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Name: Scorpion

Title: The Sting Tail

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online


Scorpion is a bot that was added to the Real Steel iOS game and later was introduced to the Real Steel WRB game. He is extremely strong and powerful in both games, even being able to put up a fight against Zeus. Despite being the same robot in both games, his look changes quite a lot. In the RS iOS game, Scorpion's head looks like a human skull with blue glowing eyes and big horns leaning backwards, while in the RS WRB game his face looks more demonic, having almost triangular eyes making him way more angry, as if he was frowning, and with large razor sharp fangs. His shoulder pads and forearms also change, this is not very obvious until a side by side comparison. He's classified as one of the deadliest RS iOS game and a very dangerous RS WRB superbot when fighting against him.


Scorpion 3.PNG


Armor: 80/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 100/100


Health: 8100

Attack: 608

Critical: 851

Special: 1254

RNG: 232

These stats are based on the 0-star WRB Scorpion. You CAN transform him all the way up to 5-star like any other 'bot, though.


Scorpion 4.PNG

Origin: Egypt

Ability: Corrosive Fists

Weight: 1625 Lbs

Height: 8 '4"

Feature: Telescopic Tail Blade

Special Moves:

1.- Dagger Strike

2.- Super Dagger Strike

3.- Ultra Dagger Strike


Scorpion 5.PNG

Scorpion is the first robot in the whole Real Steel games franchise to have an actual functioning tail. His face looks like a human skull with big blue glowing eyes and large horns leaning backwards in the RS iOS game, while in the RS WRB game his look changes to a more demonic and menacing one, with frowning red glowing eyes, long razor sharp fangs and some pointy designs on the sides of his head. His tail is (obviously) built to look like a scorpion tail, with a retractable blade on its edge. He has relatively proportioned fists and long claws on his toes. In both games he has a blue glowing energy core on the center of his chest and also in both games despite changing his appearance, he still keeps all his moves. He is a WRB2 superbot, which makes him extremely strong, either when using him or fighting against him.


  • In the iOS Real Steel game, his second move in his jab combo is an uppercut, unlike everyone else.
  • In WRB, he does not seem to have any other robots' parts from any grade from Real Steel: Champions on him, unlike other superbots.
  • His appearance changes in both games.
  • He is the only robot to have a tail.
  • If he was in the movie, he'd be an illegal robot due to the blade on his tail.
  • In the RS iOS game he is way stronger than Zeus and is even with Asura and Dreadlord, however, he's powered down in the RS WRB game.
  • He is a WRB robot, but his fighting style and parts are illegal, so he'd fit better in an Underworld circuit.
  • He's a buyable robot in the RS iOS game, but he's a superbot in the WRB one.
  • Unlike Asura with his two extra arms, Scorpion DOES use his tail.
  • Both Scorpion and Asura do a This Is Sparta-like kick on their special moves.
  • In the RS iOS game, Scorpion has the same amount of armor than Asura and Deadlord but is outmatched by both of them in power. However, Scorpion outmatches both Asura and Dreadlord on speed.
  • He is one of the two robots originating from Egypt, the other one being Anubis.