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Name: Shredder

Generation: Heavily upgraded G3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online

Country of Origin: South Korea

Bot Frame: Apocaylpse V2 Taeguk 21 Shock Absorber Version

Bot Power Core:Iso-Thor Lightning Theta

Bot Motherboard: Hyper-Custom 59 Premium


Durability 99/100(OP)

Shredder logo 2

Shredder's logo

Power 198/200

Speed 157/200

Stamina 183/200

Nickname: The Executioner of Samurais, The Flaming Wrecker, The Emperor of Eurasia, The Shred-O-Matic, Super Nova

Opening LIne: A thousand pounds of steel wanting bloodshed...tremble in the shadow of the almighty SHREDDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending Line: Another bot goes to the junkyard. That, ladies and gentlemen, is slaughter...... cheer for SHREDDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Control Methods: Underworld

Headset(Beat Dr.Dre 250 Red with modified mike) and controller(HoloGem 39 BotControl)


Extended standard Control Booth

Handler: Lance Reynolds

Creator: Belor Motorsports Head Engineer Norman Jackson

Special Features: EpicFlame 2.0 paint job, Pure steel fists coated in Nerominum , Leg mounted shock absorbers and springs, Hyper Torque coding and onboard combo-generating AI


Shredder was originally designed and built by Belor Motorsports to serve as a company mascot. However, as Shredder was finished, Belor went broke and Shredder was stored in a warehouse until it was auctioned off and bought by Lance Reynolds.


Underworld: Considered to be one of the strongest bots in Crash Palace

EARB: Circuit 2 Rank 1

WRB: Defeated Zeus Circiut 3 Rank ???

MRB: High Division Rank 7( For Now)

The Lance Squad: Rank 1

Fight Records

Underworld(The Start of the Show)

vs Shogun win $40000, Shogun's helmet (Crash Palace)

vs Sun Wukong win $55000 (Pikklo Ring)

vs Flasher win $23000 (Flasher Penthouse)

vs Nitro win $10000 (Carnival Ring)

vs Fiend win $10000(Crash Palace)

vs Golem draw $0 (Alpha Stadium)

vs Kronos & Krios win $10000, Krios (Park Ring)

vs Abel win $100020

vs Ambush 2.0 win $30000(Unknown Ring)

vs Ambush 2.0 lose $0(Unknown Ring)

vs Earth draw $1500 (Story on Earth)

vs Swamp-Rat win $3000(GRBL main ring)

vs Steampunk win $27000( Nichrome Arena)

EARB(Gettin' Serious)

vs Danger Zone win $30000 (UK Imperial Ring)

vs Grinder (Gridlock rebuilt) win with one arm ripped $19000, Grinder's plating(Alps Ring)

vs Accelerod (retired) win $32000, Accelerod's faceplate (Poumpau De Stadiumes)

vs Blac Jac (retired, EARB champion) lose $0 ( EARB Main Event Ring)

vs Blac Jac(rematch) win $60000, WRB ticket (EARB Main Event Ring)

vs Noisy Boy Gold win $20000 (EARB Main Event Ring)

WRB( The New Champ)

vs Abandon lose none ( Starfire Arena)

vs Abandon-rematch win $10000( Starfire Arena)


vs Tackle win $50000 ( Football Arena)

vs Cosmobot win with Heavy Damage $40000 minus $25000 for repair ( Bing Stadium)

vs Twin Cities draw none ( WRB Main Event Ring)

vs Twin Cities rematch win $70000 ( WRB Main Event Ring)

vs Zeus lose x3 (WRB Main Event Ring)

vs Zeus(re) win (WRB Main Event Ring)

WRBTT( Hey, Friend!)

