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Name: Showoff "The Piston Pinner"

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Brawler

Handler: Taylor Srinwest

Origin: California (US)

Special Features: Diatitanuim Fists , H20 Powered Pistons, R.A.X-3 Combat Regulator, Rage Mode, HyperHeat Strike Armature, Force Exerting Joints, Combo Generating AI, Time Limited Adaptive Fight Code, Special Activated Agressive AI, and Sonar Scanner

Special Moves: Piston Scythe Strike, Showing Off, Fist Command

Rip-Off: Showy Destruction

Robot Frame: Custom Made Diatitianium Frame

Power Core: G6 AutoTech Chrome-06 HyperSurge

Motherboard: Heavily Modified G6 AutoTech-3619 Class 5/Heavily Modified G5 AutoTech-High Sonar Scanner Integrated With G6 AutoTech First Class Model 4

Controller: G6 AutoTech Multi-Purpose Controller Model 5

Opening Line: With fists even stronger than Zeus, he can show off his skills in the ring, introducing SHOWOFF!

Closing Line: With his Piston Scythe Strike wrecking anything in his path, he towers again, SHOWOFF!

Special Features

H20 Powered Pistons: Pistons that are not powered by hydrualic fluid and instead powered by H20, it makes the robot less prone to accidents and for more cheaper "fuel" for the pistons.

Hyperheat Strike Armature: This feature make the fists heat up to 100 degrees fahrenheit to melt the enemy's armor.

Force Exerting Joints: These joints do not break when pulled off because of the joints exerting force all over the mainframe, but will break off when it is punched hard.

Combo Generating AI: This AI will make combos for the robot to execute, you just need to put the robot in range of the enemy then the AI takes over in the punching, the punching will be more brutal and faster when Rage Mode is activated, it is also used to activate a special AI

Rage Mode: This feature will make the robots stats higher for one minute and is used to activate a special AI.

Time Limited Adaptive Fight Code: This feature will control the robot on its own without the controller controlling anything, and can also adapt to any situation the robot is in, but as depicted by its name, it is made to be time limited to not be overpowered.

Special Activated Aggressive AI: This AI can only be activated if Time Limited Adaptive Fight Code, Rage Mode, Combo Generating AI is activated, but it also has one more optional mode to be updated, but it makes a huge difference, and that is the Sonar Scanner. It makes the robot control on its own and be aggressive and possibly destroy the enemy if used at the right moment, and if the Sonar Scanner is on, it will find the weak part and send the data to the AI, then will destroy the weak part.

Sonar Scanner: This feature can find the enemy's weakness and is used to activate a special AI.


Strength: 90/100 (100 in Rage Mode)

Speed: 87/100 (97 in Rage Mode)

Intelligence: 94/100 (100 in Rage Mode)

Special Move: 96/100 (100 in Rage Mode)

Special Moves/RipOffs

Piston Scythe Strike: A collection of razor hooks then a H20 assisted heavy hook that sends the opponent crashing to the ground

Showing Off: A collection of random moves that stuns the opponent, allowing Showoff to kick(or punch in WRB) the enemy into the corner, then does a few taunts, including Throw The X, Dance, Do The Robot, and Flex before pounding on the stunned opponent

The Fist Command: A move that sends the opponent down for 9 secs, then delivers a punch that fulfills 10 secs

Showy Destruction: A move that makes the opponent ignite by hitting the opponent's core with heated fists, then delivers a final double fisted blow to the head, crushing it

Showing Gatling: A move that sends the opponent to a corner using a jab combo to sends the opponent to a corner then continously punches the torso while the pistons are moving back and forth

The Piston Wall: Showoff aims his arms to the opponent head while it is charging at him, then Showoff makes his fists go back and forth, the opponent has no time to react and the bot's head falls off or gets loose

Tectonic Plate: Showoff double uppercuts the opponent in the lower torso while at the same time his pistons go up at its fastest, that sends it up on the air then Showoff jumps with his leg pistons a bit higher than the opponent, and it punches it downwards to make the effect of a tectonic plate.


So it is composed of Seasons and Episodes. So the season will the thing that the episode revolves around, they last for about 3 episodes, Here's some of them (For now). NOTE: Only DarkSage, Noisy bystander, mgexopro1, LLP (LooksLikePoop), Ambush NO. 1 fan and me (iLuvRealSteel) can only edit this page, but if you want permission to edit this just message me but wait for my response ok? Now moving on:

Season 1: All Brand New

Season 2: The Piston Is Pinning

Season 3: Meet Crash Palace And The Underworld (Delayed)

Special: Anthony Brooks's Revenge and Retaliation

Season 4: Try Hard To Reach WRB Kid! (Delayed)

Season 5: Beyond the WRB (Delayed)

Season 1: All Brand New

Episode 1: Showoff was just bought from EBot by Taylor Srinwest, a die hard robot boxing fan, he said to himself: Don't go dream easy as like one second your gonna reach WRB okay? He said to himself, but then when he opened the box where Showoff is inside, He turned on Showoff controller, then Showoff took two steps to get out of his box, then did a little transformation sequence, Taylor said: WHOA! Like Noisy Boy! What can he do? Thats the question. Then he scrolled over to the manual section in his controller, he saw control configuration and he was like: WHAT!?! Showoff has different controlling options? Cool. He looked at the configurations and saw 6 modes: Classic Jinx, Modern Jinx, Standard G3, V-Goggles HoloGem, Voice Command, and Shadow Mode. After he had tested them all out, he decided the best was Voice Command, Standard G3, Shadow Mode, and V-Goggles HoloGem, after choosing his controls, he stayed awake for 2 days straight to train and study Showoff's manual. After that he put Showoff in the truck and they went to Crash Palace's sparring match section.

