Please note, that the robot is NOT canon with the story of the film. Please don't edit other pages with the info here, because you (and I) could get in trouble. Thank you!

ShockTrooper is a bot made independently by Charlie Kenton. He fought alongside with IX-9 Protection Services and protected the main hall of the HQ. He was originally designed for boxing combat, however during his service in IX-9 his Rebusar mode was completely buffed. It is currently active and is awaiting challenges.


Armor: 81/100 (42/100 in Rebusar mode)

Speed: 71/100 (142/100 in Rebusar mode)

Power: 99/100 (189/100 in Rebusar mode)

Intelligence: 79/100 (70/100 in Rebusar mode)

Special: 90/100 (180/100 in Rebusar mode)

Overall: 420/500 (623/500 in Rebusar mode)

Special Moves: Disruption, Jacked Up, Magnetic Bazooka and Mechismo Taunt. Also has an alternate mode - Rebusar (Overflow).

Disruption: A move where ShockTrooper uses it's magnetic right arm to temporarily disable the opponent's state of action for one whole MINUTE. Due to using excessive amounts of energy, this move can only be used once in a match.

Magnetic Bazooka: A move similar to the Superman punch. ShockTrooper stuns the opponent first, then moves back a bit, and finally sprints and does the Superman Punch.

Rebusar is a mode that can activate both manually and automatically. When ShockTrooper is being overwhelmed by punches and combos, he turns into Rebusar mode, a mode where his Speed, Power and Special stats double. However, his armor goes pretty low, to a minimum of 42/100. Be careful if you're using ShockTrooper, because once he's Rebusar, there's no going back.

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