Shredder, Primal vs Twin Cities, Fiend win $20000 (Detroit Enlarged Ring)

Shredder, Primal vs Gambit, Sparrowhawk win $20000 (Las Vegas Arena)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Crimson Carnage, Jasper win $20000 ( Starfire Arena)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Zeus, Atom lose $0 x2(WRB Main Event Ring)

Shredder,Ambush 2.0 vs Zeus, Atom rematch $70000(WRB Main Event Ring)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Hattori 2.0, Steampunk win $20000(Detroit Enlarged Ring)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Hattori 2.0, Steampunk rematch win $10000(Bing Stadium)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Abandon, Blac Jac draw $0(Detroit Enlarged Ring)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Albino, Excavator win $30000(Starfire Arena)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Jasper, Scorpio win $20000(Bing Stadium)

Underworld Tag Team Fights(Two plus Underworld means trouble)

Shredder, Krios vs Fluxcore, Metro win $30000( The Zoo)

Shredder, Krios, Primal vs Skar, Scorpio, Fluxcore win $300000(Crash Palace Ring 2)

Shredder, Ravagor vs Overkill, Denster win

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Sparky, Trojan win


Impact Lining: Armor Lining that allows Shredder to absorb opponent's strike and turn some of it into energy for a counter strike

Improved hydraulics:

Electrofist system: A collection of wiring and electrodes that can be used to shock the pponent's systems offline for 2~3 seconds, does not do permanent damage. Massively effective against unprotected 'bots, but a 'bot with no insulation is rare even at Crash Palace

Crackle Microchip System: A system that can be used to seize control of the opponent's kernel modules. Considered to be illegal even at Crash Palace so never used. 

Improved reach and guard position: A position based on analysis of Shredder's previous matches. The old position made the torso vulnerable to low-sweeping attacks while reducing Shredder's reach.

Nerominum armor: Armor that is very durable and flameproof, waterproof as well as insulated against electrical attacks.

Cryptographic Control Modules: Modules that are unhackable and responsive, coded for protection against jammer systems or hackers.

Leg pistons for jumping: Custom pistons for tall opponents and for jumping strikes

Controller jammer system: System attached to the back of the robot for sending out radio waves to disrupt the opponents controls. Also considered illegal with the Crackle Microchip System

Corroded Metal Scanner: A Cutting Edge scanner that looks for corroded(therefore, weak) parts in the opponent's body and sends the info to the combo-generating AI to target it.

Improved AI: The combo-generating AI's InstaSlam software has been upgraded and customized to InstaSlam Custom V2. It now syncs with the new scanner and also with the joystick controls for the WRB.

Anti-Scanner-Cloak: A electromagnetic field that envelopes the bot and therefore renders all scanners without special concentration assemblies useless.

Analyzed and Reinforced Weak Spots: Scanner-analyzed weak spots reinforced and painted on with anti-rust coating

Transparent Coating: A special solution painted on the armor to reduce corrosive effects. Also

Buddy35 HyperCoding: A system which uses lag-less Wi-Fi networks to communicate with other Lance Squad bots, and also with other Tag Team partners, such as Ambush 2.0.

Zeus Fight-Coding: Salvaged from Zeus's prototype, Archback. Used as backup when the main AI is down. 

New Decals: EpicFlame vinyl flim version removed and EpicFlame 2.0 spray painted

Emergency Failsafe: An automatically triggered high-pressure gas thruster located inside the external armor. The onboard AI will activate it when Shredder is down and does not respond. Strong enough to keep Shredder standing for a minute, though any heavy blows might significantly reduce this time.  

Special Moves/ RipOffs

Scenemaker: 3 heavy hooks followed by a double uppercut that decapitates most bots

Snappy: A brute, simple neck snap

Just Shredding: fatal move which shreds the torso, destroy all inner mechs, than rips off head and stomps on it

Mech Hooker: A powerful left hook that hooks the head and damages it.

Heartmelter: A powerful hook-and-jab combo to the upper torso.

Unlicensed Doctor: A Ripoff move that tears free an opponents limb and jams it back into the socket for maximum damage

Headchanger: A lethal move in which rips off the opponent's head and headbutts the vacant space, creating the illusion that the two torsos are sharing Shredder's head.