Episode 2 : Taylor arrived, and met Finn. "Oh, new guy eh? Which undercard you want?" "Ummmmmm.......Bluebot please" said Taylor. Within 23 mins, Showoff is in the ring with The Blue Brawler. Bluebot charged and landed a flying kick, Showoff backed off. "Right! Left hook! Roundhouse!" cried Taylor. Showoff knocked down Bluebot. Bluebot tried to counter but Taylor decided to use Piston Scythe Stirke. Show off's special move knocked Bluebot down for good.

Taylor fingered his $5000 happily. And he was sure that he is ready.

After the fight, Taylor was really excited, so he booked another fight to Blacktop. After a couple minutes they were on, all was cheering Blacktop but Taylor did not care, Taylor use Voice Command and said "Engage". As Showoff slowly walks to him Blacktop is getting ready to make a straight shot to his head, Taylor saw this and said "Duck!" "Right Jab Combo!" as Blacktop is getting pummeled, Blacktop stops the combo and Taylor activates Standard G3 and starts controlling Showoff. Taylor lands Blacktop a hit in his groin and his head, Blacktop is down but while he's getting up Taylor uses Showoff's piston fists to "gatling" him to the ground, There was a spark that hit Blacktop's motherboard and Blacktop can't get up because of his motherboard fried. Then Showoff wins and gets $10000, Taylor loads up Showoff to his truck and goes home.

Episode 3: As Taylor was home, he fixed up little dents and looked at his bot and said "I hope he's ready for the beating the Underworld can bring, I mean look, tearing arms, smashing heads, leg rupturing, c'mon man!" He spoke to himself. Then Taylor added new joints which distributes force, so in any angle you put the joints they won't snap, and Taylor decided working on a mode which will make Showoff's stats higher for one minute, so he did work on it. two straight days, no sleep, 5 minute breaks, he did all that to finish it. After that Taylor said "Its Showoff time!"

Taylor went to sleep. When he woke up he took a shower and did last minute checks on Showoff, then he put him in the truck and they were off the Crash Palace.

Taylor arrived in Crash Palace and took Showoff to the main matches. Finn saw Taylor and said "You're back homie! What fight can I put you on? The main event, Fight to the death, or just fight one bot?" Taylor said "I'm taking main event" Finn said "Dude, your are C-R-A-Z-Y-! Your bot has not even fighted 5 bots!" But Taylor gave him the look and Finn just booked the match.

Finn says while on the middle of the ring "Tonight, we have a new competitor from California! Meet, Showoff! Everyone booed but once Taylor activated Shadow Mode so Showoff can walk with him, they got inside the ring and he activated Standard G3 then put Showoff in the corner. Then its Midas' turn to shine. Finn says " The King of the Underworld! The Gold Blooded Killer, here's Midas!" Artie Bakker (Midas' Owner) put him on the other corner and the bell rang.

They charge at each other and Midas' easily tries to pull off Showoff's arm like it was picking a apple from the tree, but the upgrade took effect, and Showoff made a jab combo at Midas and used his piston fists to take out Midas' arm away from him. Midas just landed uppercuts but they all missed, Taylor gets bored of this and uses Piston Scythe Strike to pin him down, Finn counts "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9" Midas was getting up but Taylor uses his piston fists to make Midas down for one more second and he wins. Taylor yelled " I called that move "The Fist Command"! Everyone cheered for Showoff and he took his $25000 home.

Season 2: The Piston Is Pinning

Episode 1:Taylor woke up from yesterday, feeling relieved because he beat Midas, As he looks through his cellphone he saw a text message from an unknown number, it said "I invite you to a fight with Ambush 2.0, go to Crash Palace and Finn will tell you everything. Winner gets $30000, loser gets $10000. Seeya" Taylor replied "Ok". as he sent that, he ate breakfast, took a shower, and did a last minute checks on Showoff, then he headed to Crash Palace. He went straight to Finn and told him about Ambush 2.0, Finn "Oh yeah, the dude said he wants a fight with you, but man, he decapitated Ravagor himself. Taylor facepalmed, but went straight to his position as Finn anounced "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ultra Superhero, Ambush 2.0!" Everyone clapped, yelled, and cheered for him. "And The Piston Pinner, Showoff!" Everyone did the same as Ambush, but a little bit lowered, as Taylor activated Standard G3, Ambush 2.0 changed to his fighting stance, so as Showoff. The bell rings.

As the bots charged at each other, Taylor readied for a jab combo, Ambush 2.0 jabs but Showoff instantly dodges then does the jab combo, Ambush 2.0 realized he can pull off Showoff's arm, he executes this but just wastes him time, as Showoff has custom built joints that distributes the force exerted in his arm. Showoff gets Ambush off him and uses his new move he calls "The Showing Gatling" where he puts his enemy to a corner then continously punches him with his piston fists, Ambush pays Showoff back with "Golden Chest-Slam" and the bell rung.

As the bell rings, Ambush 2.0 landed a uppercut and a jab combo at Showoff, he makes him pay again by knocking him down by a blow in the torso, then uses "The Fist Command". He was down for 5 seconds, but Ambush dodges the punch and uses his special move, "Bushwhack 2.0", Showoff was pinned down but as he gets up he continously gets kicked in the head and Showoff loses. Taylor accepts his and walks to Ambush 2.0's owner and says "Man, good fight, by the way my name is Taylor." Ambush 2.0's owner talks and says "Yeah, great fight, my name is John." They walk in thier seperate ways and Taylor gets ready for an another match.

Episode 2: Taylor is wants a fight again so he asks Finn for a fight. Tayor said "Finn, what fights are available?" Finn says "You should fight Aquabot, I think you can end his winning spree, the spree is 13 wins." Taylor says "Its time end that, book me up that match!" Finn does so and in 10 minutes they are in.

