Rozor MKV is the fifth robot of the Sharp series from Sharpel Robotics Inc. Rozor was bought by Rob "Rogue" Castell, Jr., and he now owns the aforementioned robot.


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Development of Rozor MK1-IV

Sharpel first introduced their new line of boxing robots, the Rozor series, right after Zeus won against Atom during the thriller matchup. Sharpel stated that their robot will pack power and armor, and at the same time, retaining it's "intimidation".


Rozor MK1 was released, and it got positively criticized due to the aesthetics. However, lackluster power and armor cost the few months of market life for the overhyped Rozor model. Numerous handlers took it to fights and complained that their Rozor robots get knocked out more easily than other, more familiar robots. Sharpel received these criticism and released an improved version of the Rozor MK1. "It's better," stated in their review about the rereleased Rozor model. Others began to test fight these models and were more successful than before. While others still were concerned about the lack of power and armor like before, the said Rozor model was a success, lasting one year in the market before retiring.


Sharpel used the raised money of the previous Rozor model to develop what seemed to be a step forward. The Rozor MKII was released and got positively reviewed again for its aesthetics, but once again, lacking in power. Although the Rozor MKII model was considered a step up from the MK1 version, the newer version was discontinued 6 months after it was released.


The Rozor MKIII was revealed and was once again promised to deliver high performance out of a boxing robot. Unfortunately, the aforementioned model was a huge flop. Everything about it was bad sans the aesthetics. What critics praised, though, was the consistency of amazing aesthetics from Sharpel. Just 3 months after release, Rozor MKIII was discontinued indefinitely. Sharpel learned from their mistakes from their last model, and was now promising once again for the best robot boxing experience.


The fourth model of the Rozor was released and it stayed true to its promise. Critics say that the MKIV model was the best ever. Even one owner named Joanna Nome brought the model to the WRB and had a phenomenal record and amazing performance. 10 months after release, Rozor MKIV would retire.

Sharpel was really proud about the previous model that they decided that they will go even further; over the top with their next model.

Rozor MKV and Rogue's MKV


Rozor MKV was released and had high praise about being a consistent, great performing robot. The MKV was the first Rozor robot with encoded special moves (Sharp Strike and Razor Sweep), and was the first to be released in limited quantities to make it even rarer than what it was.

Rob "Rogue" Castell, Jr. was interested on the model, so he preordered one of his own. But, to his surprise, he was shipped the best model of the MKV. Even more surprising is that, the model Rogue received was the only one of its kind. Rogue, obviously, was really happy.

One month of upgrades and Rozor MKV was ready.

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