Round 3.5: A move in which Shredder sends his AI into overload and delivers random combos until the fight ends

Steelfist: A heavy left straight that sends the opponent flying into the ropes or out of the ring

Smash 'n' Shred: Used in UW matches. Headbutts twice, then performs 'Just Shredding'

Hot Stuff: When the opponent is stunned, Shredder flexes his imaginary biceps and delivers a finishing head blow.

Other Moves: Shredder uses some of Noisy Boy's moves, salvaged from a Noisy Boy prototype's memory disk. The moves are Shogun Trinity(Renamed Triple Blow), G-Slam Uptown(Renamed Smackdown Incenitive), Panic Shield(Renamed Custom Block), Full Metal Feud( Renamed Destructor Combo), One-Two Overlord(Renamed One-Two Strike), Firefight(Renamed Double Blow) ,Shockfist(Renamed Single Straight Painmaker), Skull Salvo(Renamed Hasty Strike), Kawasaki Straight (Charged version renamed Ender Blow, uncharged version renamed Steelfist V2), and Fight Recall(Renamed Smash-O-Matic)


  • Shredder currently holds the belt for EARB.
  • Shredder was originally designed by Belor Motorsports.
  • His paint is sprayed by Skar's aerosol painter.
  • He uses Zeus's glow control system. Thats why his eye color is same as Zeus's
  • His hydraulics are famous as they are unique and decapitated more bots than any other hydraulics.
  • Shredder's winnings add up to $78100000, and the combined winnings of the Lance Squad is $93620000


  • I think you need a shower.-Lance Reynolds to John Maxwell after the famous 'Brutal Barista Incident'
  • I smelled like my great aunt Tessie-John Maxwell after the famous 'Brutal Barista Incident'
  • YEAHYEAHYYEAH....NONONONONO-King Pin during the Shredder VS Metro match
  • (Wincing)That's not my fault. He burnt himself up.-Lance Reynolds after almost burning down Crash Palace after the Shredder VS Aquabot match
  • Double parking fees?-Lance Reynold's spectulation of government law enforcment against private helicopters landing on public roads.


Lance's truck / Lance's Exclusive Zipper Bags / Shredder 18" fgure

Golem vs Shredder

" Zeus is out of of the ring! Shredder defeats our former champion! Looks like Zeus is out of his prime!!"

As the dugout and control booth erupted in showers of champgene and high fives, nobody noticed the dugout message board vibrate. What they found out later was this

" Take the bot and your best controller to the Alpha combat Stadium"

So Gastor took their best jockey and Shredder to Alpha.

The Stadium was converted into part-time WRB level ring, complete with dugouts. And on the ring was a bulky robot colored a bluish silver. Lance, the Gastor jockey could guess that it was his opponent. After running a few tests and practice combos Shredder was on the ring.

Round 1 was like any other round 1. A few jabs, crosses and lazy blocks to get the jockey's head on the fight.

Round 2 was more exiting. Both bots were winding up for specials. Shredder had controller jam on standby, and Golem was craving for a punch from Shredder to launch Counter Clockwork. Shredder started with a left and got a right.

Then Shredder tried to do the Scenemaker, but failed and instead got a half-successful Counter Clockwork. Then Golem used Shadow Punch which put a dent in Shredder

However, before Golem could launch another attack, his control modules went haywire due to the control jammer,

Shredder used this opportunity to launch a more suscessful Scenemaker but failed to rip off anything.

RRP was used to repair Shredder's damage before R.3.

Round 3 was both bot's last chance. During the first half, Shredder tried everything from a arm wrench to Snappy.

The moves failed any rips, but they left quite a few nasty dents in Golem.

The Second half was a brutal fistfight of special moves, Shredder using every card up his sleeve and Golem launching Counter Clockwork and a few others. The end result was a draw with both bots on their feet, although they had some scars.

In Team Mech

Lance was trying to code Primitive Takedown into Shredder when he got a message.

'Go to Omega Club if you want to be part of something great'

Lance got his truck, loaded Shredder, and drove to Omega.