As Finn anounces, Taylor walks to his position. Finn anounces, "The Diver Bot From The Deep, Aquabot!" Aquabot walks in and enters the ring, Aquabot owner shout "This guy is gonna get wrecked!" Half of the arena cheers but not all, Finn continues anouncing, "The Piston Pinner, Showoff!" All people in the arena cheers, but Aquabot's owners sighs, "He gonna be destroyed anyways". they both go in thier position and and they change to fighting stance.

The bots charge each other, as Aquabot lands low punches Showoff blocks them all, then lands a upper cut that knocks Aquabot to a corner, Taylor uses this as a chance to use "The Showing Gatling" he pounds the bot and gets knocked down, but gets up in the 5th second. Aquabot lands punches and uppercuts at Showoff, but no effect to Showoff, Taylor gets tired of this and activates Rage Mode, the controller says "Rage Mode active, timer is in top right corner of the screen. Showoff uses "Piston Scythe Strike", Aquabot was knocked down with a dent similar to Atom dent when he got decked down by Zeus. But Aquabot gets up and Showoff uses "The Fist Command" and Aquabot lost his win streak, by a newbie. Aquabot's owner was angry and left, while Taylor gets $50000 since Aquabot had a streak, Taylor is walking to his truck while fingering his $50000, he activates his RRD (Robot Repair Drone) that he just bought from EBot and it fixes Showoff. Taylor wants one more match before he gets home.

Episode 3: As Taylor got home with his money, he donated half of it to charity via online, then he decided, "He needs a tiny, tiny, bit of upgrade. Taylor wanted better, lighter, stronger fists, but he does not want ANYONE to know that he made this upgrade, so he started working.

He thinked about what metal to use, and suddenly it popped out of his mind, he said "Diatitanium!", so he went to his casting room because he was a caster before robot boxing was born, as he was there, he found his diatitanium bars he made before, he made the mold the same as Showoff's fists, when he was done, he put it on Showoff and he wanted to test it out to a strong bot, so he headed to Crash Palace.

As he arrived, he was about to tell Finn that he wants a match but Finn said, "Taylor Srinwest is in the house again, this dude does not stop fighting!" Everyone cheers, Taylor said, "Whoa, calm down man." So Finn said, "What fight do you want man? Want to beat Midas' butt again? Want the other bots?" Taylor looked at the board to see what fights are available, and he saw Swatzeer, he said to Finn, "I'm taking Swatzeer!" Finn told him, "Its a 5 round match, and its a fight to the death match, but you can still win with KO." Taylor said "I'm taking it! I'm gonna swat that bot!". After 5 minutes they were in the ring.

As Taylor saw Swatzeer, he said, "He looks like Denster.". Finn introduced the bots. "The Menace Of Darkness, Swatzeer!", as Swatzeer and his handler was walking, Swatzeer raised his arms up, the crowd was not that high for Swatzeer, as most of them was Showoff fans, they went in the ring and Finn introduced Showoff, "The Piston Pinner, Showoff!". The crowd went wild, Showoff and Taylor was walking through, Swatzeer's owner sighed, "He's going down!", no one listened and the robots was ready to fight.

The robots went in fighting stance and they charged at each other, Swatzeer was readied to land his special move, but Taylor saw it and he made Showoff dash backward by the force of his pistons, then he knocked Swatzeer down with a powerful uppercut, Taylor said, "Whoa! That upgrade sure made a difference!", Swatzeer was up in the 7th second, then he landed a 3 left jab combo which knocked him across the ring a bit, he wanted to come back from this, so he activates Rage Mode and uses "Piston Scythe Strike", Swatzeer had a big dent in his torso and in his left shoulder, but Swatzeer landed his special move, "Pendulum", but as he was going to swing his arm, Showoff made his piston go back and forth while his arm was aiming at his arm joint, then it made Swatzeer's left arm decapitated, Rage Mode was done and needed a 2 minute cooldown, and Swatzeer was saved by the bell. Good thing that Swatzeer's owner had a extra pair of arms, and the bell rang, they are on again.

The second and third rounds were boring, but at the fourth round...BAM!!!! Showoff completely destroyed Swatzeer's dome head. Taylor earns $150,500. As soon, Blake Herman stepped in front of Taylor, he said, "Good job, Taylor. Your next Tribound Challenge cup challenger is Barnicle.".

Season 3: Meet Crash Palace And The Underworld

Episode 1: As Taylor was going home he wonders about how did he get to that Tribound Challenge, so he calls Finn about it, Taylor says to Finn, "Finn, what is that Tribound Challenge Swatzeer's owner was talking about?" Finn answers, "Ohh, sorry that I forgot to tell you before that match, you get a straight ticket to there, but if you beat them all you can get atleast 2 million from Blake, so just deal with it, but watch out for Denster, the champion match, he is tough as hell!" Taylor said, "Oh ok, thanks for the info and ill talk to you later, bye." Taylor shuts off the call and drives.

As he arrived home, he still thinks of that Tribound Challenge and he decided that he's taking the risk, so he bought a Sonar Scanner at EPart and he needed to wait 3 days before it arrives, so he went ahead and started brainstorming about what to add to Showoff, and he thinked about a adaptive fight code, but he likes controlling Showoff but he thinked about just making it last for 1 minute, and he suddenly thinked about a combo generating system, and a AI that makes him more aggressive while he made the adaptive fight code and Rage Mode activated at the same time, so he started working on it, he was awake for a week, but he took longer breaks and naps, and after he realized that the Sonar Scanner was still not here, he contacted EPart, EPart told him that there was a malfunction on their delivery drones so they could not deliver orders for an another week, so he just said, "Ok, but if don't get that to me delivered next week I want a refund." He was done negotiating with them, and installed the new parts on Showoff, he said, "Lets get this thing a ride in the park!", so he headed straight to Crash Palace.

