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Robot Market

Scraps of robot parts or left over metal from robots

This Market page is owned by DarkMount


If you're willing to donate, buying or selling, please private

message me or comment and I will get to you as soon

as I can.

Any extra service for repair or upgrade (will cost you a extra $20-$45 for the service)

The owner of this market is Aiden Velasco/Darkmount

Founded by Aiden Velasco/Darkmount


This is what the market sells.

Armor: +Armor

Arms: +Strength +Special

Legs: +Speed

Fists: +Strength

Cores: +Power +Special

other parts will be listed below Member Application:

Under a few cercumstances if your a member for the market

or trying to bargin with me some parts will be free and some free items to.

Special Robots and Parts

The robots here are special ones and parts.

Noisy Boy´s Head

Informtion: I stole it from Crash Palace after they closed and now have it for sale or repair just need arm and body minor scratched and dents on it. 

Price: $250 ($350 full body repair) ($325 head repair)/NOW $200 ($290 full body repair) ($260 head repair)

Cosmo Bot

Information: Darkmount put a real beating on Cosmo Bot when he did a combo on him and soon used a Uppercut so hard that he knocked Cosmo and lost later was scraped. Has moderate damage some dent on the torso.

Price: $3750 ($4000 repaired)/NOW $3000 (3500 repair)