RoboZon is back online! Placed orders are to be addressed by Tribound.


ROBOZON INC. is Amazon, but buying robots instead. This ties up and also helps ECorp. Robozon is owned by DENCORP.INC.

Welcome to Robozon!

This is a shop where you can get robots, parts, moves, and rent arenas!







Nickname: The Chaos of Everything

Handler: ???

Features: Buy CARNAGE, plan a fight at the NO ROPES for free!

Cost: $560,000,201


Th (1)

Nickname: The Big Mouth

Handler: ???

Features: Buy PLYMOUTH, get a BONUS FREE part for $150 ONLY!

Cost: $412,200,311

Th (2)


Nickname: The Pride of Arabia

Handler: ???

Features: Buy MAGOBOS, get MAGOBOS TEMPLE for free!!!

Cost: $750,100,034


Quicksand Arena: Robots sink during the fight, and when a robot sinks to the trampoline under the quicksand, he loses.

No Ropes: Exclusive DENCORP.INC arena that has no ropes at all (boxing ring w/o ropes)

Immortal Dome: Blake E. Herman's arena. Painted ring to look like a real boxing arena.

Fallout: Exclusive DENCORP.INC arena without ropes;robots who fall will land on a trampoline

Electric Ring: Mark Hedhon's arena.

Octagon: As the name suggests, an octagon shaped boxing ring.

RCL Center: Robot Combat Ring arena.

Avastation Ring: Exclusive DENCORP.INC arena with sand dust.

Tragic Theater: Robots fight in front of an audience in either a thrust or proscenium theater.

Special Stations

You can station this at home! If you have enough space :). None of these can be upgraded.

Test Arena

Order a small version of Octagon, Electric Ring, Immortal Ring, WRB Ring! We will resize the ring and duplicate it to be your Test Arena! $20,305

Foldable Robo-Gizer

Unfold its flaps by the press of the button, and it will unfold into a robot energizer area. Park your robot there, and wait about 5-11 mins. to make the device charge your robot completely! Press the button again to fold into a case that fits in your backpack, so that you can even bring it into the arena! $50,900

Bombing Compass

If you are in an Outlaw Quest, pass the BC to me and I'll throw it. If the BC explodes, no mainframe found. If it goes back, you have the mainframe. Otherwise, if you are not in a quest, it will be a normal compass. $1,000



Little Earthling: One needs to save energy to charge up his right maul and makes a super-overcharged punch.

Magobos Temple: One needs to land 8 punches and finish off by powering both mauls to proceed an uppercut.


Hammerhead Fist: Like a nukefist, but targeting upwards.


Special Move Leveler: one use. Use the leveler on a script or performance special to level it up by one. After that, the leveler will be destroyed. $70,015

Upgrade Moves

Upgrade moves for higher damage! However, more adjustments or scripts will be made. Note: You can only level up moves using a special Special Move Leveler chip.

Little Earthling (22 Damage)

-Level 2 (22-34 DM)

--Level 3 (34-48 DM)

---Level 4 (48-64 DM)

----Level 5 (64-88 DM)

Magobos Temple (25 Damage)

-Level 2 (25-32 DM)

--Level 3 (32-51 DM)

---Level 4 (51-61 DM)

----Level 5 (61-90 DM)

Hammerhead Fist (31 Damage)

-Level 2 (31-48 DM)

--Level 3 (48-54 DM)

---Level 4 (54-72 DM)

----Level 5 (72-97 DM)


Rollcage Face Pro: $4000

Copychip: $4500

Sonar Scanner: $5602

Powercore Shield: $10,000

Knife Hands: $5000

Upgrade Parts

Upgrade parts for more effects! More modifications are needed.

Rollcage Face Pro (19 Protection)

-Level 2 (19-35 PR)

--Level 3 (35-42 PR)

---Level 4 (42-59 PR)

Copychip (12 Paralyze)

-Level 2 (12-38 PA)

--Level 3 (38-54 PA)

Sonar Scanner (15 Paralyze)

-Level 2 (15-37 PA)

Powercore Shield (20 Energy)

-Level 2 (20-40 EN)


Order a repair for one of your robots and check it out after some time!

Repair Hydraulics: $40,201

Repair Motherboard: $43,455

Repair Mainframe: $104,556

Repair Chassis: $72,344

Repair Power Core: $100,567

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