As he arrived, he went straight to Finn and said, "I want a great fight for Showoff, he has been upgraded recently.", Finn said, "Well, are you continuing that Tribound Challenge?", Taylor said, "Yes, but I just nees a warm up match before Showoff takes the pumelling.". So he looked at the board and saw Albino, he said to Finn, "I want Albino!", Finn said, "You have be kidding, he has a 18 win spree! you said its a warm-up match!", Taylor gave Finn the look and he just booked the match, after 5 minutes they were in.

Finn introduces the bots while Taylor goes to his position, Finn anounces, "The Great White Hope, Albino!", everyone cheers, then its Showoff's turn, "The Piston Pinner ladies and gentlemen, Showoff!", the crowd goes wild, and Finn said he will commentating so it feels like the WRB. The robots went to thier corners and went to fighting stance.

The robots ran at each other but Showoff was readied to grab Albino, once Showoff got ahold off him, Taylor activated Rage Mode, then he punches Albino's chest while his piston fists go back and forth, Finn says, "Handle this piston machine like a man Albino!", then Taylor says, "Lets see what those upgrades can do!" So he activated the Combo Generating AI, and Showoff was landing punch after punch at Albino, then he turned it off and activated the Adaptive Fight Code, Finn shouted, "Albino is being treated like a sparring bot here!". Showoff's Adaptive Fight Code and Rage Mode was done and Taylor finshed off Albino with "Showy Destruction", then Showoff gives no mercy by taking off his legs and arms, Finn says, "Bring this bot to Metal Valley!", Showoff takes his $100000 and Albino's parts including his chest.

After that Taylor went to his truck and put Albino's parts in the truck, then Taylor grabbed his RRD and activated it to fix Showoff, then while he was waiting, he's thinks about how Barnicle would act in the ring, but Taylor removed this off his mind and the RRD was done fixing Showoff and Taylor went to book the match.

As Taylor was going to book the match, EPart suddenly texted him and said that the Sonar Scanner has arrived at his house, so he went back to his house to install the crucial part on Showoff.

When Taylor arrived, he looked at how to install the Sonar Scanner, but it was not the way he expected it, it needs to be put in the motherboard instead on the head, so Taylor modified it to fit in Showoff's visor, and just in case that Showoff's motherboard get destroyed, he also made that as his fail-safe motherboard, and he made the aggressive AI more aggressive by making Showoff find the oppenent's weak spot using the Sonar Scanner and destroy it, after that, Taylor took a 1 hour nap and he went back to Crash Palace.

As Taylor arrived and he went straight to Finn and asked about the next match on the Tribound Challenge, so Finn booked and he said, "I just need to call his handler, so wait for like 1 hour, but I booked you a match to Blockbuster, this is gonna be a fun wait!", Taylor said, "Ha, sure it will!", so Taylor went to his position and Finn was going to start introducing.

The robots go to position and Finn says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Blockbuster!" Half of the crowd was Blockbuster fans but some were cheering for the two, Finn continues, "And, this bot is just here because he's waiting for Barnicle, the Piston Pinner, Showoff!" The crowd went wild as usual, Showoff jumped to the ring and did a little high five with Blockbuster, then the bots go to position and change to fighting stance.

The bots were charging at each other and Taylor wanted this to be pretty quick so he activates the Sonar Scanner, then he activates Adaptive Fight Code, Rage Mode and Combo Generating AI, which also activates the Aggressive AI, then it finds the weak spot which is on the head, so it aims there and gives it a big kick in the face, it goes loose then Showoff uses Showy Destruction, which makes Blockbuster's head fall off, then it rips out its arms and beats up its motherboard with Blockbuster's arm, all of the features are out and need a cooldown, and Showoff wins. Blockbuster's owner walks away angry and disappointed.

After Taylor got his money, he went to his truck and activated his RRD, As it was fixing Showoff, he went to Finn and asked about Barnicle, Taylor said, "Umm Finn, how does Barnicle treat his opponent?", Finn answered with, "He goes really gentle and will let you punch him for a couple seconds, then if you will land a special move, he would try and intercept it and try to break your bot', but if that doesnt work, he'll aim in your head straight, but try to make it really quick, or take the time and destroy him to the max!", Taylor gladly said thanks and went back to his truck, and while going there, he grabbed a burger and fries, then suddenly, he got a call from a unknown number, he answered and said, "Who is this?", he asked in a shy voice, the unknown caller said, "This is John Maxwell man, owner of Ambush 2.0, I need to ask you something.", Taylor said, "What is it? And I need to add you to my contacts gosh.", John said, "Do you want to join Global Mech? And we need to eliminate someone's robots who are really powerfull but he uses illegal everything, its Anthony Brooks.", Taylor said, "Yes, I would like to join Global Mech! And can you please explain who is this Anthony Brooks you are talikng about? And i'm fighting Barnicle in a few couple minutes, so can you please do it quick?", John replied with, "So Anthony Brooks is Shawn Shucks chilhood enemy, and he basically wants to destroy Global Mech, and not just Global Mech, all robots in the world with his three robots, and just delay the fight of you and Barnicle, I already texted Denster's owner to delay all fights from his connection, so just tell Finn and leave, ok?", Taylor responded with, "Ok, so when will be the big meet up?", John said, "Crash Palace, 12:00 SHARP!", Taylor said yes and just went back home.

NOTE: Starting from now, EVERYTHING here is delayed because of the movie, I will sometimes do some spoilers on the seasons, so #SpoilerAlert, THANKS FOR COOPERATING AND READING THIS PAGE! And also look at my comment and blog, you only have one week!