When he arrived, there was a practice fight between a sparring bot and a bot which Lance recognized as Ravagor.

The match was more like a beating than a fight. Ravagor grabbed the spar bot's right arm and holding on to it, kicked the torso, sending the spar bot flying out of the ring. Then Mark Hedhon, the owner of Ravagor, greeted Lance, and regarded Shredder behind him. "Come to join?" he asked. "I guess." said Lance. " Okay, we got to get you a entry match." said Mark. "Look around the place." he added. "All right." said Lance. He spotted a few bots, including Golem, Oneway, Bunker Buster, The Sarge, and a few more bots. "Match in ten minutes" said Mark. "All right" said Lance. Ten minutes later Shredder was on the ring, his opponent a lean, silver training bot with ENTRY MATCH printed on his chest. "Let's do this!" said Lance through the headset as the bot charged at the training bot. The bot managed to defend Shredder's first blow, but took an unblockable hit to the torso, sending the bot crashing into the ring ropes. The chest now read : ENTR ATCH. The training bot charged again, and Shredder sent a hard straight into his face, sending him down again and crumpling his face. The kind-of-durable bot was up again, but it was time to end the match. Shredder sent repeated hooks and uppercuts at the training bot until it was stunned, then sent a fist through the bot's chassis. The bot's lights died down, and it fell, its damaged energy core spitting sparks.

"Welcome to Team Mech" said Mark.

The Twin Menaces

Lance was fixing up Shredder when he got a call......"Hello?" .....Then the other voice said "Meet me at the Park Ring It won't be a fair fight" then beep....beep.....beep. Lance sighed, and took Shredder to the meeting place. A ring scavenged from WRB was riveted to the fields. Two bots were on the ring, and they wern't fighting each other. 'Huh?' thought Lance, but then he realized that the two bots were identical. 'It won't be a fair fight' he recalled as he steered Shredder onto the ring. A 2v1 fight. 'Fine' thought Lance.

The two bots, Kronos and Krios, was new in this area. Lance had seen their pics on the Web, but had thought nothing of it. 'Whatever.'He thought. Round 1 was Lance's chance to learn the basics of 2v1 fighting. He got the hang of it. You can't focus on one robot for a long time. You had to keep shifting your attention to both bots. And, you had to throw them into each other. This proved sucessful when Shredder slammed into Kronos and knocked him down, and threw Krios, which was resting in a corner, straight into his partner. Both bots got up eventually but Shredder was ready. Lance entered the Steelfist initial process with his left hand and dodged and weaved with his right. However, Krios landed a energy-sucking uppercut and Shredder almost went down. Then the Steelfist came online and Lance rammed it against Krios, sending Krios flying out of the ring and crashing into a Greyhound, which tipped over because of the force. Then it was a solo match with Kronos. Kronos landed double one-two punches and a right hook followed by a pincer hook but Lance blocked the next hook and activated Mech Hooker, crushing, Kronos's head. However, Kronos was still standing, and Shredder used the opportunity to further trash the bot, kicking him into a corner and jabbing and hooking at the torso and head until Kronos fell into pieces. Then Shredder threw the remnants of Kronos over the ropes and it crashed into the ground right in front of the bleachers. On his way out, he said to Kronos's and Krios's owner "I want Krios"

And Lance got a new bot.

Ambush 2.0's ambush

Lance was driving Primal, Krios, and Shredder home after a team match with Kong Tron, Fluxcore, and Scorpio. The fight had gone really well, with Krios's new weight distribution, Shredder's upgrades, and Primal's overall barbaric fighting style, Scorpio was lying on the ring as a burning scrap, Fluxcore's Ultratech head was being welded onto the wall, and Kong Tron was in pieces on the balcony seats, and his head and armor were stolen. Lance was happily fingering his whopping 50000 grand when a message came on the truck's onboard comms device.

Go left, go right, and go straight. Fight whats there and you have 300 grand.

