Slicer (Just like Midas) is an underworld champion mainly because of his illegal moves, which means he would get demolished in the WRB. Slicer debuted in 2016 knocking out "Com-buster" in the 2nd round with a mighty pound to the head. Slicer can be incredibly quick for an underworld bot and is yet to be defeated.

Appearance- He has a sand colour/ red eyes and a red core/ sharp blades on each side of his lower arms

Name- Slicer

Title- N/A (fans call him Slicey McDicey -but its more of a nickname-)

Generation- 2

Bot type- Underworld threat

Handler- Mark McKendrey

Status- Active

Origin- USA

Power- 44/100

Health- 29/100

Speed- 41/100

Defence- 30/100

Special attack- 81/100

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