Special: Anthony Brooks' Revenge And Retaliation

2 days later, the entire Team Mech was on the road. A convoy of trucks with the occasional sports car or luxury limo. Finn, owner of Crash Palace, ran out. As Mark Hedhon got out of his big Peterbuilt, and Raf Kent stepped out from his EBot Maybach, Finn confronted both of them. "Look guys, we don't have any parking space." Then he looked up, and a EBot sky-blue chopper, with a green WASSUP? and a smile face spray-painted on the bottom landed. John Maxwell and Lance Reynolds stepped out, laughing. Finn glared at them."Do you guys even know what the government's gonna do with choppers landing on public roads?" Lance shrugged."Double parking fees?" Finn looked furious. " Dude, do you even have a license?" "No." "You are SO off my Christmas present list." "Well I have this leather recliner-" "Shut up, guys." intervened Kelichi Akamine and Flynn McHuildier." We got some jerk butts to whup." "I hope that's a figure of speech." joked John." The more I hear about this Anthony character, the more I think he's got some kind of diarrhea." Even Finn chuckled. "I don't want Mr.Brooks crapping over my place." Shawn appeared, deadly serious."Oh he won't, Finn. I imagine that the prison plumbing will take quite a battering after Mr. Brooks arrives." "Oh-ho," said Finn, "I'll be imagining that today will be quite a spectacle." Taylor Srinwest, handler of Showoff, grinned behind his shades. "Oh, I'm sure it will be." Then a black jeep with a trailer skidded up and scraped the paint job off Blake Berman's Maserati. "Oh, could it be Mr. Intestine Problems?" aske John as Blake Berman called Lance. "Gimme one of your guns. Now. I spent like, 500k on that paint." "You can't just seriously kil-" "I'm not going to kill him. Holding guns is a comfort thing." Lance sighed as the Hummer's door opened and a man wearing a leather jacket and a suspicous, pistol sized blip stepped out. "On second thoughts, I'll hold onto my gun. It's a self-defense thing." muttered Lance. "Hi, gents. Now f**k off and get out of my way." said Anthony as he tried to walk inside the Palace. Then he noticed Shawn glaring at him. "Oi, amigo, tell your friends to get out of my way." Taylor Srinwest groaned. "Oh, great, guys. We just needed another cocky enemy." "You got a problem with me? Then you got a problem with life. And if you got a problem with life, maybe I can fix it." "Great grandstanding. Now in as a matter of fact, I think you're the one who needs psychotherapy." "Let's see. Where's your robot?" "Oh, right there. You want


Season 3 Continuation

After the Destructor fight, Taylor was filled with rage and was training with Showoff nonstop, and he was so filled with rage, he destroyed his sparring bot that was made out of aluminium alloy, after that, he went to Crash Palace and wanted a fight.

They went to Crash Palace and chose the Fight To Death match, the first fight was Six Shooter, Taylor was so angry that he treated Six Shooter like a sparring bot, he activated Sonar Scanner, after the scan, he hit lower part of lower part of Six Shooter so hard, it caused Six Shooter to fall down and go crazy around the ring, so Showoff grabbed Six Shooter and used his pistons and put his right hand at Six Shooter's head, and kept mushing Six Shooter's head, his head fell off after 20 seconds of the piston powered punches, but despite the fight done, Taylor activates all the features and makes Showoff beat up the rest of Six Shooter, each of SS's parts were removed entirely from its torso, after this, he shout's to SS's owner, "GET OWNED!!", but Taylor took pity of SS's owner, so he returned SS's parts to his owner, and also Taylor gave his prize for beating SS's owner, after that, Taylor lost his rage and started to ready Showoff for his next FTTD match.

Taylor's next match was Albino, but Albino wasn't your average Albino, it was now called Phantom Albino, it looked like a camo version of Albino, but its not just by its paintjob, they saw PA's handler, and he Taylor heard the man, "He, this is sure going to beat the heck out of that "showoff", that glory taker.", Taylor became really determined after he heard the man, but as he started thinking of what to do to PA, the match is about to start.

The bell rung and the revenge is on, PA landed a uppercut and two jab's, but Taylor yelled, "Not today sir.", Showoff landed a Piston Scythe Strike on PA, PA was stunned but he stood up and gave Showoff a Whiplash, but Showoff lands a jab combo and uses a new move, Taylor called it the Tectonic Plate, he used it on PA and PA was on the floor, but Showoff made him stand up, but when PA is about to go on his feet, he uses Fist Command, but PA dodged the last punch to fulfilled, but Taylor was done and he activated all of his features, Rage Mode, Time Limited Adaptive Fight Code, Somar Scanner, Combo Generating AI and Special Activated Aggressive AI, Showoff took no mercy at PA and took off his legs, but Taylor turned off all of the features and PA lost, but Taylor gave back the parts but did not give PA's owner the cash price, after that, Taylor readies Showoff for the next FTTD.

Well no one wanted to fight Showoff anymore so he went to Finn and asked, "Finn, do you have any fights that I can put my rage on it?", Finn responded with, "Yeah, Ravagor.", Taylor didn't believe it, he was a robot boxing fan, he knew he's taking a big risk, but he has a chance, so you know what happening next.

The bots were in their position and Finn started introducing, "Ladies and Gents, you will not believe who is fighting who! But I think you already know who's going to win, but, introducing, The Bot Of Complete Destruction, give it up for, RAVAGOR!", everyone was like, this bot is going to wreck you whoever you are!, but half was Showoff fans, so Finn went back to introducing, "Guys, guys, you will not believe who will fight this bot of complete destruction, but I believe you guys watched that bot fight to the death! And he destroyed those bots, but here he is, our Rising Star, the Piston Pinner, here's SHOWOFF!!", after that the clash of starter vs veteran started.

