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NAME: Shagojyo


BOT TYPE: Fragile Speedster

Be fearing me.



This robot has a lot of similarities to Jasper, only with better parts. He has a high punch speed, and big fists like Jasper. He seems to have been made in China or possibly even Japan.

Real Steel Game

Shagojyo is ranked #3 on the DLC Stage 2.


Shagojoyo is a small blue and lavender robot with yellow highlights and a very brightly colored cyan head plate. Frame is based on the Ergo set of parts.


Overall Stats

Strength: 78/100

Speed: 81/100

Intelligence: 80/100

Special Moves: 77/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 5348
Core HP 3532
Power Charge 2121
Total Attack 4616
Total Defense 3095
Resilience 9
Damage Recovery 5
Power Recovery 10
Average Punch Speed 9
Movement Speed 6
Mobility 6


  • Like Tripitaka, Sun Wukong, and Pigsy, he is named after one of the main characters in "Journey to the West". His name is a Japanese translation for "Monk of Sand", although he is also referred to as "Sandy" in many English translations.