Name:SchlactFestung (BattleFort)

Nickname:The Executioner of Lives

Move Set:besitigen feind (Eliminate Enemy),Mörder Streik (Killer Strike),Jüdisch Strafe (Not Saying the Meaning because it is a reference to the bot faction in WWII)

Special Move:Heil Nazi

Made in German





Owner:Klaüs Venrtenbürg


Built in 1943 as a secret weapon by the Nazi's in WWII,Scientist tested the robot in front Adolf Hitler,Hitler being impressed asked scientist to give a codename for his secret weapon the suggested the name Jude-Mörder,the objective of this bot was meant to kill Jews but Hitler Suggested  Weltgericht (Doomsday) and they all Agree,But the testing was hault in 1945 where Allied Forces Raided the facility and took some blueprints and stuff that belonged to the Nazi,but one Ally soldier stumbled upon Weltgericht,so he called in his friends and decided to take it back for further examination in the US,but they discovered that this bot was designed to kill Jews and Allied Forces in one hit,so they decided to put this in a museum and put it on Display and during 1947 and 2022 this bot remained in prime condition until a museum worker sold it to Klaüs Venrtenbürg the great,great grandson of German Soldier,Flörter Venrtenbürg decided to modify it and soon after 2 weeks it was ready and he tested it on a test dummy and it worked,Klaüs doesn't like the Original name so he named it SchlachtFestung (That means Battlefort in German)  and so SchlachtFestung's and Klaüs' Carreer in robot boxing began.

Battlefort Primed and Ready

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