Maniac Y's story has ended.

Stats and other stuff.

Power: 198/1987 ( the year FNaF took place)

Speed: 144

Health: 2151

Handler: The Maniac

Features: Cyanide Core, Adaptive Fightcode, Shadow Box, Ballast Gloves, Shogun Helmet


After Maniac didn't have any challenges, The Maniac constructed a new bot. It was a remodeled Noisy Boy, with brand new parts, and the test was a good result. Since The Maniac is a very skilled robot boxer, he challenged the big, mean Zeus. Salvage charged to Zeus, then jumped and accidentally kicked Zeus in the face, kicking him right out of the ring. The news of Salvage spread like lightning.

The Missing Robot Incident

Notes: This is based on the Missing Children Incident on FNaF.

A robot was missing. A strange one. The culprit was spotted, but the bot didn't. Wanted posters were filled throughout the Maniac's town. It was dead or alive.

The Bot Is Returned.

A note was passed on The Maniac's asylum (The place he spends freetime on.). It read:

Dear Unknown Person,

You are the chosen one to find the missing robot. I know wanted posters are filled throughout town, but it was only a notification to you.

- A Police Officer

The Maniac hurried to the place a stolen bot would be. A big old warehouse. No civilian or officer was sure to suspect the missing bot to be in a warehouse. The bot was there and Maniac claimed it. The Thief appeared and tried to shoot the Maniac. But the Maniac threw a knife, which went into the usual spot a shooting would be. In the head. He brought the missing bot and the thief's body. Then the bot was returned, the corpse was burned. TBC!

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