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Atom won the fight but lost in the judging procedure, due to being knocked out 4 times, while Zeus got knocked out only once for the first time.

Twin Cities

Twin Cities cornered Atom and kept on delivering a right bomb on Atom's head with his right hand which exposed his weakness: A hitch on his shoulder, which causes his arm to tilt when he punches (stated by Charlie Kenton.)

Charlie managed to get Atom out of the corner and hammer Twin cities in the head and get his systems in the body to be demolished, causing the latter to malfunction (his head spinning rapidly). Atom ended it with a devastating Right Uppercut.


Blacktop pushed Atom after jumping from a car. But Blacktop got a system malfunction when Atom dodged Blacktop's Right Jab, following with an Uppercut. After this amazing attack, Atom kept delivering punches on his face and ended it with a strong Hook which sent Blacktop flying. Blacktop landed right on the car and got knocked out.

Six Shooter

Six Shooter initially did well in the fight, until Atom got the upper hand while Six Shooter was "shooting" his hands like a pair of pistols. Atom gave Six Shooter an Uppercut which knocked him out of the ring.

Noisy Boy

Charlie and Max went to Crash Palace and used Noisy Boy to fight against Midas. Noisy Boy did well in the fight until Midas got the upper hand by chopping his right arm off and tearing Noisy Boy's head off, defeating the Manga Mangler. Charlie sold Noisy Boy's head to the owner of Crash Palace for $400, which was placed above the entrance to the arena.


Metro was in a fight where he lost against Atom, due to the latter slamming a Double Uppercut into Metro. The franked bot hit himself over and over as well as collapse (where he burst into flames). You can see a part of his jaw flies off his head when he is hit with Atom's Double uppercut. 


Gridlock was defeated by Zeus and was the first to ever land a punch on him. But, sadly, it was a weak cross to his left side of the torso region. His opponent responded by smashing his head with his omega fists. This was shown in the Zeus and Axelrod Progress videos.


Axelrod was a decent robot, but he was quite bad. He was scrapped when he fought Zeus. Axelrod lost in the first round and did not land any punches. The reason? Zeus ripped off his upper body from his legs, causing Axelrod to malfunction.


Ambush was the first bot in the movie. His first fight resulted in his unfortunate destruction from a 2,000 pound Bull. He was initially doing well in the fight, until Charlie got cocky and let the bull gore off Ambush's leg. Ambush hit the ground and was stabbed in the sockets, deactivating him.

Spitfire/Danger Zone

Spitfire was fighting against Zeus. He was destroyed by his opponent when the latter used his Omega fists to push into Spitfires mainframe. He proceeded to get Spitfire's motherboard ripped off, causing Spitfire to collapse.

Blac Jac

Blac Jac fought Zeus in an attempt to take the title of champion. However, Zeus slammed his fist into Blac Jac's head, denting and causing damage to his systems. Apparently, he was rebuilt and went for a rematch when Atom fought Twin Cities. (Citation needed)