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Rook is a retired robot boxer. He held the record for the fastest time to knockout an opponent. Being a W.R.B champion, Rook was noticed as one of the greatest fighters in the league, and the greatest Blitz Cannon in the world. He is now located at Fawk Hedhon Museum, with his named written on the W.R.B trophy, along with his own section as well.

Theme Song:


Armor: 70/100

Speed: 89/100

Power: 98/100

Intelligence: 77/100

Special: 99/100

Overall: 433/500

Height: 8'1

Weight: 1280 lbs

Special Moves: The Lethal In-Rook, The Spiked Tower of Power, Vertical Grip and Heroic Carnage.

Special Moves Descriptions:

The Lethal In-Rook is a move that utilizes the legs and the arms to create enough reaction force to glass any of the opponent's parts. A stylish move to use as well.

The Spiked Tower of Power is a combo that relies on tiring the opponent's stamina until it becomes slightly deactivated, leaving it vulnerable.

Vertical Grip is a very strong straight punch that can send any robot to the ropes, leaving them subject to other combinations.

Heroic Carnage is when Rook utilizes all special moves and combos quickly and powerfully. Best when stamina is high.

Fighting Record

41 wins - 8 losses - 1 draw

Best Match: Rook VS Zeus V2.0 (Win by K.O 5th out of 5 rounds)

Worst Match: Rook VS Chinzaemon (Loss by K.O 5th out of 5 rounds)

CHAPTER ONE: Forgotten, but found again.

Rook was originally a bot the Hammerfall Bros tried to create. When they brought Rook into his first Underworld bout, he failed to live up to the Bros' expectations. Disliking Rook's capabilities, they discarded him out of the garage and into the Junkyard.

A few years later, 20 year old Vinzer Kakashi was eager to join in on the new Robot Boxing phenomenon. Going on an expedition through the Junkyard with his friends, Kakashi was looking everywhere for a new bot. After 3 hours, his friends gave up and walked away. But Kakashi stayed longer and found this interesting robot headpiece. Kakashi walked over to pick it up, but after trying his hardest he couldn't hold up the head. Realizing that the head was connected to something, Kakashi dusted the area around the head to discover a robot torso with two arms and legs, along with an old controller.

"It's a whole robot!" Kakashi exclaimed. "GUYS! I FOUND SOMETHING!" Kakashi's friends ran to him and were amazed by the big bot.

"Woah, man! That's early Gen 2!"

It was a valuable find. After hours of searching the yard, they've found a needle in a haystack, right in Taiwan!

CHAPTER 2: Rebuild and Conquer

After bringing Rook back to the garage, Kakashi went to work on Rook's hydraulics and technical systems. Using his electronic expertise, Rook upgraded the Gen 2 bot into a much more advanced fighter, equipping him with a very complex motherboard system. Then, Kakashi gave him a new layer of armor to help sustain hits from current robots. Finally, he changed the arm design. The arm design used to look like Albino's, but after a few changes Rook became a Glass Cannon. "Alright! Now it's time to go to America."

After flying to the United States, Kakashi was now ready to fight anyone that came his way.

First Match: Rook VS Orefist

Kakashi went to Crash Palace and looked for a fair match. In the distance Kakashi could see Midas tackling another robot, Ragnorak. Kakashi looked at the fight boards and saw that Orefist was getting on a good streak. So, Kakashi went and got a match with Orefist. The stakes were $46k.

The Beginning

"All fans of robot boxing, I introduce you to... ROOK!"

Rook walked into the ring, as Kakashi waved to the audience. There was a small applause from the crowd.

"You may recognize this bot, he's on a streak! It's OREFIST!"

Orefist and his owner prepped themselves up and showed off their strength. Despite having a decent bot, Kakashi was still troubled. DING DING! Time for the fight to begin!

Round One

The robots engaged. Orefist threw first, but Rook weaved and countered with a 1-2 punch. Orefist, irritated, threw a left hook. Rook took the attack and threw back with a devastating cross (which would soon be called Vertical Grip). Orefist was now located in the ropes. "This is my chance!" exclaimed Kakashi. Rook went in closer and annihilated Orefist. Being helpless, Orefist crashed down to the ground. The crowd started the count.


Orefist's owner burst out in anger and embarrassment. Finn, who was amazed by Rook's feat, came to Kakashi and said. "How'd you get a fine fighter? And, where did ya find it?"

"I found it in Taiwan. Upgraded it a bit, and now it's here."

"Awesome, but how did it land in Taiwan?"

"I don't know, but I think it was from the Hammerfall Partners."

"Wait, WHAT?!" said Finn, surprised that Kakashi found a robot made from the Hammerfall Partners."

"Sorry, I've got to go. Upgrades are needed!"

Kakashi broke out of the door and went to get several robot parts. Finn, dazed, decided to walk back home and reflect on the random event that happened tonight.

Battling Skar

After several upgrades on arm agility and movement speed, Kakashi upgraded Rook from a Glass Cannon to a Blitz Cannon, in order to cope with the competition. Indeed, his competition got a bit bigger, including a match request from Skar, a noticeable fighter.

Global Mech Battle

Kakashi received an interesting call from a man named John Maxwell.

"I know he's retired, but bring out Rook for a match," John said.

Kakashi was confused. Why would anybody ask to bring out a retired bot?

"Alright, then. I'll ask the Hedhon museum staff to bring him over."

The Fight

Kakashi reached MGM Grand to fight John's new bot, Eos. He didn't know what to expect out of this big fight.

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