Nickname:The Chaos Maker

Signature Move:Chaos Feaster

Special Feature:Chaos Mode

Moves:Chaos Hole,Blackout,Chaos Maker,Sandstorm,Storm Surge

Special:130/200(1000/1000 Chaos Mode)

Power:200/200(1000/1000 Chaos Mode)

Armor:190/200(1000/1000 Chaos Mode)

Speed:176/200(1000/1000 Chaos Mode)

Chaos Mode

It beefs up the System in case of low health and high damage,when it is used it Regenerates and Repairs Armor and it punches are like Jupiter falling to earth


He is Named after Seth(God of War,Chaos,Deserts and Storms)

In Egyptian Mythology He Killed Osiris

How is That For cool

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