Scrap mountain is a junkyard that is owned by Janise Keri. It is one of the first junkyards that have "Scavenge runs", and doubles as a training ground for new bots.

Scavenge runs

Scavenge runs are special moments. A contest to salvage as much components as they can starts every time a scavenge run starts.

Scavenge run rules

  1. Use of bots is needed for scavenge runs. Personal retrieval of components is not allowed
  2. Gear is allowed to clear obstacles.
  3. Guardian bots are still online during this time, this gives bots a good fight. Attempts to switch them off are strictly prohibited

Scavenge run schedule

  • Saturday 7:20 Pm Manila time
  • Sunday 12:56, PM Manila time
  • Monday 3:00, PM Manila time

Guardian bots

If you were confused, Guardian bots lurk around Scrap mountain. They are literally made out of the parts in Scrap mountain, which explains their parts not really fitting together visually. They shouldn't be underestimated though, as many a bot has joined their ranks (note: scrapped!) and have made others join them. The best way to destroy Guardian bots is to just avoid them, though it's hard.

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