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Armor: 86/100 (127/100 in Hack Mode)

Power: 97/100 (274/100 in Hack Mode)

Intelligence: 85/100 (183/100 in Hack Mode)

Speed: 92/100 (125/100 in Hack Mode)

Special: 94/100 (136/100 in Hack Mode)

Strength: 89/100 (142/100 in Hack Mode)

Special Moves: Power Slam, Surge Strike

Finisher: Termination


Origin: Junkyard Scraps

Weight: 450 LBS

Announcing Line: He makes opponents crash their systems and drain their power. Can you survive Shutdown?

Features: Virussystem Core (Hack Mode) , Adaptive Programs, Repair Nanobots

Metals: Titanium, Steel, Platinum, Iron

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Power Drain

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Working

Total Wins: N/A

Total Losses: N/A

Ties; N/A

Shutdown is a Game Breaker that Johnny built from parts from Junkyard Scraps. Shutdown has three special features. One is the Virussystem core. This unique core can store more power than normal cores, as well as drain power from other cores. It also increases Shutdown's stats when Hack Mode is activated. Another feature are the Adaptive Programs. They allow Shutdown to counter and end opponents fast. The last feature are the Repair Nanobots. These little things repair Shutdown during fights but can damage Shutdown if they are destroyed. Shutdown is a sleek gray robot with armor jutting out everywhere.


Johnny sat at the table. He was bored. No one wanted a fight with any of his robots. Johnny thought of what to do when he saw a green core. He grabbed it and some other scrap, building a Game Breaker that even Johnny sort of feared. He put Shutdown next to his other robots and went to sleep.

The First Test

Johnny drove to the Crash Palace, deciding to use Shutdown for more fights. Johnny walked up to Finn, who was announcing a fight between Midas and another robot. Midas quickly ripped off his opponent's head, and Artie cheered. Johnny told Finn that he wanted a fight with Shutdown. Finn told Johnny that the old noobie robots (Aquabot, Bluebot, Metro, etc.) wanted revenge against Johnny and his robots and were waiting for a fight. Johnny decided to fight Aquabot and Bluebot the same time. Aquabot and Bluebot stared down at Shutdown. Shutdown threw a punch at Aquabot, knocking over Bluebot. Both robots swung an uppercut at Shutdown, but Shutdown grabbed the arms and threw them to the ground. Shutdown then smashed their heads together, knocking them out.

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