Shadowsaw before his upgrades

This is a fan made robot and story. Please don't take this seriously. All credit goes to the creator Colonel Comet. DO NOT EDIT WITHOUT PERMISSION.


Strength 79/100

Speed 80/100

Armor 82/100

Special move 60/100

Intelligence 85/100 ( Except when in shadow mode it's 0/100.)

Durability 78/100


Bot type: Lighting Bruiser

Nickname: The shady assassin.

Ring intro: It's the shady assassin, the sulking saw, Shadowsaw!

Gen 3

Special features/parts: Shadow mode ( bot copies the movements of the bot owner.) Enhanced titanium pistons (Doubles the amount of damage Shadowsaw does when he punches..)

Made in the U.S.A.


"Yeah!" An 13 year old Bryce Stallworth yelled as the two bots Noisy Boy and Midas ran towards each other. Orphaned at the young age of 7, Bryce used robot boxing to get over his parents death. He would watch the WRB every night in his orphanage. Noisy Boy was always his favorite bot and when he saw Noisy lose to Rubicon he wouldn't come out of his room for weeks. Today he finally saved up enough money to get on a bus to Crash Palace and watch the Noisy Boy fight. Back to the present: "Whup his booty!" Bryce hollered as Noisy bore down on Midas and he seemed like he was going to win until Midas shoved him in the corner and used a combo of dirty moves destroy him. Angered, Bryce threw a rock at Midas. Midas' handler, Artie Bakker, started to chase Bryce, but Bryce easily outran him.

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