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Southpaw Pain Revolution is Noisy Boy's signature move along with Shogun Trinity. It is a move where the robot spins its left fist and then charges it forward into the enemy. Originally in the movie Noisy Boy is going to finish off Midas with this move but Midas got the upper hand when Noisy is charging his fist.

Usage Stats:

Hit Area High
Class Unblockable
Power Used 600
Temporary Damage 290
Lasting Damage 72
Body Damage 48
Head Damage 47
Left Arm Damage 39
Right Arm Damage 39
Left Arm HP Loss 5
Right Arm HP Loss --

Purchase Conditions:

Unlocked After UW Lv3
Offense 25
Speed 21
Guard 30
Performance 25
Destruction 25
Price 48000