Rottin 3.5 is a G3 robot. He is powerful. He is made to look like an amazing upgrade of the original Rottin. He is coloured Rusty Tan and Patchwork Dark Grey with a tinge of yellow from his glow. He is very fast, strong and he uses a series of strategies. His favorite is to use his smaller arm for some damage on the opponent then choses to use his big arm to almost finish the job where he finally uses his Jumping Straight

About the OwnerEdit

DollarGuns is a poor robot engineer. He tries to make all his bots very unique just like himself. He will spend as much time as it takes on one robot until the job is done.


Overall Stats

Strength: 53/100

Speed: 61/100

Intelligence: 42/100

Special Moves: 65/100

Total Battle Rating: 5,356/9,999

Made in: Canada

Specialties: Uses speed to outwit his opponents.

Handler: DollarGuns

Divided StatsEdit

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 5356
Wins 3
Online Wins 2
Losses 0
Online Losses 0
AKOs 1
Online AKOs 0
Win Percentage 100%
Online Win Percentage 100%
Core HP 3537
Power Charge 2468
Total Attack 4703
Total Defense 3628
Resilience 10
Damage Recovery 4
Power Recovery 8
Average Punch Speed 10
Movement Speed 4
Mobility 4


Part Name Level
Head Retro 5
Body Gargant 4
Legs Retro 5
Right Arm Retro 5
Left Arm Gargant 4
Right Fist Spined 5
Left Fist Canister 5
Generator Rising Speeder-150D N/A
Motherboard Perpetual Motion Circuit N/A
Hydraulic Fluid Titantrol N/A


Part Primary/Armor Color Secondary/Inner Color Glow Color
Head Tan Dark Grey Yellow
Body Tan Dark Grey Yellow
Legs Tan Dark Grey Yellow
Right Arm Dark Grey White Yellow
Left Arm Dark Grey Tan Yellow
Right Fist Dark Grey Dark Grey N/A
Left Fist Tan Tan N/A
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