The scrap store is a place where starting robot owners can buy bits and pieces that are either salvaged from bots destroyed by Ragnorak or any other bot made by Janise Keri (Subnauticatracer), or created personally by her. Each part has a quality scale, which verifies how much they are, their durability, and how much of a difference they will make to the robot. The scrap store also sells salvaged or home made bots for beginners, if they are too lazy to create their own.

How to buy:

Just type what you need in the comment section

Your gonna have to fork over the money, of course. But newcomers get a chance to pick one free item

For pre programmed moves, you need to pay with robot cores, and for premium moves, you need to pay with Motherboards (which are hard to get, a ratio of 2 to 20 to earn motherboards).

You'll have your component sent to you after 4 days of purchase.

For bots, you'll get them in 6 days. Hey, Noisy took so freaking long to get to good ol' 'merica.

Move class key

Wire breaking = Deals terrible damage and minor scratches to armour. But deals huge damage to mesh (Metro) and wires.

Armour piercing = Decent damage to armour, and does good damage to wiring and components. A good all around for strategic bots.

Knock-'em-out = HUGE damage to inner components through shock from outer hull damage. They jar wires into tight spots which snap eventually.

Limb crusher = Limbs (arms, legs, heads) are destroyed when these moves are used. At the cost of the users own limb integrity, the enemy looses a limb.

Flyer = These moves aim for the sky. When used, they can send the opponent flying a considerable height from the floor. The end move is normally either a slam by the user into the ground, or a back break from the fist.

Fat Flyer = When robot weight exceeds 374 LBS, the normal Flyer class moves don't work. Fat flyers deal more damage and can lift bots that are up to 478 LBS. Fat flyer end moves are a simple hook to the head once they hit the floor, or a strong uppercut when the enemy is about to hit the floor to juggle them. Note that they use more power than Flyer class moves.

Gargantuan Flyer = Your probably getting this right now, but when your fighting a bot like Zeus or Metro, Fat flyer and Flyer don't work. Gargantuan flyers deal HUGE damage to bots up to Metro's weight and send smaller bots through the ceiling (Up to 4 stories). End moves of these include a double reverse uppercut or a powerful 6 ton hook to the core. Gargantuan flyers can use up all the power of the user and normally used as a way to make sure that your enemy is down. "What happened to the days of killing something, and it stayed dead" - Jacksepticey, 2014

Quality scale key

Top condition = last for 7-8 fights, worth 7 times their normal value. give an addition of 67 of any stat

Slightly Damaged = Last for 5-6 fights, worth 5 times their normal value. Give an addition of 60 of any stat

Ripped off (parts only) = Last for 4-5 fights, worth 4 times their normal value. Give an addition of 43 of any stat.

Home made = Last for 4 fights, worth 3 times their normal value. Give an addition of 32 of any stat. Home made items are interesting, some could last 5 fights.

Salvaged = Last for 3-4 fights, worth 3 times their normal value. Give an addition of 32 of any stat. Salvaged items are cheap, but don't last too long. Most last 3-4 fights before needing repairs. But some can last 4 or even 5 fights at random times.

Poorly created = Last for 1 fight, no additional value. Give an addition of 17 of any stat

Piece info

Heads increase intelligence stat,

Armor plating increases armor stat

Cores unlock special modes.

New parts coming soon...

Robot pieces: Heads

From my bots Ragnarok, Rost, and maybe Waspunch.

Lightweight Jack head, Cost: 300, Quality: Salvaged.

Class Info: Jack heads are special heads that have 2 good qualities. Jack heads are strong and can take a beating, the other one is that they are strongly fixated on their joint, so rip offs do less damage. One downside of them is that they have poor retinal scanners, so robots with jack heads can't aim their punches right.

Janise's comments: Nice, salvaged this from a junk yard for WRB bots. I got the retinal scanners to focus a bit, it's gonna be hard to make an automatic bot out of it though. I recommend it to those who like using controllers.

