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Sentinel was created when Max needed another bot because Bonjour got beaten by Metro.


Full body shot coming soon!!


-Coming Soon-


Armor: 90/100

Power: 96/100

Special: 92/100

Speed: 94/100


Nickname/s: "Guardian of the ring"

Handler: Max Generation

Bot type: Lightning Bruiser Lvl. 5

Generation: 3/4

Primary colors: Silver armor with blue and red markings

Special feature: Titanium alloy Pistons, Tattoo-like decals

Origin: Philippines

Signature move\s: Turbo Pistons, Sentry Smash

Rip-off: Piston Fury

Intro: " It's the protector from enemy robots, It's the Guardian of the ring, Introducing Sentinel!!! "


vs. Aquabot-Win

vs. Sixshooter-Win

vs. Blacktop-Win

vs. Blockbuster-Win

vs. FatBoy-Win

vs. Biowar-Win

vs. Noisy Boy(exhibition)-Draw

vs. Hollowjack-Win

vs. Metro-Lose[mainframe malfunction]

vs. Gambit-Win(badly damaged)

vs. Atom-Draw

vs. Noisy Boy(rematch)- Win(badly damaged-loses arm)

vs. Metro(rematch)-Win(loses left arm)

vs. Midas-Lose[Sentinel ain't responding]


vs. Abandon-Win

vs. Blacjac-Win

vs. Gridlock-Win

vs. Camelot-Win

vs. NoisyBoy-Win

vs. Twin Cities-Lose

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