Armor: 100/100

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The Steel Destroyer

Power: 95/100

Special: 100/100

Title: The Crusher of Bots

Height: 8"9

Weight: 1200 lbs

Generation: 3

Status: Destroyed Beyond Repair

Signature Move: Steel Crusher

Handler: Unknown 

Origin: USA

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser Lvl.6


NOTE: I have punctuation errors, I hope it doesn't interfere with your reading


Much like Atom, Rogue was found in a Junkyard by pure luck, but he wasn't found in his full form, bolts and pieces were scattered across the dirt, his arm ripped off, a partially crushed head, and a hole in his chest, and and his torso apart from his legs. His handler left, he then came back with a truck to get Rogue to his garage. After multiple months of spending thousands of dollars repairing and buying new parts, he was repainted, repaired and ready for fighting, he then activated Rogue, he seemed to have no lighting. He stood an amazing height of 8"9. He was amazed and so excited to get him working, he decided to take him to Crash Palace, where the best of the Underworld fight, and it's king, MIDAS


His handler walked with Rogue to the betting area, he was extra cocky and decided to fight the second best bot there, ALBINO. He was offered $9,000 but Rogue's owner decided to raise the stakes, he said whoever wins, gets their robot, AND the $9,000, Finn smiled and said "FIGHT...TO THE DEEEEEAAAAATH!" The crowed roared with laughter and beer splashing everywhere. Then, Rogue was in the spotlight, he was walking to the ring and raising his arms. He then entered the ring and Raised his arms once more. Then Albino was now in the spotlight, he set his head back, and slinged it foward, the crowed roared cheering "AL-BI-NO!" he entered, and pointed to Rogue, and made a punching action. 


The bell ringed, and Rogue stepped foward going for the punch, he punched but Albino put his head back, he put it back foward and uppercutted Rogue, the crowed was amazed on how he wasn't scratched, Rogue then did a similar foot clamp like Metro's but he stepped on both feet, he then punched mercilessly. He then grabbed Albino's waist, and ripped him in half, he threw him across the ring, Rogue's handler smiled, he looked at Albino's controller, he was filled with rage and smashed his controller, he then went in the ring and stepped on Albino's head and spit on him, his controller said, "USELESS ROBOT!". And left in fury, Rogue's owner then took Albino's head to get welded on the entrance of Crash Palace


He then returned to the betting area and saw a smiling Flynn, he went down and yelled "THE STEEL CRUSHER EVERYBODY!" His owner then got Rogue's nickname "THE STEEL CRUSHER". Rogue's owner yelled "I CHALLENGE MIDAS!" The crowd stopped yelling and they all looked at him, and then was cheering again. Finn said, "$11,000 guaranteed, another $10,000 if you take Midas's head" Artie Bakker emerged from the crowd and looked at Rogue, he spit on his steel foot, and said "Your bot is going down, I'll add his head next to Scrapbot." he then left, and got Midas, Midas was only a few inches shorter, Midas looked up, and did his cut throat move, and walked away, he then and walked to the ring. He did his intro punching the air and walked to his corner, Rogue didn't bother doing his intro, he just walked to the ring and into his corner.


Midas ran foward and punched Rogue, HARD, Midas was too fast to counter, so Rogue blocked, he go into the corner, and kept up his defence, Midas kept punching for 2 minutes non-stop, he stopped punching, Midas's core was depleted, Rogue then started fighting back, he started a string of powerful punches, and then grabbed Midas's head and punched Midas's head in, Midas became a ragdoll and stopped moving, Rogue was still punching, oil  was dripping, Rogue stopped punching and pulled off Midas's head, you couldn't make out his face after it was bashed in with oil everywhere.


He threw Midas's head to Finn's feet, he walked up and handed him his $21,000 prize. Rogue's owner was extra cocky and quickly challenged every bot, he won every fight, but almost lost to Biowar and Noisy Boy.

