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There's the White Strom with dangerous Claws:Snowwolf! ( Snowwolf howls to the Moon).

Name: Snowwolf

Title: the white Strom with dangerous Claws

Generation: 3

Type: Animatronic (Demon Wall / Fragile Speedster)

Heigh: 5'9"

Wheight: 150LBS

Armor: 60:100

Power: 90:100

Speed: 100:100

Intelligence: 100:100

Why Snowwolf get build:

Volcano circled around the ring like a vulture, spying on its prey. Void was doing the same. Finally, Volcano came in with an uppercut. Void was stunned by the attack, but very little. Void came in with a combo of a hook-jab-hook, and it did damage to Volcano. Then, out of no where, Void ripped off Volcano's right arm. People betting on Volcano were angry. Raymond was too. In retaliation, Raymond did a Flare Blitz to Void. It cut off Void's voice command system.Void didn't work anymore. Voids owner activated the shadow mode, but Volcano jumped in front of void, so void cant see his owner, and just stand in the ring. Then Volcano made a Left-Right-Left-Left punch combo. then volcano made a heavy uppercut and just in the same second a very heavy punch at voids face. Voids head got ripped off. Voids owner ran into the crowd to save voids head. then voids owner said to volcanos owner: "Congratulation, you win! But in a few Months, if i have a better bot, i wan't a Rematch.

Then voids owner Build Snowwolf. Snowwolf was expensive to build, so her owner had no more money. He said: "i have to go to the koma club. The fights are more dangerous there, but get better paid then in the WRB."

Why Snowwolf have a chance in the Koma club:

1.Snowwolf can only survive, because with her claws she can cut off everything in a few seconds.

2. She is just as tall as humans, so its more difficult to hit her.

3. Snowwolf can fight by herself and don't have to be controlled.

4. She is abled to use every forbidden move.

Burned Alive

"In the left corner: Snowwolf!!!

And in the Right Corner: Major Steel!!!

Major Steel ran to Snowwolf and Shoot. Snowwolf Jumped away. Then She jumped into his face and tried to cut off his Head. Major Steel ran away and quickly shoot 3 times at Snowwolf. Snowwolf catches fire. People knowed, if major Steel win, the Koma Club have to Close, but if Snowwolf win, The Koma Club can Still exist. Finaly Snowwolf was close enought to cut of his Gun, but her head was still burning.The crowd stopped beathing. Snowwolf cut off Major Steels Left arm. It fall to the ground. Major Steels owner screamed: " Nooooooooooooooooooo! For this you will repay!" "We will see." said Snowwolfs owner. Then Major Steel throwed snowwolf out of the Arena. People ran away. The Robots was still fighting, outside the ring. Major Steel throwed Snowwolf at the wall. Everything catches fire. The firebrigade came. Major Steels owner wasn't watching the fight. just in the moment Snowwolf Cut of his other arm and the head. The fight was over. Luckily the Fiore Brigade wasn't to late, and no one gets hurt. also the Robots didn't burn down, but Snowwolfs Head kept Black.