Name: Rook

Title/Nickname: The Chess Giant

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser Level .3

Opening Line: "The Chess Giant From The Battle Fields Of Unknown, Here Comes Rook!"


Ability: Reconstruction Origin: USA

Weight: 1562 Lbs

Height: 8 '5"

Special Feature: RG-4257 Airplane Engine

Signature Move: Bishop Smackdown


Rook is a 8 '5" giant 1562 pound white robot that has a RG-4257 Airplane Engine. An 1984 Military Airplane was destroyed and Recycled for it's still working Engine and plating. Rook is owned by a Man who owns numerous robots like Sarge and Block Buster. Rook is normally seen fighting in a Military Base Box Room that is also used for old Airplane storage. The ring is steel and is green. Rook is knowing for it's giant appearance. Rook's motherboard is extremely powerful and has 62. Million horse power when full throttle.


Rook appears to look like a giant chested castle with smashing legs, castle head and giant man destroying fists.

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