Lance followed the instructions, and just as he was accelerating on the straight road, he saw a blue-and-gold bot with its controller. "Are you the one?" Lance asked. The controller, which he later known as John Maxwell, said "yep" and guided the truck to a ring made out of metal. Lance picked Shredder out of his three bots to fight this 'Ambush 2.0'. He learned that it was a rebuilt Ambush. 5 minutes later, it was the bell. Ambush 2.0 was aggressive from the start, throwing Roundhouses and hooks that Shredder barely dodged, and the ones that connected were enough for a thirty-hit-KO. Then Shredder ducked a hook and slammed his fist into Am 2.0's torso. Then Ambush 2.0 activated Bushwhack 2.0 and managed to get Shredder down for 7 seconds, then Shredder activated Steelfist and sent Ambush 2.0 down. Then Ambush 2.0 got up and delivered a deadly combo that would have crushed any Fragile Speedsters. Shredder retaliated with a double-fisted blow that sent Ambush 2.0 down. Then, as Am 2.0 got up, Shredder kicked him in the torso.


KO! Then John said "Good fight" and then........."Rematch 1 month later"

1 month later, Lance went back to the same place where he fought Am 2.0 before, less then 5 minutes Shredder and Am 2.0, more powerful than ever, are in the ring fighting once more.The first round went quickly, everybody blocking each other's attacks, no one got more than a scratch.  In the second round, Shredder had the upper hand landing many hooks and jabs on Ambush 2.0.  The Final Round, Shredder used a head butt that knocked Ambush 2.0 down for 8 seconds. Ambush 2.0 used Golden Chest Slam and hit Shredder's chest with huge damage. Shredder kicked Ambush 2.0 into the ropes. Shredder delivered a hook to the head but missed. Ambush 2.0 used this opportunity rolled Shredder over.  Every time Shredder tried to get up he was punched in the face and went down again. Ambush 2.0 continued this until it was counted as a win. In the end the two owners became friends and helped each other in tag teams.

Playtime with spar bots

Lance decided to test out Shredder. But he had no matches planned so he went to the Omega Club. The first match was against a "Jack" spar bot. Lance hooked the light bot on Shredder's right fist, then Electrofisted him. The bot dropped to the ground and managed to get back up just in time for Shredder to amputate a arm. Then Shredder kicked the bot into a corner. The bot managed to stand up by relying on the ropes, but Shredder threw the bot into the center of the ring by the arm and Steelfisted the falling bot, sending the bot flying out of the ring.

The second bot was a heavily built Stone Wall. Shredder was an expert in these kinds of robots. He slammed his left fist into the other bot's shoulder, then pushed him roughly to a corner. He began slamming the Stone Wall rapidly with jabs and hooks, but the sparring bot held its ground. "How cute" thought Lance as he ducked under a sweeping hook then tapped his holo. Instantly Shredder uppercutted the Stone Wall, then followed the flailing bot with a one-two combo for good measure. The last blow was an Electrofist that knocked the Stone Wall offline, and this was enough to let Shredder take a shot at cleanly decapitating the spar 'bot. 

The GRBL Entry Match

Lance was bored. He was tired of destroying junked-together sparring bots, made from the rusting parts on his front yard. The last bot had fallen and broke after a single jab, because he lost his balance because of a oversized arm. And, as Lance ate breakfast, a match finally came. The message said: You are invited to the GRBL. Bring you're best bot!

'Fine' thought Lance, and went to Okay, Oklahoma. The message was mass-distributed, and the roads were clogged with bot-carrier trucks. Lance's GRBL entry match was with Swamp-Rat, a bot from Florida, and a good bot, one of his few losses against The Sarge. Shredder's match seemed like a easy match, until Shredder got into the ring. His opponent was a swamp-brown, mean 'n' lean bot with visible hydraulics and actuators. Even the entry matches were viewed by a large crowd.

"On the left corner, it's 7 tons of steel wanting bloodshed.....Tremble in the shadow of the almighty.....SHREDDER!!"

