Rost is a Generation 3 bot of the Jack class. He is owned by Janise keri, but built by Raymond Santiago.

Here are Rost's stats

SPEED: 83/100

POWER: 82/100


ARMOUR: 78/100

SPECIAL: 82/100

OVERALL: 403/500

WEIGHT: Lightweight

Weight in pounds: 1323 lb

FRAME: GTX Alumitanium hybrid battle frame

CORE: Protonic U-6 ZETA core

ANNOUNCER QUOTE: "The bot of the wild, The master of survival. It's the robot that isn't fooled by the tricks of the Machines and Humans, with an Anticipation module built into his programming. Here's........... ROST!

STANCE: Rost bends over at an angle, hands above knees, with his right arm positioned straight. The other arm is bent at an obtuse angle, with the fist clenched. This stance allows Rost to roll easily.

ENTRY STANCE: Rost rolls onto the arena, and shifts his crossbow arm into a regular one. He then beats his chest with one fist and charges up his sparker in the other. He then smashes both fists together, containing a small energy ball that he smashes. Rost then looks up at the sky with arms wide, than assumes his regular stance.

SPECIAL FEATURES: TR Foresight scanner mounted on the back. ST4-T1C bolt chargers firmly attached to fists.

Fighting style

Rosa's fighting style relies on tiring out the opponent, due to his high speed. He throws strong punches toward the arms and the face, to dish out the most damage. His Roll ability allows him to avoid damage, and in underworld fights, the shield allows him to damage the enemy as well. Rost's armour is high, but is also stuck tight to his main frame, making it hard to deal high damage to him.

His sparkers allow him to quickly absorb energy from an enemy, making him more dangerous after he has tired most of the robot out. He also has the ability to use Ragnarok's moves, but to a lesser extent.


These are the moves Rost has at his disposal.


Rosa's right temple lights up and a ray of blue spreads around the arena. This hi-lights hidden bots (Like ambush 2.0)

Combat roll

Pumping powerful hydraulics, Rost rolls to a selected destination. When used, Rost has the option to roll up a shield and use as a charging ram to take down the opponent. The shield part is only for the underworld


If the sparkers have been shut off, Rost rubs his fists against each other. This reboots the sparkers with static electricity and kicks them online. For one minute, the sparkers emit more power than normal, increasing chance of stun and/or electric deactivation.

Electronic surge

More power is redirected to the sparkers, allowing them to deal more damage. This cuts down his speed by 24, but doubles his power to 163/100. When hit, the sparkers will shock any thing they touch, damaging delicate instruments. This excess electricity may either travel through wires to the head, shutting off the robot (which requires a long reboot), or travels to the core, which overloads it with so much power that it shocks the entire bot, paralyzing it. Electronic surge is legal in both Underworld fights and WRB fights.


Rost morphs both of his hands into sonic amplifiers. He charges up the guns with high frequency waves of sound. Then slams his hands into the ground. This causes a high pitched screech to echo through the ring and damage sound-sensitive equipment, which includes retinal scanners and power cores.

Give me your face!

Rost rushes at the enemy, Bashing them. He then grabs the opponents face plate There is a variation of this called: Now is coward killing time!

Saga 1: Dreams

Saga 1 will focus around the underworld fights of Rost. From Ambush all the way to Metro, plus toughened versions of Blue bot and Aqua-bot. It will also star Janise and Raymond, both of which have dreams to win against Zeus.

The chapters will switch between Janise and Raymond's stories, and to prevent confusion, chapters will be marked with (J) for Janise and (R) for Raymond

(R) Chapter 1: Creation

Raymond stared at the blank paper. He was running out of ideas for new robots. So, he watched old Atom fights to try and find an idea. After doing so, something popped into his head. He remembered Wall Street. It was trashed after his defeat by Atom. He salvaged what was left of Wall Street, but rather than repairing him, Raymond replaced all of his parts, except his mainframe, and put in brand new ones. Raymond decided to give the new robot, no longer Wall Street, to Janise Keri because she was his first customer at his shop.

