Welcome Everyone to Robo Packs. This page is Store where you can buy robot bundles and packs including parts,since it is almost christmas all packs are know in a 50% discount and also the Mech-o-claus battle is now retired and  that you can use the the money you won in every fight with each bot here is an example"User 123 bot Random Bot576 has a total of 400.000$ in every fight he has won" and if you have like 2 or more bots with different owners,write the owner's name and bot.

Note:if you want to buy something just say the owner's name and the pack that you are going to buy

UK Packs

Steampunk Pack

Steampunk Pack

SteamPunk Pack:

- Sir Fancylot(Feature:Scanner that can predict moves):Like a Sir!

-SteamStorm(Feature:Reinforced Gloves)Special:Pressure Hit

-Steam Monger(feature:Rapid Springs)Special:Quick Punch

-A High tech Gold core

Steampunk armor(Provides 40% Protection)

Steampunk Pistons(Quicker Punches)

Knightly Rumble Pack

Knightly Rumble

Knightly Rumble Pack:

-Insignus(Feature:Yale Defence chip)Special:Order is Restored

-Rogue(Feature:Camo Tech)Special:Out of Shadows

-A Knight chip(Increases Defenceby 30%)

Lance Processor(Double Damage)


Warmonger Pack(UK):
Warmonger pack uk

-Terminax(Feature:Indestructible Armor)Special:Nukes

-Valve(Feature:Thermal Vision)Special:Heat it Up

-A Leech Chip(Absorbs energy)



US Packs

Warmonger pack(US):thumb|332px|link=File:WP_US.jpg -Skelewar(Feature:Quick Upbeat Chip):Special:Code Breaker

-Eggotron(Feature:Indestructible Armor):Special:Cracked Armor

-Le Parkour(Backflip kicks,Cartwheel Kicks)

OHHHHH,GET REKT,PEWPEWPEW(Indestructuble,Invincible)


Serve and Protect

-Backup(Feature:Riot Control)Special:Riot Smash

-Infernox(Feature:Heat Resistent chip)Special:Heatwave

-Bomber(Feature:Explosive Fists)Special:DA BOMB!

Fireproof armor

Bulletproof armor

Infra red scanner


Canadian Packs

Coming Soon

Euro-Asia Pack

Coming soon
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