Name: Shade

Alias: The Adumbration

Introduction: “Vanishing from sight, Shade the Adumbration!

Height: 7’ 11”

Weight: 290 lb


Regular Stats

Core HP: 10000

STR: 60/100 (20/100 ST)

SPD: 90/100 (140/100 ST)

DEF: 10/100 (0/100 ST)

INT: 80/100 (90/100 ST)

SP: 60/100 (20/100 ST)

Total: 300/500

Signature Moves

Darklight: Unleashes a 5-hit flurry of punches to the opponent’s torso, followed by a charged punch at the same spot, making them stagger for a while.

Draconis Umbra: Delivers a powerful hit on the stomach.

Shadow Tempest: Sacrifices all stats for SPD and a little for INT.

Shadow Blur: (Shadow Tempest needs to be activated) Unleashes a 12-hit flurry of punches to the opponent’s torso, followed by 3 charged punches to the opponent’s stomach, making them stagger a long while.


Shadow Plate Armor: Armor that, ironically, doesn’t give much DEF but increases SPD.

Mercury’s Boots: Feet that is modified to makes the stamina deplete slower at the cost of DEF and STR.

Black and Red Decal: Because those colors go well together.

Moveable Fingers: Shade can move his fingers.


Shade. Everyone seemed to caught him. They all seemed to dispel Shade. He didn’t get anywhere even in the Underworld, so the previous owner decided to do something better to get rid of him instead of throwing him into Metal Valley.

They will give it away for free to any “lucky” person who wants it.

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