This bot can lay a hit. Being able to block and to punch hard really shows the characteristics of Seahawk. He is one not to take too lightly.  Seahawk is also owned by John Riggs who grew up loving boxing.  He was at a basketball game once and was selected to shot a halfcourt shot to win some money.  He made the shot and with the money created a robot and named him seahawk after his favorite football team.

Real Steel Game

Found in the second stage of the WRB, Seahawk plays a major role as one strong bot. Being able to get up quickly can drag a fight out, so always be aware of that. As a bot overall, he is fairly difficult (Depending on your bot's stats)


As you can see, he is a big blue brute, who's faster than he looks. His head is identical to Fluxcore's, except in blue paint. He also has hands that are identical to Twin Cities'.


Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 4612
Core HP 4402
Power Charge 1841
Total Attack 4642
Total Defense 3691
Resilience 10
Damage Recovery 5
Power Recovery 6
Average Punch Speed 6
Movement Speed 4
Mobility 5


Full Frontal of Seahawk

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