"And on the right corner, its The Lord of The Swamps......... Prepared to get swamped in the force of the mighty...SWAMP-RAT!!!"

Then.....Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!

Lance ducked a overenthusiastic hook and slammed a Ender Blow into one of the shoulder hydlaulics, spraying fluid everywhere. Wild cheers from the crowd. SR struck, denting Shredder's chestplate. Lance yelled "Lock and Load" and Shredder's AI sent a stunning uppercut to Swamp-Rat's control modules. Swamp-Rat staggered, and then, "Stand and Deliver!" Shredder delivered, all right, a stunning right straight followed by a hasty Triple Strike. Then, Swamp-Rat delivered a right sweeping hook, sending Shredder staggering. However, Swamp-Rat was overenthusiastic during the mop-up and Shredder managed to duck, then kicked Swamp-Rat into his corner. Before Swamp-Rat could recover, Shredder surged forward and slammed Swamp-Rat's torso 8 times, then "Scenemaker!!" Swamp-Rat was hauled from his corner and was decapitated. Shredder kicked the torso back into the corner and caught the head as it came down, then crushed it against his knee.

Overkilled or Dented?

Lance had challenged a bot after the GRBL entry match, Overkill. He contacted the owner, and the owner propsed a idea: They would each find a partner for a Tag Team match, and up the prize. Lance contacted his Team Mech friend, Mark Hedhon, and asked him to help out with Ravagor. Mark agreed, and drove to The Alpha Stadium. And there was Overkill, with a silver bot named 'Denster'. The match started then. Four spotlights lit up, illuminating the four bots.

" On the left corner, its seven tons of steel wanting bloodshed...SHREDDER!! And his partner, Always feared, and always spreading destruction..............Ravagor!!"

"And on the right corner, its the robot executioner......Overkill!!And his partner, the outblowing menace from the explosive steel fighter........Denster!!"

Shredder and Overkill got into the ring first. Lance sent the all-clear from his controls, and then...


Shredder delivered a massive hook, but Overkill countered with a Bring Down The Pain. Then, Overkill tried to activate his scanner, but Lance activated the cloak. Overkill's handler, puzzled, lowered his guard, and Shredder activated Single Straight Painmaker, slamming it into Overkill's chest. Right then, Shawn replaced Overkill with Denster, and Denster delivered a MMA smackdown. Lance got Ravagor into the ring. Ravagor was something else in a fight. He began to pound away at Denster. Denster, slammed into Ravagor, who Spin-Fisted Denster into the ropes. Then, Denster got up, but Ravagor delivered a Temple Punch Combo, sending Denster down. Then, Shredder went into the ring, and Denster was replaced by Overkill. Lance activated his own scanner. The HUD said 'LOADING...5%' Then, Overkill lashed out, damaging Shredder's mic. Lance flicked off the headset and jinxed the controller in the old G2 fashion. 19%...45%...78%, DODGE!..86%, 99%...


A 3D image of Overkill appeared on the hologram projector, and then multiple spots began to blink red.


Shredder's AI was triggered automatically, and it sent heavy blows at both of the targeted areas. Overkill stumbled, but retalilated with a huge blow which sent Shredder into the ropes. Then, Mark sent Ravagor, and as Ravagor began his bout, Lance scrambled toward Shredder and examined Shredder's mic. It looked bad. Lance completely decomissoned the mic.

Just as the mic fizzed off, Ravagor was replaced with Shredder, and Shredder delivered a AI-controlled combo that knocked Overkill to the ground. Then, Overkill was replaced by Denster. Denster slammed a right and got a hook. Before Denster could completely recover, Lance jinxed his controller to destroy the Robo-MMA Supreme once and for all, but Denster blocked and gave one of his famous low kicks.Shredder flew across the ring and braced himself against the ring. Then, Shredder charged and delivered a Single-Straight Painmaker that knocked Denster into the ropes, and Denster was replaced by Overkill, and Ravagor replaced Shredder. Ravagor delivered a hook that knocked Overkill to the ground, and then began to pound away until Overkill's left arm broke apart. Overkill retalilated with a hook that stunned Ravagor for a second. But Ravagor managed to knock out Overkill. Denster sent a couple of MMA style blows, but Ravagor put a end to it with a Nukefist. So, Ravagor & Shredder won!!

