Sixshooter 2.0 "The Golden Sheriff"

The Golden Sheriff, Sixshooter 2.0 is finally online for the first time! Don't send it some match requests, though.


6S2.0 Lore

The Beginning of the Golden Sheriff

Fight after fight, Sixshooter would lose again. And again, and again.

Sixshooter's owner was so pissed off about this. He was really tired of losing. He wanted to go back into the golden days of Sixshooter, the days when he was stronger than anyone, before the fight with Atom.

Sixshooter fought Blacktop the next week. Luckily, the Sheriff won, knocking out Blacktop. His owner was now really happy. The next time, Sixshooter would fight Blockbuster next, winning again. Then, he fought Aquabot, and won. After all these, Sixshooter was on a winning spree.

Sixshooter was now so good, that he now was invited to the WRB. But, all the spotlights and hype failed, when Sixshooter lost to Abandon for his first WRB fight.

His owner now needed a method to dominate.

He suddenly disappeared for two months, upgrading Sixshooter to what he is now: Sixshooter 2.0. (For easier reading, I will use the term 6S2.0 to substitute the robot name, from now on.)

Proving Critics Wrong

6S2.0 rematches Abandon after the upgrade, and surprisingly, won easily, ripping Abandon's head off. Nw, like last time, 6S2.0 was winning fight over fight, beating Shogun, Nitro, Albino, and Excavator. All these insane performances resulted in a fight request from the one and only Zeus himself.

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