Vital statistics
Title The First Samurai Bot
Generation 1
Bot Type Unknown
Status Offline

Name: Shogun

Title/Nickname: The First Samurai Bot

Generation: 1

Bot Type: Unknown

Status: Offline


Shogun is a robot from the Real Steel iOS game. He looks like a japanese shogun warrior like Noisy Boy. He looks like a real Samurai but somehow has a Shogun's helmet.[1]


Armor: 90/100

Power: 89/100

Speed: 98/10

Special Move: Nukitsuke

Super Nukitsuke(Abandon)

Ultra Nukitsuke(Noisy Boy)


Real Steel World Robot Boxing:

Shogun is a new bot for the Halloween season. He is a WRB I fighter after Cosmobot. He can be used but cannot be fought against other than Versus and Live Events. He can be purchased in the Robot Dealer at a price of 200,000 Real Coins.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing the First Samurai Bot, Shogun!"



Notice the similarity of the chest in the robot.

  • Shogun is described as "The First Samurai Bot", but this is historically incorrect since samurai are soldiers and Shoguns are generals, and even great leaders of Japan; however, he may originally be designed to be a Samurai bot, but lost his Samurai "status" when he had his name changed to that of a higher rank due to increasing popularity, but still, he kept the name of the First Samurai Bot.
  • Shogun has visible rust on his chest plate which shows he is almost as old as Ambush and his title "The First Samurai Bot".
  • It is one of the "In-repair" robots n the movie: in fact, when Max and Charlie were walking with Noisy Boy in Crash Palace the chest only appears in a robot that is been repaired, which is revealed to be Shogun without his helmet and his shoulder pads.
  • His handler is barely seen in the shot where he appears in the movie. However, the shot is too blurry, the handler is behind Shogun, and appears to be wearing some sort of welding mask.
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