Ravagor was ready to land a huge uppercut, but Showoff dodges this and Ravagor tips forward by momentum, Showoff lets Ravagor stand up and Ravagor got in a Spinfist in Showoff, well it did not work at all, so Taylor activated the Sonar Scanner and is finding its weak spot, while the process is still on, Showoff managed to land a Tectonic Plate, which made Ravagor down for 6 seconds, when Ravagor stood up, the scanning was done, Taylor activated Rage Mode and Showoff was charging at Ravagor like a bull, but Ravagor managed to get ahold of Showoff, and tried to pull his arms, which was impossible, because of Showoff's Force Exerting Joints, Showoff did not want to waste his time so while he was locked in, Mark yelled, "HEY! I can't pull it off!", Taylor shouted, "Dumbo, I have Force Exerting Joints, wish you have one, WELL ITS A ORIGINAL DESIGN!", shortly after Taylor said that, he activated all the modes and Showoff started beating up Ravagor, Showoff was destroying Ravagor but Ravagor payed back and used Gamma Ray Burst Destruction on Showoff, which made Showoff stunned for 8.5 seconds, but as Showoff stood up, Showoff got Nukefisted in his head, but Ravagor took no pity at Showoff and kept punching while Showoff was lyong at the ground, but the two bots collide their piston power punches together which made Showoff motherboard get destroyed, but Mark is wondering why Showoff is still up and running, the features only had 10 seconds, so the Sonar's AI managed to find the weak spot, biut Ravagor was still up, after that, the features were done and Taylor needed to take care of this on his own, so he landed a Piston Scythe Strike, then Ravagor got the chance to land in a Headbutt & Nukefist Combo but Showoff backed away from Ravagor, ready for a Piston Wall, Ravagor was charging and the pistons of Showoff starts rattling, Mark doesn't realize this and Ravagor was down and the count was starting, Finn said, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! RAVAGOR IS DOWN FOR THE COUNT!", Taylor siad in a low voice, good thing I didn't take your head off.", after that, Mark approached him and said, "good fight, you are worthy for Team Mech, great job!", Taylor said gladly, "Thanks kind sir! My name is Taylor, and watched you all the time on TV, um, can I get a autograph?", So Mark pulled a marker and put his signature on Taylor's arm, after that, they shook hands and went seperate ways with their bots on their backs. As Taylor was heading to the truck, he said to himself, "YES! I get to beat up Ravagor and get a autograph from Mark Hedhon! I'm going to tweet this!", so after that you know what happened!


Season 4: Try Hard To Reach WRB Kid!

Episode 1: As Taylor won against Ravagor, the robot boxing radios has been talking about Showoff, and about Showoff's past fights, so when Taylor was headed to a WRB match, he was crowded by reporters, one reporter said, "Umm, what's your name sir?", Taylor said his name, but after that he rushed to his truck and was finding matches around LA.

Taylor eventually saw a billboard that said. THE ROBOT THAT WILL SCARE YOUR ROBOT TO PIECES, FIGHT HIM NOW!, it was Hollowjack, one of Taylor's favorite bots when he was young, so he went ahead there, and he was in the Zoo, where all of the other bots fights if they want to warm-up, but Taylor will beat the heck out of all of them. so he decided that he will fight as much there.

So he got the fight to Hollowjack, so the bots were pited in the ring, and the bell rings, Hollowjack and Showoff are both running at each other, but Showoff suddenly changes path and jumps up with his leg pistons, then grabs Hollowjack and started drilling Hollowjack from the back, but Hollowjack escaped and used Laughter Riot, and then got Showoff in a corner, but this gave Showoff a chance, so Showoff exchange places with Hollowjack and uses Showing Gatling, then Taylor saw that a hole is almost made in the torso of Hollowjack, so Showoff uses Tectonic Plate, this was extremely brutal to Hollowjack, because of the hole in Hollowjack's torso, the final blow was to the motherboard and mainframe, making Hollowjack unablie to move, and Showoff winning.

The next fight was Metro, Taylor had a grand plan for this match, so the bell rings, Showoff uses Tectonic Plate, but Showoff needed to use its leg pistons just to put Metro skyhigh, then Showoff smacked Metro down like a wrestler, which makes Metro burn and malfunction, just like when Atom did a double uppercut, and Taylor won.

Please note that ILuvRealSteel is leaving until maybe RS2 or a new RS game and has asked me (Sucilultraman) to continue this storyline.

So, after many hard fights, it's repair time. 2 weeks later, Showoff is fully repaired. But a note came. It read:

Hi. If you are reading this, you may have your last Underworld fights. Fight my bot Bio War in Crash Palace. Winner takes 400.000$, loser gets 200.000$, draw gets 300.000$.

- A Stranger

Taylor read this note and was prepared for the new challenger. The epic battle is starting. 1! 2! 3! Bio War kept getting pushed away by Showoff's pistons. Bio War used Nuclear Knockdown, which stunned Showoff, giving Bio War chance. Showoff is nearly knocked down. But used a Piston Scythe Strike, which makes Bio War's head blow off the ring.

Another bot still stood before Showoff. Fat Boy. And like the Bio War match, Fat Boy kept getting pushed away, making him fall (He's real huge and has a big chassis, which makes him clumsy.). Showoff kept pushing until in the edges, Fat Boy had his head ripped off by a devastating uppercut.

But then, the greatest news probably came. Axelrod challenged Showoff. If Showoff beat Axelrod, he'll be in the WRB. Axelrod had short arms, so this was the easiest match Showoff had (Easier than Bluebot!). Showoff landed a blow in the torso that ripped it off, making other parts blow off.

After beating Axelrod, Taylor wandered again to find another match, but someone texted him, it was the guy who got him to fight Axelrod, the text message was, "Hey, I was the dude who got you to that match, nice job man, after seeing the compilation of you beating up robots, I was amazed, so I showed them to the WRB presidents, they were impressed, so now they want you to come over and sign a contract so you are a official WRB competitor. See ya there, kiddo.", after the second Taylor saw the last word of that text, he rushed over and loaded Showoff in the truck, then he headed off to the main WRB Arena in Detroit.

