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(This is not based of Shockwave

from Transformers.)

(Not copied from Ragnorak , either.)



Armor: 84/100 (126 in Overdrive)

Power: 80/100 (120/100 in Overdrive)

Inteligence: 79/100 (118/100 in Overdrive)

Speed: 96/100 (144/100 in Overdrive)

Special: 85/100 (127/100 in Overdrive)

Strength: 86/100 (129/100 in Overdrive)

Special Moves: Shocking Strike, Electric Wave

Finishers: Shockwave Slam


Origin: Janise Keri's (Subnauticatracer ) Scrap Store

Weight: 300 LBS

Announcing Line: The shocking warrior, the wave of power, it's Shockwave!

Features: Electro Piston Arms, Electro Core (Overdrive)

Metals: Steel, Iron, Titanium

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Show Stopper

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Working

Height: 7' 7"

Total Wins: 24

Total Losses: 2

Ties: N/A

Shockwave was a robot that lived in the Scrap Store owned by Janise Keri. Johnny decided to buy it (A newcomer gets one free item from the Scrap Store- This was mine) and named it Shockwave. Shockwave has two features on it. One is the Electro Piston Arms. They increase the force and damage of Shockwave's punches as well as short opponents out. The other function is the Electro Core. Johnny overcharges the Core so he can Overdrive Shockwave, increasing his stats. Shockwave is a gray and orange robot with oversized armor pieces on its shoulders, legs and chest.


Johnny was walking by the Scrap Store when he saw a robot leaning on a wall. I should probably get another robot, Johnny thought, not just for more money, but as backup for Paradox. He went inside the shed nearby and got the robot for free. "Newcomers get a chance to pick one free item" :) Johnny put the robot on his truck. I should think of a name for this guy. Smasher? Too derpy. (If you saw my Paradox article before I edited his handler's name, you get the joke. (His name was originally Derp lol)) Shockwave! Perfect name. Johnny thought. He put Shockwave next to Paradox and went to bed.

Fighting For The First Time

Johnny called Finn, the Crash Palace owner again. He asked if he could fight some other robots at the Crash Palace. Finn told Johnny that the robots Paradox destroyed were rebuilt and ready for another challenge. Johnny told Finn that Shockwave would be ready to fight. He drove to the Crash Palace, where Aquabot was waiting for his challenger. "The shocking warrior, the wave of power, it's Shockwave!" The crowd cheered as Shockwave walked into the ring. The bell rang and Aquabot threw a right hook at Shockwave. He dodged it and comboed Aquabot. Then he picked up Aquabot and slammed him into the corner. Aquabot crashed to the floor and was counted out. Shockwave had his first win. Finn gave Johnny his $500 for defeating Aquabot.

Destroying And Earning

Defeating Aquabot gave Shockwave more fights and fame while Johnny earned more money.

Below are the fights and rewards from the Underworld.

Total money: $6800

Opponent Result Reward
Aquabot WIn $500
Bluebot Win $500
Metro Win  $500, Metro's

Hammer Fist

Six Shooter WIn $600
Blacktop Win $600
Fat Boy Win $600
Blockbuster Win $750
Bio War Win $750
Hollowjack Win $800
Midas Win

$1200, The King

Of The Underworld


To The WRB

Soon everyone was talking about Shockwave. The WRB decided that they wanted to add Shockwave to the WRB. They called Johnny and made the same deal they gave to Paradox. (Beat Blac Jac and enter the WRB)  Again, Blac Jac started to attack Shockwave, inflicting some major damage. Johnny activated Overdrive and destroyed Blac Jac. Shockwave was accepted into the WRB and ready to fight some more.

Below are the fights Shockwave fought in the WRB.

Total money: $45000

Opponent Result Reward
Blac Jac Win $2500, Entry

into the WRB

Abandon Win $2500
Cosmobot WIn $2500
Sun Wukong Win $2500
Hattori 2.0 Win $2500
Nitro Win $2500
Excavator Win $3000


Win $3000
Touchdown WIn $3000
Tackle Win $4500
Steampunk WIn $4500
Twin Cities Win $5500
Zeus Loss N/A
Zeus(rematch) Loss N/A


Win $6500, Champion

of the WRB

Custom Bot Fight Time!

Shockwave was crowned Champion of the WRB. Now he fights custom bots.

Below are the custom bot fights Shockwave fought in.

Opponent Result Reward
Ragnorak Win Random parts


(Coming Soon)

Shockwave VS Ragnorak

I'm going to ask for the story (I don't log custom fights)


I have nothing I can think of :/

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