UW Record: 10-2-0

Rogue VS Blubot WIN $2,000

Rogue VS Blacktop WIN $2,500

Rogue VS Aqua Bot WIN $1,500

Rogue VS Noisy Boy (rebuilt) DRAW $6,000

Rogue VS Sixshooter WIN $5,000

Rogue VS Metro (Champ) WIN $12,000

Rogue VS Biowar DRAW $5,000

Rogue VS Hollowjack WIN $10,000

Rogue VS Ambush WIN $2,000

Rogue VS Fat Boy WIN $5,000


After Rogue's string of wins he was invited to the WRB, he wanted to start off easy, because Legends fight here, and they won't go easy, he set up a fight against Spitfire, the prize was $20,000. A week before the fight against Spitfire, he bought a sparring bot, and tought Rogue new moves, and a few upgrades here and there. And got a new mainframe, he made Rogue's armor stronger, but lighter, and his punches faster, but stronger. He then studied Spitfires other fights and studied his combos and specials. He knew when he does them and how to counter them, he was prepared for the fight.


Rogue walked to the ring, he saw a lot of people in suits, and normal attire, it was way different from the Underworld, everbody was cheering for Spitfire during his entrance, but people were silent and half the crowd booing when Rogue entered the ring. The bell ringed, and the fight started. Spitfire walked forward and landed the first punch on Rogue's head, Rogue then punched back, denting Spitefire's torso, Spitfire didn't get stunned like the Underworld robots, showing they were very durable, Spitfire then punched back, but Rogue blocked and countered, enrage Spitfire was ready to do his Special, the DIVE BOMB, but thanks to Rogue's owner's past studying, Rogue knew went to stop and counter his attack, just before Spitfire started it, Rogue did a powerful upppercut sending Spitfire up a few feet in the air. Spitfire was knocked out, the referee slipped into the ring and started the count down, "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...!" Spitfire got up and started punching, but Rogue countered and started punching back, he then grabbed Spitfire's arm and ripped it off, Rogue then started hitting Spitfire with his own arm, Rogue won his first fight in the WRB, and his owner was really, really happy.


After a couple of weeks past Rogue returned to the WRB with new upgrades and a new paintjob, it was a black and white paintjob, he then set up a fight with Axelrod, possibly the weakest bot in the WRB, Rogue's owner knew this would be easy, and oh boy, he was wrong.


The bell ringed this time a small portion of the crowd was cheering for Rogue, which probably means they saw his last fight with Spitfire. Axel landed a strong punch, actually denting and causing a small spark. Rogue was stunned since he has never experienced a puch as hard as his. Rogue was just standing there, his headshaking, and was stumbling everywhere. Axel then started a string up jabs and uppercuts, knocking Rogue into the corner. Rogue was trying to get his guard up, but Axelrod just wouldn't stop, thanks to his long lasting energy core. Rogue wasn't stunned anymore. And eventually Axel's energy core was depleted, Axel has the worst Armor in the league, so denting him wasn't a problem, Rogue then did his newly discovered special. Grabbed Axel's head and started punching, he then grabbed him and threw him across the ring, he then walked up, and stomped on their torso, you can counter, but not block. Axel got up he was smoking, and was struggling to walk to Rogue and tried to punch him, but it only scratched him. Rogue then did the move he did to Midas, he grabbed the head and started it bashing it in. He then pulled it off and stomped on it, demolishing it. He won the prize of $18,500


Tak Mashido saw Rogue as a threat, so he challenged him to a the death. The prize was $500,000 so Rogue's owner arrogantly accepted, but, deep inside, Rogue's owner was scared. The Fight started, Zeus knocked Rogue into the corner, and started using his piston fists, quickly destroying his armor, Rogue then did a hard right blow, causing a spark, and a small dent. But Zeus was unfazed and then used his Piston Fist, an knock off Rogue's head, his head was rolling with oil dripping. Rogue didn't last a minute, sad


Since Rogue's owner didn't want to to spend to much money looking repairs, he resorted to Metal Valley, he found a strong Armor Module by luck, and returned to his garage, he decided to Upgrade Rogue and attempt to fix his head, by luck he was able to put it back on and make its armor stronger so it wouldn't get knocked off so easily. He then set up a fight against BlacJac, the fight was in a week.


