrading Time!(Again)

Flynn bought a Hypercore and a Hyper-Energy containment unit and increased Sparky's Durability with Titanium Armor that acts as a second layer for extra Durability.


Flynn and Dan challenged Taylor's Bot Showoff to a fight-TBA

Tokyo's Fury

Flynn arrived in Tokyo and was sightseeing (Sightseeing music:Owl City's Tokyo ft SEKAI NO OWARI:

Trifinity's Arrival

Flynn was watching a news bulletin but he had a call from Finn and it said"Yo,Flynn ma man,listen there is a new guy with a bot and he defeated the best bot we offer,he literally destroyed,Freezer,Voodoo,Punk,Enforcer and even the mighty Noisy Boy!" Flynn said" who is he?",Finn replied"he goes by the name of Jack Veuer and his bot is called Trifinity,this dude is tough!,Flynn was going up against a tough opponent so he prepared Sparky and head off.


After the Fight between Anthony and Shawn and Overkill's Demise,Flynn lost a bet to Glaciers owner and owes him money and a humiliating challenge but he took a break from Robot Boxing for about 6 months and Returns but a new foe appeared and Flynn was Upgrading Sparky for an Epic Fight.

Death Dealer

(Note:We can't determine if the fight between Sparky and Thanatos will end in a tie,win,or even losing)

Christmas Pack

Flynn decided to buy Dan a Robo Pack and he bought him the Steampunk Pack and gave it to him as a christmas present and he Gave Flynn a Yale Health chip.

Afterwards Flynn installed it giving him 20% of a health upgrade and he decided to use this chip in battle

Light headed 

When Flynn Returned after his break from robot boxing he decided to check the news and there are more new bots ready for battle,but flynn was picky so he choose Light Head a quick and rapid boxer and soon they began training.

After they arrived Sparky and Light Head battled in the ring,while Light head was fast in term of his speed but Sparky activated his Absorption Gloves which drains his energy and when Light head ran towards him he slowed down meaning that Sparky ripped his head off clean and won with prize money being 20.000$.

New Bots,Old Faces 

After that fight,Flynn decided to call in his old friends,they told them that there were new bots,he said"new huh" so he took Sparky and decided to find these new bots and began challenging them. 

Sparky vs Gridiron

As Flynn entered the Steel bowl he saw a new bot so he began to challenge him,once they entered,the fight began,Sparky decided to drain Gridiron's Energy but he disagree soon he punched Sparky and after that he headbutted Sparky,but he stood up and tried to drain his but Gridiron decided to use Fullback attack,in which causes him to fall to the ground,until Sparky uses Electrorun and after that both robots punched each other which ended in a Draw.

Flynn and Jim shaked hands and they became friends,Jim sayed"Good luck McHuldier you're going to need it",Flynn replied"You to Tiger".

They've Returned

After coming back from the Steel Bowl,Flynn saw the news,that the DSC has Return,but he saw on TV Dark Clones of Ambush 2.0.,and Noisy Boy causing havoc in boxing arena,Meanwhile Sasha has Vandalized the Steel bowl and the seats now say"Were Back!",Flynn decided to call Dan,after they've talked about the news,he informs Flynn about Sammy's Knowledge of the DSC and they wan't Vengeance on GM for destroying them,but she informed that Plutech was involved and so Flynn decided to call his friends for a Rematch!

S*** Just got Real

After a 2 year absence from robot boxing Flynn discovered that everything has changed,with new ideas and technology, Sparky became a thing of the past with some of his friends and crew retired he realized it's time for a comeback with Plutech and DSC still working together Flynn decided that he needs to understand this new and modern world and with that he decided to call his friend Blake Herman for help.

Realizing Blake was the only one still active in the business, he tried contacting him but to no response,Flynn decided that he needs to work his way up he decided to use Sparky one again to take down Plutech and the DSC

A New Helper

Flynn, now 33, realized that if he needs to take down the DSC and Plutech so he began upgrading Sparky as soon as he started repairing,Flynn realized that he needs some of the parts he needs,so he heads out to a Market and getting parts and since he needed to train Sparky he headed to his gym Spars gold.Inside the gym was old and worn with dust everywhere, as soon as he turned on the lights he began working and reparing on Sparky.

As he was repairing, he heard a noise coming from the second Floor, as he climbed up the stairs and reached the second floor, he slowly aproached the door and as the door opened he knocked the person out with his bare fist.

Flynn removed the masked and was surprised that it was a girl.Flynn poured water on her and soon she woke up.Flynn Asked the thief

-Who are you? Thief

The Intruder responded by saying

-I am not a thief,just an observer,-she replied 

-Then why are you breaking in to my gym?-Flynn replied

-Look my name is Sophia Arnolds and you must be Flynn Mchuldier-She Smirked

-How do you who I am-Flynn Asked 

-Easy i am a huge fan of your work.Ever since you and Sparky showed up challenging other bots it inspired me to become a robot boxer,ya know, but ever since that battle with Gamma you stopped,what happened that day?

-You want to know what happened kid?

