Unfinished Drawing


Spark Shark drawn on FlipaClip

Announcer Quote: From the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where the baddest of robots are made, go wild for, Spark Shark!!


  • Due to Spark Shark’s metal shark jaws as hands, he can easily sever his opponent‘s limbs and head.
  • Spark Shark was inspired by a weapon in Pixel Gun 3D and also his name.
  • he is a Generation 3 robot.
  • Spark Shark is a Demon Wall
  • Spark Shark’s fists are used as scissors to sever robots


he overall looks like Atom, Axelrod, and Bio War mixed together into one robot. He has fins on his shoulders, reselmbling a shark fin. He has neon yellow eyes like Albino, he has a random viking helmet and blue thingys beside his head, he has very slender legs and what looks like boots at the end of his legs. Due to how small his arms are, he for close-range combat. He has fists that look like shark jaws. He also has sharp teeth just for decor.

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