Lightweight Fragile Speeder head, Cost: 800, Quality: Ripped off

Class Info: Fragile speeder heads have very focused retinal scanners, but poor armor, being unable to take more than 3 hits. But they also are on a very large ball joint, so hits to the head have a high chance of not hitting.

Janise's comments: I got this head from a bot that i will not name. The ball joint is loose though, so it could use a touch up. It's best for those who don't want the head to be ripped off, but I did anyway, thanks Ragnorak.

Heavyweight Glass cannon head, cost: 2,100, Quality: Home made.

Class info: Also with poor armor, Glass cannon heads are thick on the top, allowing for ram attacks. The glass cannon head's retinal scanners are focused, so they are good at creating automatic bots.

Janise's Comments: I made this head myself. The retinal scanners are unique, they can have telescopic or binocular modes. I threw in some titanium and steel onto the glass cannon's top to prevent wear. It's gonna cost you a bit, but the fixed joint protects against a loose screw here and there. Downside, it can't move it's head. So unless you wanna go bull, i would recommend unfixing the joint if you got the time.


When your items are obsolete, time to craft them into new ones!!

The crafting section allows people to transform their old junk into new stuff. A crafting list will be displayed when I have figured out stuff

2 robot arms = Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal + Robot Head = Scrappy armored Head

Robot Head + Energy Core + Regular Metal = Iron Titanium Alloy

Iron Titanium Alloy + Robot Legs = Armored Chicken Legs

Iron Titanium Alloy + Robot Head = Medieval Tough Head

Iron Titanium Alloy + Fists of any kind = Primitive hand wrecking balls

Scrap Metal + Scrap Metal + Bio War's Chest = Scrappy Shield

Midas Head + Metro Hammer + Hollow Jack Wrist Joint = Buzzsaw Arm

Zeus Head + Midas Arm + Metro Arm + Noisy Boy Leg + Armored Chicken Leg = Master Craft Sparring Bot

Robot pieces: Armor plating

Bits and pieces I found while scavenging.

Ambush's shoulder pads, cost: 6,300, Quality: Top condition

Info: Salvaged from ambush, these shoulder pads have scars from previous fights, but they have been fixed. The titanium has also been swapped for aluminium, with some iron thrown in it. The aluminium allows for faster movement, while the iron hardens it a bit.

Janise's comments: Ambush's shoulder pads were a NIGHTMARE to repair. The dents were probably made by a game breaker's fists. Some components stuck to the pads, so getting them off was hard. I managed to refurbish them. It's gonna set you back around 6 grand, but if you want to get past Midas, this is your best bet.

Fat boy's Chest Armor, Cost: 20,000, Quality: Ripped off

Info: Salvaged from fat boy, this piece of armor is heavy, and keeps your bot from receiving heavy damage, may hinder movements, though.

Janise's comments: Let's just say that this part will slip a lot. Large amounts of oil was spilt on to this torso piece. If you'd like, I could add a grip pad.


Behind the screwdriver door is where the magic of robot building is ensuing. Tuning has 2 forms here. First, you pay me a set amount of money to increase one stat for a requested amount of matches (I'll rig the bot to alert when the tune has stopped, so don't worry about deadlines), or I could tune the entire bot's appearance, height, piston power, suspension sensitivity, armor thickness, basically a giant refit of the basic functions.

Tuning is expensive, the maximum being 294,000 for a "Soul King retrofit" (To avoid cofusion, basically I tune the bot to your request to the point where it's unrecognizable). Not my fault if you end up broke. (Most of these tunes are still being worked on