When he got there, he gave the fight coordinator a call. "Hey, I'm at the arena, where can I find you?", fight coordinator said. "Oh hey! You can go up to the President Lounge in the the very top, if the guards ask who you are, say your the new guy from Steven, seeya.", Taylor ended the call and headed to the lounge, when he got in, he saw the presidents and said, "Uuumm, hello. I'm Taylor, Steven sent me here to sign a contract.", President said, "Oh, so your the new kid who owns Showoff?", Taylor confidently said yes, and the other Presdent said, "Wow. Your robot has been wrecking metal in the Underworld, you were around the news, radio, WRB Channel, everywhere!!". Taylor knew about being in the radio, but when he knew that he was on the WRB Channel, he was in awe. The President handed him a 1 year WRB contract, which had this in it:

Mr. Srinwest, to whom it may concern.

You will be signing these contract under these rules:

-You will accept media and let basic information of you be released for media to know -You will comply under WRB fight rules -If you will be installing new parts to your competitor, you shall send a letter and get the part for inspection first before installing -You will not be allowed to take home robot parts when you decapitate them off your enemy

Failing to comply to these rules will void your contract and suspend you from signing another contract for 1 year

Please sign here:


                                                                                                From the WRB Presidents

Taylor gladly signed the contract and thanked the Presidents, but the Presidents said, "No, it's a pleasure to have you here, Mr. Srinwest.". After that, he looked at the competitors board, and at the lowest division, he saw Showoff placed in the very bottom. So he jolted to the competitors board and said to the fight arranger, "Hey man, need a fight. I'm the new guy.". The arranger shouted, "And look who's here! The owner of Showoff, Taylor Srinwest! He wants a fight from one of you, who wants him? New guy here says you can go at him FTTD! Take apart every part of him if you want to!". Taylor replied to the crowd, "No-no-no-". And he was cut off by Gridlock's owner, "I'll take this fight. Seems easy. Heh.". Taylor said to himself, "Ahhhhh crap. Let's go anyways.". Taylor took the fight and few minutes later, he got his first fight in WRB.

They went to the ring and the WRB introducer shouted, "In the left corner, we have GRIDLOCK!". Gridlock shows off and lands a combo, everyone goes wild. The introducer continues, "And in the right, we have SHOWOFF!". Lights open and Showoff airboxes the Piston Scthye Strike, crowd goes nuts. The bell rings. Showoff just stands there while Gridlock rushes at him, Gridlock landed a hard punch at Showoff torso, which made Showoff stutter. Taylor sees this and and he made Showoff pull a piston-powered jab on on Gridlock while Gridlock was also landing a jab, the two fists of metal clashed and luckily, Showoff punched a bit faster resulting in Gridlock's fists being flattened. Gridlock fights back with a uppercut combo and a jab combo, good thing all of the combos landed but the severed fist made some of the punches void. Showoff dashes to Gridlock and does the Tectonic Plate, which made a good and deep dent on Gridlock torso. Gridlock was saved by the bell and on goes Round 2.

While Gridlock's staff fixed Gridlock's fist, Taylor saw a backfire on Gridlock. It was his mainframe, and it was weakened by Showoff. It shook his whole system and made a coding glitch. He was not sure so he turned on the Sonar Scanner, and it was confirmed.

Round 2 started and Showoff was running straight for Gridlock. Gridlock was in a wrestling stance and it seems like Gridlock is going to break Showoff's head. Taylor was so focused in Gridlock's weakness that he didn't see the stance, and Gridlock destroyed Showoff's motherboard. But Taylor refreshed Showoff's system and he was up and running like nothing happened. Showoff punched in Gridlock's face and put a really deep dent on his right "eye", he almost hit Gridlock's motherboard but Gridlock pulled a clutch and avoided a Piston Wall, just as Showoff was going to hit Gridlock's face, Gridlock avoided it and pulled a really powerful punch that Showoff's arm pistons energy was transferred to the mainframe which weakened it. Taylor knew he was in trouble, but he turned on the Sonar Scanner again and the coding glitch enabled by the powerful punch Gridlock pulled. He turned on Rage Mode and Time Limited Adaptive Fight Code and Taylor was monitoring Gridlock's main system. The glitch made Gridlock pull random punches. Taylor turned on Combo Generating AI that also turned on Special Activated Aggresive AI by default. Taylor sent a command to Showoff that it was a FTTD match, and Showoff started pummeling Gridlock. But Gridlock wasn't going to be a big baby and just let Showoff's pistons rumble in the bronze steel in Gridlock chest. So he bob and weaved and got in a hook and a uppercut, which angered Showoff's AI. Showoff performs the Tectonic Plate and the power was in the arms. This made the glitch more effective, and instead of the random punching in spikes, it's now on full drive. Gridlock's owner can't control Gridlock but somehow he can still move Gridlock so he take advantage of this and moves Gridlock near to Showoff. Show can't adapt and eventually pulls a Showy Destruction. It hit Gridlock's fists and melted them. But Showoff got knocked down because of the rapid and random punching. But because of this, Gridlock lost fuel and Gridlock's system's shut down. Taylor couldn't make Showoff stand up. And it ended off in a tie. Gridlock gladly shaked Taylor's hands after the fight and said, "Nice fight for a new competitor here.". Taylor said thanks. They both received $50,000. Taylor went home after this and started fixing Showoff from all the damage the bot' took.

After 3 weeks of repair, Taylor trained Showoff up to the point where Showoff won't respond to Voice Command, Taylor rebooted the system. Time left was 24 until Showoff would be up and running. While Showoff was rebooting, Taylor looked for a fight that was stronger than Gridlock, but he wasn't up for Zeus yet. Then comes up Blac Jac. He sends a email to Blac Jac's owner and gets a response 3 hours later, that says:

Hey Taylor,

This is Blac Jac's owner. About the invitation for a fight, yes I take it. Standard WRB rules, I'll book our match tommorow, in Detroit ok? 2:00 AM. Thanks.

