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The one and only, Solace


Solace is a bot standing at 9 feet tall. He rose from the underworld and is now one of the most feared bots.


Solace was a bot that was owned by a man named Jet Cornell. He was the owner of Ambush after he bought him from Charlie Kenton for $5000 dollars. Jet used the parts to make a whole new bot (with the help of Metal Valley). The result? A nine foot menace feared by bots near and far. Solace became the first bot to defeat Albino AND Midas in one night. He progressed through the WRB taking out new bots like Brakken and Throwback. However, he lost to Camelot after he lost a forearm and a fist. He now fights freely in the underworld.


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Solace's logo

Power: 79/100

Speed: 53/100

Special: 91/100

Intellegence: 38/100

Height: 9'0"

Weight: 936 Lbs

Color: Grey

Signature Move: Nova Crash

Nickname: The Menace of Space

Handler: Jet Cornell


  • Solace was the first bot to stand over 8 feet 6 inches tall.
  • Solace's motherboard belongs to Gridlock. Gridlock's owner trashed him after he lost to Zeus.
  • Jet Cornell had owned many bots in the previous years including Scorpio and Block Buster.
  • Solace took part in the first 4 robot duel. The other robots were Bluebot, Twin Cities and Abandon.
  • In his most brutal match, under a rare rule-free night in the WRB, he ripped off Blacktop's arm (Blacktop had defeated Noisy Boy in an exibition) and beat him to death with it. 
  • All his winnings combined total up to $5,000,000.
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