Rush the Quick Stepper is a Fragile Speedster who sacrifices Defense over and over to gain more and more speed.

Height: 7‘7”

Weight: 300 lbs

Introduction: “The Quick Stepper steps in! Say hello to... Rush!”


Strength: 50/100

Defense: 10/100 (0/100 In a Hurry)

Speed: 100/100 (300/100 In a Hurry)

Intelligence: 100/100

Special: 50/100 (60/100 In a Hurry)

Overall: 310/500 (510/500 In a Hurry)

Power Core HP: 2,100 (1,050 In a Hurry)

Extra HP: 900 (0 In a Hurry)


Introduction: Rush frontflips into the ring, followed by a quick one-two to the air.

A Taste of Speed (Midas, Metro, Twin Cities, and Zeus Ripoff) Rush activates In a Hurry, then quickly uppercuts them onto the air (doesn’t work with Atom or Zeus or any of the Annihilators, but at least it stuns them) then slides under them (or jump over them if they don’t fly into the air), then punch their heads over and over (you can see Rush’s hands but blurry because... you know) until it launches into the crowd (Don’t worry, Rush knows who wants the head).

In a Hurry (Buff): You can call it Speed Mode or “Rush More” as Jack calls it. Rush activates a Lightning ”Barrier” that, ironically, sacrifices defense for speed. It also weakens the power core. This lasts for 30 seconds. After that, Rush gets stunned for 1 second.

Quickstep (Signature Move): Rush dashes to the side, punching the enemy’s shoulder, then dashes to the back, punching the enemy’s legs so it falls on its knees, then doublekicking the enemy’s back, and ends with a kick to the head, knocking the enemy down.

Leap ‘n Punch (Only for Rush’s Arena): Rush activates the Geckopad, Rush jumps on the enemy’s torso, defying gravity when it stands on it and uses it to leap to a fence, stumbling the bot. Then it launches straight at it to do a devestating strike to the gut.

Swift Revenge (Counter): Rush dodges the enemy attack and then triplepunching the enemy’s face, then kick it in the torso, knocking it down.

Special Parts:

RSB: Rush’s Speed Booster, or RSB, is a booster that grants Rush a lightning speed ”barrier,” that sacrifices defense for speed. Ironic, right?

Fingers: Rush can move his fingers.

Shadow Function: Stripped off of Savarage’s carcass, Rush can use this when Jack wants it to.

Mouthplate: Plate to partially protect Rush’s face when not in In a Hurry.

Geckopad: Rush’s special tool when you fight it at Rush’s arena. Rush can use this to stand on a barrier or a bot‘s torso or back at will. Always deactivated when Rush fights in the Underworld or WRB.

Chapter 1: Testing in the Underworld

”And this light... goes here... and this finger... goes here... finished.” Jack said as he build the robot later known as Rush. He then got an invitation from Aquabot’s owner to fight. Jack tested a little and got comfortable and sended Rush to fight.

Aquabot steps in the ring, ready to bash heads. Rush gets ready... and... he goes up very quickly and punches Aquabot in the face without a clue! It then proceeded to dash to the side, punching the shoulder of Aquabot, then dash to its back, doublekicking it, then kick it in the head. It got up but Rush kicks Aquabot’s head off (right now Rush doesn’t have In A Hurry YET). Sweet first victory.

Then Rush was sent off to face Biowar. A tougher opponent, but not good enough. Rush charged at Biowar, poking it in the eye. It stumbled, in which Rush used a new technology called RSB (In a Hurry) to give him a Speed Booster (Lightning “barrier”). Biowar punches Rush and it stumbles but it quickly counterpunched Biowar immediately before it could do a second, fatal strike. Biowar was stumbling when Rush kicks Biowar‘s head off. Victory.

Blacktop. A worthy practice for Rush, but still can’t handle Rush’s punches. Blacktop landed one punch on Rush but missed on the second, leaving it vunerable for a little (but enough for Rush) time. Rush found his chance to continue pummeling and used In a Hurry. Then Rush lunged at Blacktop and punch it over and over. Rush kicks Blacktop’s head off. Win.

Rush was ready, and before people could believe it, Rush was fighting against Midas.