The Bell Ringed, BlacJac spun his hands a started punching him, so because of that Rogue's head started to get a ton of scratches on his head and torso, BlacJac was beating him brutally, Rogue was getting dents and scratches everywhere, but, Rogue has had enough, he didn't bother blocking, he started pummeling BlacJac, he couldn't counter or block, he just kept hitting, he was destroying his head, he punched off his faceplate, but he didn't stop, BlacJac's head was getting destroyed, his head getting bashed in like Midas's and Axelrod's but this time he didn't stop for 3 minutes, BlacJac looked like he didn't have a face. Rogue wasn't stopping, even after the bell for round-over Rogue wasn't stopping, he then stopped, BlacJac head was splattered with oil, and you can see scratches on Rogue's arms because of how hard he hit BlacJac.


For over a month, Rogue wasn't seen again, but secretly, he was being upgraded, a ton, his stats went sky high. He's a Generation 5, Game Breaker lvl. 6.


Armor: 250/300

Power: 275/300

Special: 280/300

Title: The Bot Reborn

Special: The Damned Slam

Hander: Same Owner

Bot Type: Game Breaker lvl. 6

Status: Destroyed Beyond Repair


There was a special fight night, a four bot free-for-all. Rogue 2.0 VS Cosmobot VS Atom VS Twin Cities. A NO-RULES FIGHT


Each bot was in each corner they put their fists up, Twin Cities spun both his heads, Atom did his dance, Cosmobot was punching, and he was punching fast, Rogue raised his arms and  faced the crowd, the bell rang, Twin Cities focused on Atom and Cosmobot focused on Rogue. Cosmo was punching so fast it looked like he was punching at the speed of sound, he was doing one-two, one-two, it was denting Rogue, but he was punching back, it was too much for Cosmo to take thanks to Rogue's upgrades. He was doing multiple uppercuts and right jabs, Cosmo was knocked into the corner. The punches were too powerful for him, and his torso armor came off, revealing a second, but weaker layer of armor. He kept punching, and punching, Cosmo couldn't take anymore and got knocked out, Rogue then turned his attention to Atom and Twin Cities, Atom was punching Twin Cities, he then did his Signature move, knocking out a head and arm, Twin Cities was destroyed. Rogue then walked to Atom punching him hard. Atom wasn't getting that much damage thanks to his armor. Then out of nowhere an attack from behind came, Rogue then turned around, only for Atom to punch him in the back of the head. Cosmo wanted the kill for himself, so he punched Atom, Atom busted Cosmo's arm and head, he then kicked him across the ring. Rogue uppercutted Atom, he was launched 5 feet in the air because of how light he is. But Atom got up, and then started destroying Rogue, he was doing left and right crosses, uppercuts, kicks, and powerful combos. Atom and pushed Rogue into the corner. He then destroyed Rogue's eye. He got knocked out, the referee came and started the countdown "1...2...3...4...5...HE'S BACK UP!" Then, Rogue did a powerful uppercut instantly knocking Atom out. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10!!!" The Bell rang and Rogue won.


Rogue then challenged Zeus. Tak Mashido accepted thinking this would be easy. He was wrong.


The bell rang, and Zeus ran foward, like in the Zeus vs Atom fight, it was a one hit KO on Rogue. Rogue just fell to the ground, the referee slipped in, "1...2...3...HE'S BACK UP"  Zeus then punched back and knocked him into the corner, he used his piston fists, breaking Rogue's defence. Rogue, then did a left jab and Zeus stopped punching, Rogue started hitting hard, he tried to perform his finisherbut Zeus uppercutted him hard. He got launched into the air, and Rogue was knocked out once more, "1...2....3...4...5...6...7...8...9..." Rogue got up but was stunned, and Zeus started destroying him, Zeus knocked off Rogue's both arms, head, and ripped him in half and ripped out his core, Rogue was there, DESTROYED, Zeus then did his pose, Rogue was destroyed, his owner crushed, it was the end of Rogue, but not his legacy. The crowd then went silent

-END...Or is it?-


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