Name: Scarlette

Title: The Queen Of Carnage

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Scarlette is one of the two first female robots ever to be introduced in the Real Steel game franchise, the other one being Violette. She is part of the Femme Fatales duo taking the "Queen Of Carnage" alias, having a higher rank than Violette who, judging by her alias, is a princess. She comes from Puerto Rico and has a rather free-style/street fighting style while keeping her elegance. She and Violette were added to the game on April 22nd, 2015. She has pretty decent strength and speed, but her armor is quite low, so as long as the player doesn't get hit while using her there should be no problem on winning. Despite being well received, neither Scarlette or Violette have been added to the Real Steel WRB game unlike DJ Electrix, who was the third female robot.

Announcer's Quote: "Scarlette!"


Armor: 50/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 90/100


Scarlette 003

Origin: Puerto Rico

Ability: None

Weight: 1150 LBS

Height: 8'0"

Feature: Female Battle Chassis

Signature Move: Malicious Mauling


Scarlette 004-0

Scarlette is thin and has an orange and white color scheme. She has purple lights on her elbows, knees and ankles and also has purple glowing eyes and her head resembles a helmet. She has separate and articulated fingers and has a much more futuristic look than Violette. She is mostly painted in white and orange with black trimmings and joints. Her hands resemble fighting gloves while her legs resemble thigh high boots. She has a rather relaxed attitude while walking, expressing self-confidence. She has two black spots on both of her shoulders and three on both forearms. It's possible her handler is actually a woman, and it's unknown what fighting circuit she belongs to. She comes with the Rainbow Road arena when you buy her. on the store.


  • Scarlette and Violette are the first official female Real Steel robots.
  • In the actual game, Scarlette's eyes are purple, compared to blue in the picture above.
  • She's most likely a WRB fighter due to her professional look.
  • She is one point higher on strength than Violette.
  • She is one point lower on armor than Violette.
  • She's considered as the leader of the duo since she's a queen, while Violette is a princess.
  • She comes back in WRB 2 as a French variant called Zidane.
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