Savarage(Smaller) -)


Name: Savarage

Nickname: The Ripper

Height: 8 feet, 6 inches

Weight: 300 lb

Type: Game Breaker

Intro: Here comes the lord of savages, Savarage the Ripper!

Handler: Jack Norman

Creator: John Norman



Strength: 100/100 (400/400 Rage Mode)

Defense: 40/100 (20/100 Rage Mode)

Speed: 90/100 (120/200 Rage Mode)

SP Strength: 100/100 (500/500 Rage Mode)

Intelligence: 100/100 (equal to a smart homo sapiens (humans))

Power Core HP: 10210 (10200 Rage Mode)

Extra Protection HP: 5000 (0 Rage Mode)

Signature Moves

The Ripper (Rip Off): Holds the opponent up and rips them in half (except for the head), put them down, put the halves together (not sticking), step on the torso, and rip the head off and holds it up to the crowd.

Savage Combo (SP): Flash a punch at the enemy, stunning them, then hooks his leg at the enemy and moves it to smack their face 5 times on the floor, and breaks their neck while unhooking them.

Rage Mode (Buff): Savarage burns in rage. Halfs defense while buffing everything else, and he can regenerate very slowly after an attack. On activation, it heals Savarage's power core back to maximum hp.

Dark Matter (Midas and Zeus Ripoff): Drills Savarage's left arm at the enemy, pulling out the core, then holds the left arm at the head, squeeze it out, and shows the crowd the squished head.

Interruption (only when the enemy stands up when Savarage is still doing the taunt): Savarage holds the enemy's neck with the corrupted arm, and smashes them to the ground, resulting in a squished head, a head ripoff, system malfuntion, or even worse, system offlined.

Intro: Savarage jumps down, holding an arm that is supposed to be at the junkyard (Jack can lift this), and slams it down, throws it outside (from this point, you can see Jack running outside to grab the thing), and rawrs (RAWRRRRRR :3).

Win: Savarage rawrs (again :3) and puts his left arm down to the ground, puts it on, and rawrs (Savarage loves rawring :3).

Taunt: Savarage looks at the left arm, and makes a fist. If the enemy goes up before this ends, Savarage holds them by the neck, lifts them up, and smashes their face to the ground, resulting in a squished head, ripoff, or system malfuntion (Interruption).

Story Time!

No one even knew about Savarage, or how it was so powerful, or how John Norman, a novice at botbuilding, did the arm, but it was legendary. Jack Norman, at the age of 25, got this at a birthday party by his dad, John.

Chapter 1: Underworld

The underworld. The first step for Savarage. Bluebot's owner said that Savarage was "Novice Work" and that "Even Bluebot is better than this!". This was not true, since Savarage used The Ripper on Bluebot before he even moved. Now on to Blacktop. He was stronger than Bluebot, but he was ripped BADLY by Savarage and had to get scrapped. Bio-War. Not even a menace at ALL. Savarage ripped Bio-War's gun and cut half of his head off. Now he was ready.

Chapter 2: The Gold Blooded Killer and his Crash Palace (Midas Insane)

On to Midas. Barely anyone was cheering for Savarage. Of course Jack's dad did. No one knew Savarage will win. They weren't surprised when Midas slashed Savarage, used his special move on him, and almost knocked out him. Savarage, who waited for his left arm to charge, was done charging and ripped out Midas's core, squeezed his head, and basically wrecked him. Everyone clapped. Some raged. Some ripped off their signs. Some wrote Savarage on their signs. Everyone was surprised by Savarage.

Chapter 3: The People's Champion (Atom Normal)

Charlie, who was Atom's owner, decided to spare with Savarage. Jack showed Charlie the garage, and that it can fit even the biggest of robots in it. So they fight. Savarage tried to kick Atom in the face but missed. Atom tried to jump punch Savarage in the face but missed. They kept missing until Charlie and Jack said "Stop.", and they stop fighting. They were both surprised that their bot kept missing so they called it a tie.

Chapter 4: WRB

On to the WRB. Savarage and Jack is almost done to being boxing champion. Just one last push! Blacktop 2.0. Great. Savarage have no problems doing The Ripper with this junk. Cosmobot and Twincities. Why did they team up? It makes no change since both of their cores were fresh out at the same time. By Savarage. Twincities with a paper bag that has Zeus's head on it. Stop joking around. No fights here! Just laughs because of Twincities and Savarage keep taking the Zeus Head Bag. Cosmobot. Another fresh core from a bot. Touchdown. Savarage used Savage Combo on him a ton. Jack thinks he is ready.

Chapter 5: The King Of The Bots And His Legacy... Is Broken! (Zeus Insane)

The fight with Zeus was tough. Everyone landed a hit. Zeus was hitting Savarage non-stop, and Savarage's Power Core cannot hold it for long, but when Savarage charged up his left arm, he used Rage Mode, it healed his power core. Zeus hit Savarage when he did Rage Mode, making him almost knocked out when Savarage Dark Mattered him. Twincitie's owner gave Jack the bag and Savarage dropped it in there. It's Jack's treasure ever since.

Chapter 6: The End Of A Legacy (Savarage's Death, but I'll still fight some of your custom bots. Cardinal Chaos Impossible)

Savarage went to fight Cardinal Chaos. CC lunged at Savarage, and missed. Savarage countered with Savage Punch, but missed, and CC used Chaos Hammer at Savarage. CC ended the fight with Rest In Peices, and Savarage actually rest in peices (literally), and Jack went home, and looked at Savarage's Parts. "I'll fix you. Soon." Jack said.


Special Parts:

Lightweight: Savarage is able to unleash flurries, and being somewhat flexible.

Corrupted Arm: Savarage has a corrupted arm, which is used to rip oppenents apart.

Packed Punch: Despite being lightweight, Savarage can punch REALLY hard.

Moonbeam Eyes: Savarage's eyes contribute to Rage Mode, shining red when he rages.

Pyro-protection: If Savarage catch on fire, he never burns. This contribute to Rage Mode.

Claws: Savarage's finger has claws, which he uses to rip off enemies.

Fingers: Savarage can move his fingers, just like Atom.

Light Armor: Savarage can move fast, and hook his legs (being flexible) on to the enemy because of this armor. However, Savarage's defense is weaker than the other Game Breakers, and the clear coat of protection strips out when he is in Rage Mode, because that part can't stand the heat. When the protection strips, it boosts speed. Savarage makes new ones automatically when Rage Mode ends.

Special Corrupt Core: Savarage's core burns enemies if they hold it. It's white when inside Savarage, but purple when the enemy holds it.

Moving: Savarage moves by its own.

Shadow Function: When Savarage gets hit in the data for attacking (found in the head), it quickly switches to Shadow Function.

IOS Savarage

Savarage in IOS. I know it doesn't look exactly like it, but I don't have twincities stuff so bare with me. :)

Trivia (If you find something, put it on here. I will remove inappropriate stuff):

• Savarage's title, The Ripper, is based on Jack the Ripper.

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