Chapter 1 END: Quick Stepper vs The Gold Blooded Killer

Round 1.

Rush got ready.

Midas steps into the ring.

Rush frontflips into the ring and punches the air.

”3, 2, 1, FIGHT!”

Rush charges in, giving Midas a swift punch. Midas countered with a quick Tomahawk Blow that sended Rush stumbling. Midas punched Rush's face. Rush was on the ground. Rush kicks Midas’s face and flipped up. Midas stumbled a little and Rush slammed it down on the ground. Midas stood up, and Rush activates In a Hurry and quickly uppercuts Midas into the air, slides under it when it is still in the air, and when Midas lands on its feet, stumbling, Rush punches Midas’s head over and over. The head launches out into the crowd. Victory. ”A great start...” Jack said.

Chapter 2: Underworld Nuisance

“Rush and Noisy Boy, huh...” Someone said.

Rush steps into the ring. Noisy Boy observes the Quick Stepper and quick punched Rush but missed. Rush goes behind Noisy Boy and grabs it, throwing it down onto the ground. Noisy Boy tries to get up, but Rush slams a leg on Noisy Boy’s face.

”10... 9... 8...”

Noisy Boy got up and pummeled Rush down.

”10... 9... 8... 7... 6.. 5..”

”Tch...” Jack said.

”4... 3.. 2...”

Rush immediately kicks Noisy Boy off and gets up. Rush dashes to a corner, letting Noisy Boy come in.

Noisy Boy punches Rush but hits the corner, stumbling. Rush grabs Noisy Boy from behind and throws it down on the ground. Rush crushes Noisy Boy’s head. Victory.

Rush enters a Saloon. Sixshooter.

”Howdy...” Jack said silently.

Rush steps into the ring. Sixshooter activates Gun Barrel Punch immediately and pummels Rush into the ground, only missing one punch that could be the end of Rush. Rush immediately kicks Sixshooter off and slams it down on the ground. Rush picks up Sixshooter and rips it in two. Brutal Victory.

Hollowjack. Tough.

Hollowjack drills its hand into Rush. Then it slams Rush down on the ground. Rush can’t get up. Rush can’t... Rush kicks Hollowjack in the face. Rush’s legs also trapped Hollowjack’s head in place like a Pumpkin Sandwich. Rush then let go and kicked Hollowjack’s head, stumbling it. Rush did the last strike, ripping off Hollowjack’s right arm and using it to rip off Hollowjack’s... well... pumpkin.

Rush was ready for Metro.

Chapter 2 END: Metro’s Challenge

Round 1.

Metro walks into the ring. Rush studies the Frankenbot. Rush charges at Metro but gets send off by a hammer to the stomach. Metro walks over to Rush and slams a hammer down but Rush, luckily, dodges. Rush sends the Frankenbot stumbling with a quick kick, followed by a sound of a ripped off hammer arm. Rush uses the arm to attack Metro but it locks Rush’s legs in place. Rush keeps bashing Metro’s face with the hammer but it isn’t working. Metro uses this opportunity to bash Rush, making it fall down to the ground.

“KO! Metro wins!”

Jack knows Rush needs some more practice to win Metro. And what better practice for Rush than to fight The People’s Champion?

Chapter 3: Upgrades

Jack walked into the Junkyard for some light armor on Rush. He enters the junkyard (Yes they allowed him) and looked for some protection. He sees some deer in the distance but didn’t mind them. He gets some armor scraps and exits.

He places the armor on Rush, and tries to move it. It doesn’t slow Rush down. Perfect. Now for the invitation...

Chapter 3 END: The People’s Champion

Atom and Charlie steps into the garage. Atom steps into the practice ring.

Rush dodges the first attack, and quickly counters Atom, but missed. Atom kicks Rush once but miss and Rush grabs Atom’s legs and slam him on the ground. Atom grabs Rush and throw it into a fence (which activates a barrier to prevent the bot from falling off the ring when it hits on it, say thanks to John Norman). Rush grabs Atom and throw him down on the ground behind it (Rush), and then when Atom stands up, Rush jumps on him and launches to a fence. Rush then leaps to the other side, punching Atom in the gut. Atom kicks Rush and sends it stumbling, which the Atom jumps up and smashes his fist on Rush’s head, knocking it down.

