Robot Combat Zone is a region of robots who are allowed to use external weapons. External weapons are allowed along with illegal punches such as headbutts, kidney punches, and rabbit punches. Combat Zone fighters are not allowed in the WRB but allowed in the Underworld.

Currently Ranked Robots (Not in order, make up your own order.)

Quarterback (Weapon: Metal Football)

Shinobi (Weapon: Dual Lightweight Katanas)

Major Steel (Weapon: Pulse-Blasting Arm Cannon)

Dreadlord (Weapon: Large Scythe)

Wildfire (Weapon: Flamethrower Fused to Left Arm)

Diablo (Weapon: Forearm Blades)

Grouch (Weapon: Fart. No, I'm not joking. His special move is farting on the enemy. Check YouTube. It's true.)

Fan Made Robot Section



  • Drago is not in the Robot Combat Zone due to his illegal external weapon, the flame-spewing burner, within his mouth not used in fights.
  • Diablo's burning flames do not count as a weapon due to not being used in fights either but his arm blades do.
  • Robots like Metro and Excavator are not in the Robot Combat Zone due to their weapons being a part of their fists, which is fair.
  • Heavily acrobatic robots like Aztec, Tri-Gore, and Asura are not allowed as their fast lunging and movement speeds are not considered unfair.
  • More Trivia coming soon.
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