Scrapbot, as seen in the Real Steel game.

NAME: Scrapbot


BOT TYPE: Stone Wall Level 1



Scrapbot is an old robot who was constructed when robot boxing was first getting started. His parts have all been replaced as he has received damage over the years, so his original paint job is all but lost. The sad result is a mish-mash of parts from different manufacturers. From the way he looks, it’s no surprise that people started calling him Scrapbot. In fact, rumor has it that his owner doesn’t even remember what his original name was.

Real Steel game


Full Frontal of Scrapbot

In the game, Scrapbot seems to be very strategic. He is usually quick to block, and usually can predict your low punches coming. His match never has any special rules. This bot is very easy to beat. The only was to lose against Scrapbot is to either take all the parts off your bot or to not attempt to win.


Scrapbot is a green and grey robot, with a heavy structure. His head is very insect-like, and looks less modern, which makes him seem more of a Generation 2 robot. His fists are shaped similarly to canisters, and his legs appear to have shin-armor. His armor is rusted and sloppily welded together.  


Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 668
Height 7´7 3/4 ¨
Weight 1038 lbs
Core HP 1661
Power Charge 1530
Total Attack 2141
Total Defense 1737
Resilience 5
Damage Recovery 4
Power Recovery 3
Average Punch Speed 5
Mobility 1
Movement speed



  • As with most robots in the game, every part on Scrapbot is available to put on your own robot.
  • Scrapbot is ranked #4 on the Underworld Stage 1 leaderboard, unless you defeat him, then he is #5.
  • As far as we know, he does not have a faceplate. Instead, he only has 2 lights that are supposed to be eyes just like Atom and Orefist (Orefist because he has the same head).
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