Skar in the Real Steel game

NAME: Skar

GENERATION: Unspecified (Presumably 3)

BOT TYPE: Lightning Bruiser Level 3



Decked out with flames and spiked gloves, there's no doubt that Skar looks intimidating. His owner obviously loves drag-racing by the appearance of his robot. Lots of money has gone into his paint job, but his boxing experience is limited. This is evidenced by his rough-play fighting style centered on chops and head butts.

Real Steel game

During the match with Skar, there are no rounds, just one ten minute match, meaning no chance of getting saved by the bell. Skar usually never blocks if a robot uses two quick heavy low punches after the robot blocks one of Skar's combos. A good fighting tactic for this robot is to block, since this bot can defeat you quickly if you are not careful.


Skar is a black and dark red robot, with orange flame details. His fists are dark red, he has orange spikes on his fists, and his head resembles that of a black-haired teen with headphones. He also seems to have glasses. He glows red. Skar consists of a Cruiser Head, Battering Arms, with Spined Gloves and a short jaw. If you look closely, his body is similar to Atom's.


Full Frontal of Skar


Strength: 32/100

Speed: 37/100

Intelligence: 25/100

Special Moves: 14/100

Specialties: Resilience

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 1117
Height 7´10¨
Weight 1110 lbs
Core HP 2424
Power Charge 1506
Total Attack 2474
Total Defense 2395
Resilience 6
Damage Recovery 2
Power Recovery 7
Average Punch Speed 5
Mobility 1
Movement speed



  • Skar is very durable.
  • If a person downloads the DLC, Skar will have the same intro as Metro.
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