Float like a butterfly, sting like a SCORPION!
Vital statistics
Title None
Generation 2 or 3
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser
Status Working

NAME: Scorpio


BOT TYPE: Lightning Bruiser



Scorpio's owner seems to love scorpions and snakes, and as such designed his bot to look like one.  Which is fitting because his hits can sting. And he doesn't play nice, either.  In fact, he is arguably the most, ruthless, unfair, demonic, villainous, disgrace of a bot in the world.  Even more so then Metro , and that's saying something.  Don't overestimate him, though. He may have a high punch speed, but he doesn't deal much damage.  If he hits you, just shrug it off and keep fighting.  It might come back to bite you later, though.  As his hits don't always hurt at first.  You have to wait for the venom to kick in.

Real Steel Game

Scorpio is ranked just below Fusion on the DLC Stage 1, as #4 on the leaderboard.


Scorpio has desert camouflage patterns all over him, and his face is just as welcoming as a snake's, thus reinforcing the idea that he is based of scorpions and snakes.  His fists are supported by a strange dual-suspension system, in which his arms fork into two.  His head is very resilient, due to a large, skull-shaped cap, that covers up his most vulnerable spots. 


Overall Stats

Strength: 79/100

Speed: 89/100

Intelligence: 68/100

Special Moves: 71/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 4658
Core HP 2629
Power Charge 2895
Total Attack 3751
Total Defense 2866
Resilience 6
Damage Recovery 4
Power Recovery 10
Average Punch Speed 10
Movement Speed 7
Mobility 6


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