After the fight, Lance and Mark drank cheerily, and then went home for a month of repairs........

Ambush 2.0ed by best friend

Lance had been invited to the AOBC and found out he will be fighting his best friend------(duh duh ddduuuuuhhhh)John!( Story on AOBC) And.....well Shredder lost but another match with Thanatos......VICTORY!!!

The Crash Palace Compilation

Lance was feeling bored, AOBC and MOBC plus TOKC wasn't being held until next week, and he was tired of sitting in his office at ECorp and watching Brutal Barista beating up customers in the restaurant that had opened last week( where Lance's friend John Maxwell had got a good shower of caviar given by BB). So, Lance went to Crash Palace with Shredder, determined to completely fill the repair area of CP with decapitated and fizzing robots.

The first match was with Aquabot. Aquabot had recieved a recent upgrade and his owner was really cocky. So Lance decided to have a mildly violent lecture about modesty. Aquabot darted forward and landed a jab that would have done more damage to his fist than Shredder's torso. Lance activated Smash'n'Shred, butchering Aquabot in a matter of seconds. "Oooh, look at that marvelous butchery!" crooned Finn as Shredder punched the doomed Aquabot's torso and it ignited, burning up half of Aquabot before he was sprayed with fire retadant.

The next match was supposed to be Bluebot, but he excused himself, so Lance marched to Blacktop, who was on a exhbition on CP. Blacktop's owner was angry because he had been forced to pay a $3000 fine for accidentally running over one of Crash Palace's Hazmats (URF) with his truck. Blacktop had then violently destroyed Skar out of anger, got $5000, and had also beat the 'fat' out of Fat Boy, as Fat Boy's stomach plates and lower torso was nonexistent, and he looked skinny due to the fact that Blacktop had helped him shed weight by destroying his stomach. So, Blacktop's owner was feeling very cocky, and he thought that he could defeat this WRB hot shot. The match started with Shredder's huge uppercut that landed Blacktop on his butt. Blacktop ran forward, preparing for a Rev-Hook that had destroyed Skar a hour ago. Lance activated Custom Block, blocking the hook, and activated Mech Hooker, destroying Blacktop's head. Blacktop's owner looked on as the mangled but still attached head lolled as Shredder picked the bot up and threw it into a corner. Blacktop's owner feverishly activated his failsafe, and Blacktop spasmed and began to rise. "YEAH!!!!" yelled Blacktop's owner, but hope was short-lived. As Blacktop rose, Shredder Steelfisted him into the chains, then began to kick him. Lance drew Blacktop up, then crushed Blacktop's head against his knee. Snap! went Blacktop's helmet.

The 3rd match was changed 2 times, with both Kong Tron and Prisma backing off and Six Shooter ending up as the opponent. The match began, Six Shooter attempting a Gun Show, and managed to get a cross of Shredder's torso. Shredder grabbed Six Shooter then threw him out of the ring. He crashed into the balconies, destroyed. Ida-Ten was defeated in a similar way. The next was Orefist a so-called 'Destroyer Machine'. Orefist had some experience beating WRB bots to their eternal shame, and was keen to add another to his list. Long Story Short----He wasn't. Orefist charged at Shredder from the start,swinging his mufflefists. One shot left small peppered holes on the left side of Shredder's face shield. Shredder retaliated with a one-two-hook combo that knocked Orefist backwards. Lance took the chance and smashed part of Orefist's chassis. However, Orefist was known as a durable bot, and he managed to take the blow and even take another shot at Shredder before Shredder headbutted him in the groin. Shredder proceeded to land a double uppercut that scraped off both eyes and the cranial armor. Orefist went wild, swinging everywhere until Shredder crushed his head.

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