Stat tuning

  • Hydraulic fluid pressure tuning. Want more power, mate? You got it. By increasing the amount of fluid flow through the bot, I can ramp up the power by 43. This tune lasts 6 matches before the pressure starts plummeting. Fork over 8,023 dollars or a top condition WRB fighter head (NOT fake. I'll run tests to make sure it's real).
  • Spring elastic Tuning. How about some spring in your bot's step? Softening the springs makes the robot shorter by a few centimeters, but raises the speed at by 20. This tune lasts 6 matches before springs give way and cause the bot to have floppy legs. I'll change the springs for free, but if I catch you taking off the springs of your robot to earn more springs, You'll have to do the installation. BTW, this costs 43,000
  • Shell Tune. Need to soak up a dynamite's blast, or likely a horse buck to the noggin/? How about a reinforcement tune. This tune is experimental, so the defense rises by 24 every match, but it lasts only 4 fights before it starts becoming brittle. Because I'm nice and don't need to trade out brittle armor or smelt it because I have no forge, this tune's taken in for some more experimenting
  • Sponge tune. Want some speed, but don't wish for rubber chicken legs? Try the sponge tune. By decreasing heavier materials within a bot's armor, you can make your bot slightly faster. Pricey, at 4,324 Dollars.

Bots (donate your unused bots here

If your lazy to make your own robot. Slacker...

Generation 1 Jack. Quality: Home made. cost: 3,000. Class info: Jacks are balanced in all stats, but their not necessarily the best stats in the world. Jacks are good starter bots for beginners. Janise's comments: This jack was home made by me. Not necessarily the best bot in the world, but it's better than dumpster diving with parts you don't know how to apply.

Generation 1 Glass cannon. Quality: Top condition. Cost: 2,800. Class info: Glass cannons are powerful, but their armor is worth complaining about. They have good speed and generally should avoid getting hit.

Generation 2 Lightning bruiser. Quality: slightly damaged. Cost: 2,500. Class info: Lightning bruisers are stronger versions of jacks, but again, their not the best. This lightning bruiser has high speed, and it's stats range from 78 - 97

Programmed moves (Move programmer needed!)

Why would anyone want to get these? Well, unless your bot is a pile of scrap with a name and colour, don't buy until needed

Destroyer slam. Cost: 8 robot cores, Class: Knock 'em out. Details: The user side kicks the enemy into a desirable location, and proceed to hit the opponent with a great right hook. The enemy is hit with a left straight to the head and roundhouse kicked into the ropes. The enemy is then hit with multiple hooks to the chest until the power core wires get cut.

Flight of the scrap parts. Cost: 8 robot cores, Class: Flyer. Details: Programmer needed to continue


I'm not sure why you want cores. But who in the world cares?

RHO energy core. Quality: Top condition. Cost: 98,000. Info: The RHO energy core is a very durable core. It was built for robots that use their enemies's weapons against themselves, and unlocks the reinforcement mode. Reinforcement mode adds extra armor (+ 78) to the robot, but speed is lowered to 31.

Sigma energy core. Quality: Slightly damaged. Cost: 67,000. Info: The Sigma energy core is a volatile core that is extremely powerful. This core is fueled by pure ion energy, allowing for hard punches and high intelligence (Attack + 90. Intelligence + 46).

Robot builder sets

When your out of scrap to build new robots, here you are.

Poor man's scrap box.

Cost: Free!

Contents: One fragile speeder core, 5 packs of scrap metal (enough to make a 1 jack arm and 2 fragile speeder legs) and a glass cannon arm

Details: The poor man's scrap box is great for those who betted out all their bits and pieces. There's an infinite supply, but it's best if you don't flood the market with these.

Sparring kit: cost: 2,000. Contents: Pum-4 durable power core. Game breaker head. Sparring bot arms, game breaker legs, Brawler chest

Aspirer's kit: Jack arm, Jack leg. Stone wall head and glass cannon arm. 5 boxes of refined metal.

WRB Contender's arsenal: Lightning bruiser, Generation 2. Spare springs, steam screen.

Details: The steam screen is a tube containing steam, when you want your opponents to be confused, the steam screen on a lightning bruiser make a devastating combo.

Black Market

None of these parts are illegal, but they do have some powerful abilities. I'll let you know when we get some.


(None yet. Donations are given to Janise's personal junkyard: The Scrap Mountain. NO DISCOUNTS!! Hey, I'm short on cash since the R0-t incident, and beating twister and twin cities didn't exactly help.)

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