The timer stops and both Jack and Charlie looks at the number of hits they dealt.

Rush: 5

Atom: 4

Rush wins.

As Charlie and Atom left, Jack thinks it’s time to send Metro into the scrapyard.

Chapter 4: Leaving the Underworld

Blockbuster. Kind of tough, as the attacks it does can send Rush pummeling to the other side, but still kind of easy with this armor. Blockbuster tries to bust open Rush’s torso, but failed and Rush does a triplekick on Blockbuster’s face, followed by a quadruplekick on the stomach. That sended Blockbuster stumbling, in which Rush decided to kick Blockbuster’s head up, which... well... landed on Rush’s hand. Win.

An upgraded Bluebot. Makes no difference as Rush sweeps Bluebot, making it fall, then rips off one of the legs, and uses that to slam it on Bluebot’s torso, deactivating it. Swift victory.

Fatboy. Very tough. Fatboy managed to withstand a lot of Rush’s blows and did one fatal strike at Rush’s chest, which send it crippling. While Rush was lying on the ground, Fatboy jumped on Rush and punched Rush’s face a lot.

“10... 9... 8... 7... 6...”

Rush was still lying there.

”5... 4... 3... 2... 1...”

Rush immediately flips, kicking Fatboy in the face, and stood up. Fatboy was staggered, and Rush used that opportunity to knock off Fatboy’s head. Win.

Psytron. A tough one. Psytron immediately tried to crush Rush’s metal immediately, but was interrupted by a swift kick, followed by a sweep, followed by a headstep. Psytron immediately punch Rush in the gut, stumbling it. Psytron then quadruplepunched Rush’s chin, sending it to the other side. Rush then immediately kicked Psytron hard in the face, followed by another devestating blow, sending Psytron’s now-crumbled head off. Win.

A replica Ambush. Now of all times? This is a real challenge, because this Ambush’s armor is strong against Fragile Speedsters. Its fist packs a punch too.

Ambush charges at Rush like a bull. Rush gets rammed into a wall. Ambush pummels Rush over and over and over...

”10... 9... 8...”

”Dammit...“ Jack said.

”7... 6... 5...”

”Come on...” Jack said, desperately.

”4... 3..”

”COME ON...” Jack yelled, hopelessly.


”NOW!” Jack said as Rush kicks Ambush off when its tired and started pummeling. Ambush’s defense starts to come off, in which Rush does a fatal strike that made its defense cripple. Rush used this oppertunity to snap Ambush’s head, deactivating it. A win.

Jack was really ready for Metro. Off to meet the Frankenbot.

Chapter 4 END: Frankenbot’s End

Metro activates.

”3... 2... 1... FIGHT!”

Rush charges at Metro, hitting it over and over but it’s not working. Metro hits Rush with one strike of its hammer. Rush gets sent flying. Metro walks over to Rush and footlocks it, only for Rush to dodge it and quintuplepunched Metro’s face, sending little bits of it flying off. Rush dodges a sledgehammer slam from Metro, but gets footlocked. Metro smashes Rush over and over but Rush still survives... barely. Rush dodges a hammer from Metro and grabs the hammer arm. Rush then uses the hammer to smash at Metro, ultimately making it hit itself. Metro couldn’t move itself. It smashes its head, malfunctioning. Rush uses this chance to rip the Frankenbot’s head off once and for all. Rush jumps over the malfunctioning Frankenbot and punches its head multiple times, launching it out of the ring. Finally.

Chapter 5: Invitations from WRB

Jack gets an invitation to join the WRB. “Nice...” He said.

First step, Albino. The short arms can be Rush’s advantage against the Great White Hope.

Albino punches Rush but it backs up, ultimately dodging the short arms. Rush then doublekicked Albino’s torso, followed by a fatal kick to the gut. Albino stumbled and fell down, in which Rush taunts Albino by dashing everywhere. Albino gets up but gets confused. Rush dashes right at Albino’s face, uppercutting its head off. Sweet first victory.


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