Sniper "The Long War Colt"



Sniper is one rusty bot. He even fought at World War I for the US. He helped soldiers to lead the right way. After the war ended, a person buries him on the ground of Death Valley, USA. Luckily, a guy named Thomas Darius reached the place, and finds a head of the robot, Sniper. Despite of the hot temperature there, Thomas went back up successfully, with minor injuries.


Sniper has a longer reach at his right hand. His right hand resembles that of a cannon, which rotates. Sniper also has a Power Drain System and an Adaptive Fight Code Generator. He can also shoot steam in his cannon, resembling fire.

Sniper is 8'6 and he weighs 1129 lbs. He has a roll cage chassis and a strong mainframe. With a smart motherboard and gearing noises, Sniper is one tough bot to beat.

Bullet Noises

Being the rip-off move of Sniper, he first approaches the opponent. Then, he left hooks the opponent, and pummels the opponent off. Lastly, he takes a cluster of punches and slams with his cannon hand, ripping off the opponent's head.

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