Name: Robot

Title/NickName: "The Lord Of Them All" "The Boss Of The Lot

Genaration: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser Level 5

Status: Online/Working

Ranking W:2:1

Owner: Charlie Townsend


Robot is The Champion Of The WRB. He Was Renowned as The Best Fighter in The Buisness Who Could Take Any Bot Down Just In The First Round. When He is Challenged By DoomFire #Nottrue And His Handler Jack Henderson His Creator Don't Think Anything Of The Fight After Doom Survives The First Round, Robot,s Owner,s Start To Worry Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5 Robot Got A Bit Scratched But Won.

He Is A Huge , High-Level technology bot. His Flat Fists Deal Out A Lot Of Damage


Robot, Expression is meant to look Horrific .


Weight 987 lbs

Height 8,7

Special Feature: Sharp Head Horn

Signature Move: Meteor Dive

Super Meteor Dive (Atom)

Ultra Meteor Dive (Hindlock)

Strength: 100/100


Specalities = Non

Creator Paul Townsend

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