"The most feared bot in the whole sport, with a punch so hard it rivals advanced mathematics, try to solve...SCHISM!" - Announcer

NAME: Schism, "The Most Feared Bot"


BOT TYPE: Heavyweight

HANDLER: Jackson Kelley


Overall Stats

Strength:  99/100

Speed: ' 83/100

Armour: 93/100

Intelligence: 99/100

Special Moves:  92/100

Total Battle Rating: 4231

Made in: USA

Signature Moves: "Parabola", "Lateralus", "Vicarious"


Beginning and winning Streak

WRB fan and mechanic Jackson Kelley was a diehard fan of Zeus, and hated Atom for almost beating him. Upon research, he learned Atom was a sparring bot and vowed to ban Atom from the league. With that, Jackson began constructing Schism, named for the TOOL song of the same name. Eventually, Schism was complete, just as powerful as Zeus.


Schism opened his career in the Crash Palace, facing Ambush. Ambush was the first to strike, knocking the inexperienced Schism to the floor. Schism somehow got up, and went full attack on Ambush, delivering a fatal blow to the back of Ambush's head, ripping it off.

Fat Boy

Schism's next fight was against Fat Boy, where straight out of the gate, Schism severely damaged Fat Boy. Fat Boy somehow used his special move, Gut Buster, almost destroying Schism. Schism unleashed his special move Vicarious, ripping off Fat Boy's arms and head.

Bio War

Schism was next seen getting almost knocked out by Bio War. Bio War used his nuke knockdown to put Schism down, but Schism got up, used Vicarious, and finished the fight by ripping Bio War's backpack off him.


After the Bio War fight, Artie Bakker challenged Kelley to a duel with Midas. When the fight began, Schism used Parabola and knocked Midas to the floor. Midas knocked Schism to a corner, and ripped Schism's arm off. Weakened, but still in it, Schism knocked Midas' head off using his dominant fist.

Six Shooter

Schism went up a league, and faced off against Six Shooter.

Schism vs. Atom

Jackson personally challenged Charlie and Max Kenton for his bot to fight Atom, which they accepted. The fight began. Schism moved forward and knocked Atom down. As Atom prepared to get back up, Schism turned around and knocked Atom out, for a short while. Atom resurfaced, and then Schism unloaded with Jackson's signature strategy, several light punches at a time before a heavy attack knocks a bot out.

Schism attempted the attack, and succeeded. Atom was worn out, but Charlie wasn't ready to give up. When Atom charged towards Schism, Schism punched Atom in the face, sending him to the ground. Atom got up again, and Schism prepared to unleash his finishing move, named after himself. It involved a lot of left and right hooks, a head smash, and a rip off similar to Camelot's.

Atom was down for the count, however Jackson wasn't finished. By the time the announcers announced his victory, Jackson took the mic and exposed Atom, revealing sparring bots were illegal in the WRB, and the league officials were too stupid to let it slide. The ring cleared again, and Jackson was determined to rip off Atom's head. By doing so, Schism stomped on Atom's head, flattening it. Charlie tried desperately to stop the fight, but Jackson refused, ordering Schism to punch Atom's flat head into the crowd as hard as he could.

Schism punched Atom's head off, making history books for the first time as the first bot to behead a sparring bot. Jackson announced Schism was the future of robot boxing, and that he would be challenging his favorite bot, Zeus.

Final days

Schism was somehow able to destroy Zeus, but at a great cost, as Schism's hand was ripped off. After repairs, Schism was the most feared robot boxer, and only overconfident fighters fought him, losing. Eventually, after a beating of Tri-Gore, Jackson announced his retirement from the sport, having done all he could do. Jackson now is the owner of BotLand Industries, having owned and restored every bot he defeated, except for Atom and Zeus.

Schism went into the WRB Hall of Fame, and is widely remembered to this day as one of the greatest robot boxers of all time.

Coming out of retirement

Jackson was forced out of retirement when DarkMount challenged Schism to a fight.

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