Name: Rugby

Title: The Football Monster (that almost got beaten by Scrapbot)

Status: Online (not)

RobotType: Brawler

Height 8'5" and over 9000

Weight: 950 lbs fat so


Armor: 95/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 100/100

Special Feature: Leather Armor and Anti-Overheat System



Rugby is the second robot that builded and owned by George Stinger, the owner of the famous Barricade. When George was a teenager, he is a fan of Touchdown. So he dreamed to build a football-boxer bot. Now he reached his dream. George designed Rugby to use a leather armor increase his speed. But the leather armor decreased Rugby's armor. Rugby's stats is same as Barricade's stats, just different in armor and speed. Rugby also built-in anti-overheat system, which makes him has the ability to not overheated. Rugby's parts that made out from leather are the arms, torso, and legs. But the leather is not an ordinary leather. The leather is strong, not gonna soak like sponges. But still, the armor is not as strong as titanium and steel. George made Rugby's head with titanium, so he still has a strong head. His fists are also made out from titanium. Not likes Barricade that was built from robots that had been trashed, Rugby was made by his own materials. BTW, after finished building Rugby, he tested Rugby in a match against Blacktop. When the match started, Rugby gives a uppercut to Blacktop, and followed by a counter attack. (Note: You are probably thinking, why Rugby is already trew punches everywhere, but the match just barely started, thats because Rugby has a leather armossr, causing Rugby has a beast-mode speed.) After the counter attack, Rugby kicks Blacktop, but Blacktop dodged and gives a hook. And then sBlacktop punches Rugby in da face, but that just causing Blacktop's fist to broked. After Blacktop lost his rigth fist, Rugby gives Blacktop thse Tackle, causing Blacktop to lost his left arm and his head. Rugby won the match !!! After won againts Blacktop, he challenged Zeus s!! Just kidding !! He challenged Scrapbot. But Scrapbot's owner embarresed Rugby ! "Your bot would not survive Scrapbot ! But if you win, its a miracle." Says the Scrapbot's owner. "Fine, fine. But if i win, you owe me $1000 !!" Shouted George to Darek, Scrapbot's owner. "Deal !" Darek replied. Game on ! When the bell runged, Rugby aggresively attacked Scrapbot. Started with a jab, then a hook, then a cross, thens a uppercut, and then followed by a roundhouse. But when Rugby gives a uppercut, Scrapbot quickly dodged, but still gives a big scratch to Scssrapbot's rigth shoulder. Scrapbot quickly falls down. Then Rugby sits on Scrapbot's chassis and started to beated up Scrapbot. But Scrapbot ksicks Rugby's chassis, causing Rugby to flies away from Scrapbot. Then Scrapbot gives a hook to Rugby. But that hook just caused Scrapbot'ss rigth arm to tore appart, just like Blacktop. Now Scrapbot only has one arm. Rugby runs towards Scrapbot really really fast, and then gisves him a powerfull Spear (If you dont know what Spear is, its George's secret move. It used on Barricade too.), causing Scrapbot to snapped into half. "DANGIT !!!!" Shouted Darek. "Hell yea !! So long, sucker !!!" Shout George to Darek. Then the crowd goes wild. "The moneys you owe me, gimme ! "Says George to Darek. "I know ! I know !" Darek replied. Then Darek gives the $1000 to George. Then someone invitess George to the WRB. "Remember kid ! You wont survive in the WRB ! And when you come back, SCRAPBOT AND I WILL BE WAITING !!s" Shout Darek to George. "Good luck with that." George replied.


Then George and the msan that invited him to the WRB went to the WRB. BTW, the man who invited George's name is Jack. "We have arrived." Says Jack to Gseorge. "This is not my first time, you know." George replied. "I know ! Youve already gone famous ! But theres something that makes yosu here." Says Jack. "Whats that ?" Asks George. "Youve gonna find out later." Answeres Jack. Then they both went inside the building. In theres, he saws Atom, Oneway, and Twin Cities. Then he found a misterious bot that covered by a giant cloth. "Whats up with that ?" Asks Georges with poiting to the unknown robot. "Oh. Thats only Bunker Buster being repaired." Jack replied. But George confused. The misterious bots's head shape is not matching with Bunker Buster's head. George thinks something weird is going on. But then George got smacked in the hesad and got fainted. A hour later, George woke up in a white room. In there, he saws Rugby and Barricade standing in the corner. Then hes walks to his bots. "Strange. How did i get here ? And how did my bots got here ?" Asks George to himself. Then someone appeared. It was sdsdsasdTak Mashido !!! "What do you want ?!" Asks George loudly to Tak. But Tak is not responding. "Answer me !!" George shoted more louder. But still no response. Then George walks towards Tak. When he touched Tak, his hand got through his body. "A hologram." Says Gesorge quietly. Then Tak's hologram dissapears, and theres a voice coming from the roof. "He got to be killed !". "It must be about me ! I gotta sget out from here !" Says George. Then he got an idea. He uses Rugby to breaks the walls. And it worked ! Then he got Barricade with him. Asfter that he escaped the strange place. But when he looks to the building, it was the WRB building !! George got confused. "The guy who did thsis to me must be a WRB employee ! But who ?" Asks George to himself. Then he called his best budd, Enzo Ferrari (If you want more detail absout Enzo, go to the Barricade page.). "Hello ? Who is this ?" Asks Enzo on the phone. "Its me, George ! Could i go to your house ?" Ask Georsge to Enzo. "Sure. My sister actually in here rigth now !" Enzo replied. "Good." Says George. Then later he went to Enzo's house. "Welcome s!" Enzo welcomed George. "Thanks. BTW i need to talk to you." Says George. "About what ?" Asks Enzo. "About the WRB." George replied. "Idasdasdsa didnt know much about WRB, but my sister does." Says Enzo. -TO BE CONTINUED

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