After that, Taylor took a 10 hour sleep, and woke up in midnight. Showoff was not done rebooting. They have a fight soon, so Taylor took it in his hands and fixed the systen himself. After 4 hours of continuous fixing, he was done. Taylor went to Detroit early because he wants a few warmup fights, plus he doesn't love traffic. So Taylor drived 4 hours to Detroit because he lives far away from Detroit.

REMINDER: You might see a different style of putting in the story, yet still the same content. Episodes might take longer to edit due to being me a very perfectionist person now HAHAHAH

Back to the real thing.

Taylor arrives in Detroit, very tired and feeling queasy due to the long drive, now feeling the effects of crashing due to drinking too much coffee on the way.

Yet he still continued to go and fight against the very menacing Blac Jac, determined and with a mindset that he will conquer the bot after all of this.

After going to a breakfast cafe and eating a few pancakes, eggs, and bacon with some coffee, he proceeds to his truck and pulls out Showoff from the trunk.

Phew, let's get you going you ruckus.

After turning him on (No innuendo intended), he does a few checks, and passing time by training with Showoff, he gets in the WRB Arena to start off this fight.

Now where's can I confirm the fight?

Heading to the desk, he confirms the fight against Blac Jac, and heads to the arena.

After a few minutes, it begins.

On our left ladies and gents, here's The Casino Bot with an Amazing Hand, Blac Jac!

Dang, I think I sorta regret this now....

And on the right, we have the new feller, the Rising Star, the Piston Pinner, SHOWOFF!

Showoff jumps ridiculously high with the utility of the leg pistons, then does the "superhero landing" Angel Dust did at you know what movie. (Psst mate, it's Deadpool)

Bell rings, and both charge at each other, but Showoff is down low while Blac Jac is being dominant.

Showoff double uppercuts Blac Jac in the torso via arm pistons, and sends him up in the air. While Blac Jac is mid-air, Showoff quickly points his arms to the falling robot's trajectory and proceeds to let the pistons go up and down.

Blac Jac gets hit in his groin area, and was just by a hair to decapitation of both legs. With a big dent in his groin, he attacks Showoff with a powerful hook and quite a few jabs, this brought damage to Showoff's appearance, especially in the head and torso part.

Let's switch to Voice Command, heh.

Uppercut combo!

Blac Jac gets stunned and was almost knocked down but quickly gets up.

Pounce it! Jab! Jab! Jab!

As Blac Jac keeps getting punched, the bot gets an opening and punches Showoff away from him. He flies across the ring and is down.

Get up! Stand up!

Showoff lazily responds and stands up slowly. As the bot is standing up to it's feet, Blac Jac charges at Showoff with a punch ready to hit hard.

Showoff goes down, FOR GOOD.


Get up!


Taylor changes the control configuration to G-2, rushing...


Taylor was in the zone. He gave no attention to anything but the controller and the bot. He felt the rush of adrenaline, he had hands that was almost lightning speed, but no one was there to see it.

He wanted that bot up, he dreamed of this ever since. Flashing lights, the chants and cheers of people pushing him through.


Systems go.


Showoff springs like a flower on fast forward. He instantly charges at Blac Jac.

Rage Mode online.

Showoff has a punch ready with the CO2 all concentrated to the right arm of the bot.

A sound was heard across the arena, it made the arena reduce to silence.

Showoff was TKO'ed.

Showoff's arm blew, the hard punch was countered by Blac Jac by colliding a harder punch. With Blac Jac having a larger surface area in the fists, it gives him more force.

The CO2 blew like dry ice was brewing in Showoff's arms. The force that was transferred to Showoff's arm was also transmitted throughout Showoff's mainframe.

Showoff got shut down.

Taylor was at his worst, the first loss. To a bot who was pulverized by Zeus, he thought he could beat Blac Jac with no effort.

Godf*cking damn it! How the f*ck! This is that b*llshit again! Just like that guy Anthony Brooks! Is he even f*cking legal?

The best of the Underworld is just the sparring bots of the WRB, rookie.

Oh shut the f*ck up!

The crowd was staring at Taylor, and only Taylor. They had seen him as a humble competitor and took losses into his ear and the other, yet today he has been beyond the expectations of others.

I'll remember this. I'll remember this! You think the underworld is just some, handlers who take lean before and after they fight a bot? You'll taste the Underworld again, Blac Jac!

The match is over, and Blac Jac has won the match!

Taylor rushes home after the embarassing fight against Blac Jac. He turned the radio on for some music, but....

WRB Radio! Taylor Srinwest and Showoff, has been destroyed by-

He turned off the radio at lighting speed.

He's nothing. He's chicken barbecue, aight?

Once Taylor got home, he put Showoff on the garage and stared at him for a few minutes.

What went wrong? What did I do wrong? Maybe we went there too fast, too soon. I have an idea, but it's really stupid. Real dumb. Ah, guess that's for tomorrow.

Taylor went to bed, yet still unable to sleep. The sound of the collision of the two kept on replaying. The deafening slience that was heard after that seemed to expel all of his confidence, and the words of Blac Jac's owner put a mark on his head. Nothing seemed to be working for him at that moment, and it felt like that moment will define his whole career.

Argh, I can't sleep for some reason. Guess I'll be fixing a bot with a name that starts with S and ends with H. No way in heavens that it's Six Shooter, human.

He fixed Showoff, recalbrated him, and got him up to boot in a span of 10 hours. Taylor crashes to bed with satisfaction and tiredness surrounding his body.

Oh dear. What time is it? 8pm.

His phone vibrates, it's a text message from the WRB fight coordinator. In fact, there has been a lot of unread messages from the same person.

Taylor, you have a request from Axelrod to fight you. It's a four-rounder, 2 minutes each round. 500 grand for the winner, loser goes home with none. Get here at 10:30PM, sharp. If you don't make it, that's another loss to your record.

Hey Taylor, you see my messages? 10:30PM, okay?

Mr. Srinwest, please reply now.

Hey pal, it's about quarter to six. You should start going.

To be continued!

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