(J) Chapter 1: Special delivery

Janise was stressed, really stressed. Ragnarok had to be sent to a fight, but Janise had another fight due, from Hollow jack. She didn't have enough money to buy more parts to create another bot, and she definitely didn't have time to go to metal valley, as she takes her time to collect parts. But that was when a special delivery was made.

She heard a knock on her garage, then heard what sounded like metal touching stone. She prayed, "Please don't be Hollow jack, please don't be Hollow jack." She opened the garage door to see Raymond next to a 7 foot tall 'bot. It had parts from Camelot, Atom, Ambush, Six shooter and Blacktop, ST4-T1C bolt chargers attached to the hands, and powerful hydraulics holding it all together. "Uh, Raymond, why are you standing next to a 7 foot tall, 1323 lb robot? I'm pretty sure I didn't ask you t-" Janise got interrupted by Raymond, "It's a gift, since you were the first one to come over to my shop. It's got everything someone like you would need if you ever needed a quick win."

Janise got a little nervous, cause it wasn't every day that you get a Generation 3 level 4 Jack. "Uh, I'm just curious, but what exactly are it's features? You said it's got everything I would need if I needed some back up..." Janise said, trailing off at the last few words. "Well, I don't have enough time to show you all the features, but it's got 2 things your gonna love. It's got an Anticipation chip already inserted, and. Oh, you need to watch this." Raymond replied, pressing a button on the controller.

The robot's arm shifted into a crossbow, and the other one into a jack hammer weapon. Janise was amazed that a robot like this could transform it's arms into weapons.

Janise took the new robot into the Garage, where she would attempt to add her own touch to the bot

(J) Aquabot is sent to the scrap yard

Janise looked at her long list of bots to fight. Her first target was Aquabot, who was a relatively easy fight, mostly because he was made out of scrap.

Janise asked Arek for a fight with Aquabot, He accepted and the fight was on!

Round one

Aquabot walked through the steel chains of the underworld. Confident, but also broken, beaten by numerous fights. Rost was in rolling position and drove above the chains. He hit the ground with a BOOM!, causing Aquabot to stagger a bit. The bell rang and Rost rolled around, dodging Aquabot's low strikes. Rost got behind Aquabot and struck him with the Bolt chargers, sapping power. Aquanaut became slower and slower with every hit, until staying put due to lack of power.

Rost morphed his arms and struck Aquabot's core, pumping fists into it. With each smash, the core received more and more stress, until it broke. Aquabot fell backwards.

(J) Shoot that monkey!

Janise had some extra confidence after beating up Aquabot, and moved on to her next target: Kong tron. She was able to force a fight out of his owner, risk 4 grand on it, and left.

Round One

Kong tron raised his huge monkey fists, being mostly unbeaten (except for Twilight). The crowd cheered for The monkey bot, and were screaming like they were on fire. Rost rolled into the ring, assuming his intro.

The bell was struck, and Kong Tron charged for Rost, trying to bash the bot of the wild's head. Rost ducked and jabbed the monkey's head and armpits. Kong responded with a great right hook, Hitting rost's side. Rost dashed backward and leaped into the air, activating a thruster on his back. He shifted his arm into a cross bow and shot 4 bolts, which stuck to the monkey. Kong tried to leap up to Rost, but that was when the bolts fired a steel cable, restraining him.

Kong wrestled like a, well, an angry ape, trying to reach rost. The cables tightened and reeled in, slowly forcing the monkey onto his knees. Rost landed and deployed a whip... with blades on it! He slapped it across Kong's face, scratching his head and reeling in bolts and screws. He wrapped the whip around Kong's left arm, and sliced it off, Eventually it would be a trophy, and one of Nexus's components.

Rost decided it was time to stop, and the whip thickened into a long, hard sword. Rost spun it with powerful motors and stabbed Kong's head multiple times, killing the monkey bot. The steel cables withdrew and Rost carefully, delicately, mangled and ripped apart (with a side of utter discombobulation) Kong's body and made a nice oil sandwich out of dead monkey and screws. Janise won 4 grand, with added 30 dollars due to Kong's handler being frightened.


Now is coward killing time and Give me your face! Are both nods to the heavy and Optimus prime, respectivley.

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