Sophia nodded her head 

-That day we were fighting Gamma and Keiichi hit the most dangerous point and soon i noted that Gamma was about to explode so me and Lance grabbed our bots and threw it to the wall and suddenly a large boom was heard,after that i woke up a hospital and soon after i recovered i went back and saw Sparky battered and damaged i tried to fix him but i can only fix a few parts and replace some but i realized that his battery was cracked and i began inspecting it realizing that if it were to battle again it would permanently shut him down and soon finding another battery was long gone,the batteries that Sparky used are now gone and the only one left is in Dubai powering a large mechanical factory and with that Sparky was history

-Oh,i'm so sorry

-Don't be 

Sophia soon came up with the idea

-you know i can help,my dad was a mechanic and he knew how to repair damaged parts

-yeah so what

-maybe i can help Sparky, Ya know, plus there is a second battery 

-Second Battery?

-Yeah, it is or was powering a power plant before it shut down and the power plant is abandoned 

-Hmmm ,it sounds like a good idea


-Ok Kid you can help,but only if you agree to help me understand this new enviroment in Robot Boxing


And so Flynn and Sophia are now partners and agrees to help each other if there is danger and soon Sparky would be able to fight one more

Power Core Recovery

Back at it again-Note:this takes place 2 months before the Hunting Trainers story

After arriving at Sophia's place, Flynn asked 

-So where is he?

-He is in here somewhere better check the garage

Flynn and Sophia checked the garage and found her dad. As soon as she called her dad , he stood up and saw Flynn and said

-so after all this time you came out of hiding to take down DSC and Plutech and still you refused to call me so what makes you come out of hiding?

-Jimmy look i know we had a falling out but now is not the time 

-NOW IS NOT THE TIME?! says the man who failed to rebuild his number 1 bot 

-WOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME?! all of global mech has been disbanded all of the members are gone 

-maybe we call Mark he can...

-I'm Afraid I've lost contact with Mark a long time ago 

-Ok. What about John? you can call him Right? Right?!

-John Retired from robot boxing entirely so i've heard 

-Ok,ok so guessing you need some assistance

-no doubt about it 

-Fine , I would help just so you know 

Sophia confused asked :

- you know my dad Flynn?

-Know him, ha , we fought and helped each other, take all the other user one by one 

-oh ok 

Flynn told Jimmy if he had another battery for Sparky and soon he shows him the battery and after that they began assembling a new sparky 

Hunting Trainers 

Coming Soon!

Fight Records

Sparky vs Glacier:Winner Sparky:Prize 20.000 Canadian Dollars

Sparky vs Quake:Winner Sparky:Prize 40.000 Canadian Dollars

Sparky & Trusher vs Patriot & Ruckus:Winner Sparky & Trasher:Prize 60.000$ (Split The Money 50/50)

Sparky vs TechnoVirus:Winner Sparky(Brutally Damaged):Prize 20.000 Yen

Sparky vs Swordblade:Winner Sparky:Prize 30.000 yen

Sparky & Steel vs Kamikaze & Mirai Bushi:Winner Steel and Sparky(Sparky got Destroyed):Prize 10.000 yen(Flynn) and 20.000 yen(Hiroto)

Sparky vs Soviet Olympic:Winner Sparky:Prize 20.000$

Sparky vs Overkill:Draw:Prize 5.000.000$

Sparky vs Titanic:Win:Prize 30.000$

Sparky vs Cardinal Chaos:Win prize 20.000.00$

Sparky vs Platinum:Win Prize:$

Sparky vs Soulshash:Lose Prize 30$

Sparky vs Denster Draw

Sparky vs Ace:Draw 20.000$

Sparky & Thor vs Earth and Cyclone:Draw

Sparky vs Judo:Win

Sparky vs E.L.F:Win+Scrap

Sparky vs Camo:Win

Sparky vs Outback:win

Sparky vs Seismic:Win


Sparky's Fight Was Caught on By WRB promoter and hired him to the WRB

Sparky's Prototype Was Electron A Electric robot that was crushed by Zeus

Sparky also absorbs punches and turned it into energy that can overload a robot system

Sparky has an Energy Storage unit which allows him to store the energy

Sparky can Auto-Recharge by Using the energy that he absorb and power it as his own

Sparky's Logo is a canadian flag without the leaf but the lightning bolt

Sparky's Total Winnings are 820.000.00.0000.0000.000.000$

Sparky is the 2nd Canadian Bot(1st Being Rick O' Shay)

Sparky is Ranked no.7,Division 1 in the Custom Bot Leaderboard, n. 1,Division 2,in the MRB

So far Sparky has 10 wins,2 Draw and 1 Lose

Sparky is Able To Absorb Kinetic Energy(Energy that is Associated with Movement)Potential Energy(Gravitational Energy,Elastic Energy,Chemical Energy)Energy from Wind,Water,Heat,Geothermic,Solar and Nuclear Powered which Produce Electricity and is Eco Friendly(is good for the Environment) and even Sound Energy(it is True Google it)

Sparky is Wind,Solar Powered

Sparky has an Unlimited Battery

Future Fights

Sparky and Steamer-Style vs Showoff(confirmed)

Sparky VS Oneway(Coming Soon)

Sparky vs Thanatos(Happening,but we can't determine if it is a win or a lose or even a tie)


See The Similarity?

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