"having 3 cores of power this robot will punch you out of the ring! Secluar!"                         
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secluar (do not steal please)

   the owner of this robot is geumsan han but it is said to control robots at long range. he has collected old robot peices to build up this robot prototype zeus arms etc. he has refitted it newer technology and moves it has 2 mini power cores to power the prototype magmafists and 1 for the central body. also equiped with advanced steel armor (you can see it in the legs torso and the shoulder pads). also the first EVER korean boxing robot! glad to see that korea is getting in to the robot boxing league!

Latest foes:ASURA (defeated)


origin : Korea

Class: heavy hitter

Power 85/100

Armor: 70/100

Intel: 70/100

Specials: 80/100

weight: 1290 LBS

Special feature: Advanced steel armor  energy core powered fists

Moves : core beatdown! super core beatdown! ultra core beatdown!!

Random trivia

#1 this is my FIRST post! EVER in a wikia!


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