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The ScrapX team consists of EpicdudeX123, gamer149182, OrganizedChaos1, Ambus N.O1 fan and many others (pending). This team owns The Arcade, a league that has tournaments and some stores as well. This team takes the remains of their opponents after their matches, making them one of the most powerful teams ever.


To apply, send a message to EpicdudeX123. You must have a short written story of your main robot fighting a training bot at one of the Junkyard Arena. It needs to be creative to let us know how good you are.

Qualifying Sample (From Shredder's page, you don't mind, right, NB?):

Ten minutes later Shredder was on the ring, his opponent a lean, silver training bot with ENTRY MATCH printed on his chest. "Let's do this!" said Lance through the headset as the bot charged at the training bot. The bot managed to defend Shredder's first blow, but took an unblockable hit to the torso, sending the bot crashing into the ring ropes. The chest now read : ENTR ATCH. The training bot charged again, and Shredder sent a hard straight into his face, sending him down again and crumpling his face. The kind-of-durable bot was up again, but it was time to end the match. Shredder sent repeated hooks and uppercuts at the training bot until it was stunned, then sent a fist through the bot's chassis. The bot's lights died down, and it fell, its damaged energy core spitting sparks.

Failing Sample:

Noob punched the training bot, but training bot dodge and kicked but Noob punched and killed the bot


Leader: Johnny John Johnson (EpicdudeX123)

Co-leaders: Fred John Johnson (gamer149182), Axel (OrganizedChaos1)

Members: Heidar Fuscina (Ambus N.01 Fan) Little-Springtrap

Johnny John Johnson

Johnny John Johnson

Johnny John Johnson

Johnny John Johnson is a renowned controller and owner of many robots, such as Paradox, Shockwave and Fatality. He is the owner of Junkyard Scraps as well as the leader of ScrapX.

Link for the page here.

Fred John Johnson

Fred John Johnson is the brother of Johnny John Johnson. He owns Omega and Bodyguard.


Axel is the owner of Nemesis 1.0 as well as Noisemaker. He is the owner of The Arcade, the league ScrapX owns.

Heidar Fuscina

This member owns Paladin, a powerful robot with some overpowered parts from Junkyard Scraps.

Note: Even though Ambus N.01 Fan is also John Maxwell who owns Ambush 2.0, these are two different people.



(This wikia user did not put a handler's name for the robots; Is still looking for a nice name for the handlers)

This member owns Shadow, The Trashpile and Void.

Other members are pending for approval into the ScrapX team.

The Arcade

The Arcade is owned by Axel. There are many shops there as well as tournaments. The link for The Arcade is here.


The Ways Of ScrapX == The following are what ScrapX does.

  • Be courteous to others.
  • Give scrap to random people.
  • Contribute to the team.
  • Take the remains of opponents after fights (unless otherwise).

ScrapX motto: Still thinking

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