This is my first fan-made bot, so expect to see a terrible plot and mistakes in the bio.


Name: Sathanas

Nicknames: The Antichrist, Boxing's Devil, The Dark Lord, The Red Baron

Gen: 3

Bot Type: Heavyweight Bot

Handler: (i've got no ideas for a name. i'll just refer to this dude as 'the man')


Strength: 80

Speed: 58

Armour: 76

Intelligence: 68

Special Moves: 87

Total Battle Rating: (idk wth this means, can someone explain down in the comments?)

Made in: The United States

Signature Moves: Death Ram, a move where Sathanas rams the opponent to the ropes, and pulls its head upward, so that the opponent's torso is destroyed, and then, Sathanas grabs the opponent's head and forcefully rips it out.

Specialties: None (originally), Shadow Box, high quality motherboard and mainframe.

Handler: 'The Man'

Oh yeah, if you want your bot to fight Sathanas, hit me up, in the message walls and in the comments, whichever you want!

Chapter One: Birth of the Antichrist

Plot: The origin of the Dark Lord.

The Beginning

The Man was going through a hard time in his life. He was living in poverty, and let his terrible addictions consume him, and there was no one around him to help. His friends were far away, and he doesn't have their numbers, and a therapist or psychiatrist, he couldn't afford. Eventually, The Man wanted to make some cash. He snuck in the junkyard, looked for any metal, any parts, and any bot. He didn't find a bot, but he found parts. A heavyweight torso, arms , and legs. Amongst these parts, one part stood out among the others. A black goat head with a red pentagram in the middle of its head. For weeks and weeks, months and months, he stacked up the cash to make the bot function properly, and look like a proper bot. Now, he's finally made it. The Antichrist, Boxing's Devil, you name it. Sathanas has been created, and it is time for him to walk the earth.

The First Match

After this, The Man went to a few UW arenas, asking for matches. He didn't get a match in all of them, except for one. This match was against Aquabot. The Man got his bot ready for it, and finally, the time strikes.

The bell rings.

The two fighters make their way towards each other, and after that, they start fighting. Sathanas throws a devastating punch, but due to the speed, it's blocked, and Aquabot throws a punch at Sathanas. Sathanas gets hit, but it doesn't take much damage. This keeps on going, until Sathanas throws a devastating punch to Aquabot's gut, rams Aquabot into the ropes, drags it upwards so that Aquabot's torso is destroyed, then forcefully rips the head off. Sathanas has won his first match.

Making Waves

After the Aquabot match, things were good for The Man. He had money to support himself, and in the UW scene, news spread about his bot. A few people actually challenged him to fight their bots, too. He decided to accept all of the challenges. To get prepared, Sathanas fought a few other bots, and used his money to buy higher quality parts, and implement the Shadow Box feature (that he found for a cheap price) onto Sathanas. He was prepared to demolish every one of his challengers.

Chapter Two: The Rise to Fame

Plot: The story of how Sathanas got on the map.

The Standoff (V.S Six-Shooter)

The Man packed up, got ready, and went to the place that they were going to fight in. A few moments later, the match has started. Sathanas lands a punch to SS's head, resulting in SS getting dazed, but not before it lands a powerful punch on Sathanas. Sathanas gets knocked back, and SS throws a barrage of punches once it has got back to normal. Sathanas takes a decent amount of damage, and charges at SS, throwing a light punch, another one, then a heavy uppercut. It then proceeds to do the same thing it did to Aquabot. The match against Six Shooter has been successful.

Paint the Town Blue (V.S Bluebot)

Few days after the match with SS, Sathanas stands in the arena, against Bluebot.


The fight has started. Both fighters punch at each other with all their might, damaging their opponent with every punch. This goes on for a while until Bluebot knocks Sathanas back, and launches a flurry of punches that damage Sathanas pretty bad. Sathanas gets knocked into the ropes, and something inside The Man snapped. Sathanas charges at Bluebot, grabbing its head and repeatedly bashing it against the floor, before proceeding to bash Bluebot's torso with its knee repeatedly until the bot snaps in two. Sathanas has won yet again.

Boomin' (V.S Metro)

The Man prepared himself and went to the zoo to fight Metro, and a few things happened. The fight has now started. Metro knocks Sathanas back with its hammer, and knocks Sathanas down with a devastating punch.

1! 2! 3! 4!

Sathanas got back up, and landed a powerful punch to Metro's head. Metro countered by landing an also powerful punch to Sathanas's gut. Metro striked down with its hammer, but Sathanas dodges. It then proceeds to choke Metro, lift it up, then rip out its head. Metro has lost the match. The Man went home with a feeling of relief, that he's finally gone and beat every single one of his challengers.

More Known Than Ever.

After these matches, Sathanas's popularity spiked. The big ones in robot boxing turned their heads to this new robot. More challenges than ever. More people recognized The Man. More fame for the bot. More money. Using this money, The Man improved his bot more than ever, giving it better parts and fixing a few things up. Now, Sathanas had a new look. A new style.

Chapter Three: Moving On from the UW

Plot: Sathanas's journey to the WRB

The Steel League

The Man was about to move on to his day to day life, but then he saw a letter in his mailbox that looked quite interesting. He picked it up and opened it. The letter said:

You are invited to the Steel League!

Accept this offer and your robot Sathanas will be in the Steel League. There are tournaments and matches in the League. Fight your way on top to become the STEEL DEFENDER!

The Man had a smile on his face.

"Steel League, eh? It ain't no WRB, but it's worth a shot at."

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